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  1. So for me, it seems like the last say 4-5 months, days 1-20 of the month are extremely slow, I get maybe 1 message a day if that, then days 20-30 seem to pick up to 2-4 message a day. My only guess is that because money seems to be tighter around the country and I mainly focus on book cover designs that the first of the months check is going to bills and then the end of the month people have money to spend on pet projects like their book. I can say also that after promoting my gigs for the past week I have gotten 2 promoted orders. I don’t think we are going to get back to where we were 2-3 years ago with what is going on now and the economy, so it is what it is. I would suggest to anyone to save as much money as possible for the slow times, specially if you are self employed.
  2. Good - it always amazes me to see how many people just go with a set-and-forget approach Yeah I was really big on that in the beginning, making sure you use every single line of text or making sure you fill up your gig profiles with information is very important 🙂
  3. Just wanted to thank everyone for their replies. I picked up a tad at the end of the month and some switch was turned on so I can promote my gigs now, which has helped with that thankfully. While business isn’t the same as it was a year or two ago, it’s really nice to have so many people on here who help and respond to a topic 🙂 It’s one of the reasons why I love this site so much the community of awesome people 🙂 Cheers to you all! Have a wonderful weekend!
  4. Yep, all my gigs are updated every 6 months to a year to keep them current. I use every single area that I can filling up the full word count, using the 3 spaces for gig graphics and also the 2 PDF slots which most people in my category rarely use. Updating, keeping my gigs relevant, offering extra things every month for orders I do all of that. Whatever is happening on Fiverr it is 100% outside of anything that I am doing on my end. I probably wouldn’t be in business on here if I just didn’t update things in 10 years 😛
  5. Hello Gina 🙂 Yeah so I have my graphic design gig, but I tend to just stick to more of the layout and design work like that. I’m much better and layout design and marketing, specially for books and publishing. But you are right, I have a lot more gigs I could do, I might have to branch out a tad.
  6. That’s true I didn’t think of that angle at all. Well I’m going to roll with it for another month see what happens, then just drop my prices back to pre 2017 pricing…
  7. I’ve been on this site for going on 10 years now, I’ve been TRS for about 8 of those years and I eventually got myself to a point where I made Fiverr my full-time gig over the last 4-5 years. I’m just writing this to see if anyone else is having problems getting messages from new clients? Pre-covid and this time last year I would get somewhere between 5-10 new inquiries a day, this would translate to about 3-6 orders of various types per day. Since about July last year my sales have dropped about 40-50% now it seems to be getting worse. These days I’m lucky to get 1 new message from a new client per day. The only thing that seems to keep me going on here is my repeat clients. I’m not able to even try the gig promotion for some reason, all of my gigs are ineligible. My stats are between 98% and 100% most of time and my reviews are 99.9% positive… I don’t understand why I’m ineligible to pay Fiverr money to promote my gigs that also makes them more money 😦 I’m not sure if this is because of COVID, or because of the changes Fiverr has made to their site. I’m curious if anyone else is experiencing this drought of contact from new clients? My only thought is to lower my pricing on my gigs. Wish everyone well, hope you all are staying safe. Cheers
  8. Yep… I don’t know what happened or what they have done to the site, but things aren’t great right now. I’ve been on the site for 10 years and my sales are down probably 50-60% I do most of my business in the USA so it could be because of CORONA. I don’t know… it’s just sad, I love site 😕
  9. I’m a top rated seller and I use to get anywhere from 10-15 messages a day… now I’m lucky to get 1 message from a new client per day. It’s down… it’s WAAAY down. I’m not sure what has happened… but it’s not good.
  10. So looks like the possibly server lag, my messages came through after about 10 minutes… just aheads up.
  11. I’m not able to respond to clients, for some reason I type out the message and it never sends, anyone else having this issue currently?
  12. Also on buyer requests I noticed today, that they are down also, I searched ebook buyer requests and there were 2 of them. Normally there are hundreds. Once we get past these elections, I think you will see things get better and if that isn’t immediate then it will most likely be around January sometime…
  13. It’s down… it’s REALLY down. I’m a top rated seller and in October my sales are down about 70%. June and July were great months I think mostly because of stimulus checks, but now that all these states remained locked down, people don’t have extra money for sorta frivolous purchases, when weighed against rent, food, etc… For example here is sorta normal for me. Normal day: 10-20 messages from clients half new, half repeat customers This month - 2-4 messages a day, 1 might be from a new client, although this week I got 2 messages the whole week from new clients. Normal day sales: 3-5 new orders or sales per day Current sales per day: 0-1 I only had 3 new orders this week. I’d say on average my inbox is down 90% on new messages over normal and my orders are down 70-80% this month. I mean not to spread doom and gloom on here, but it’s pretty bad, If I didn’t have money put away I would be in dire straights right now. I wish everyone well I hope it get’s better, I really, really do.
  14. Yep last week I got 3 messages from new clients 2 ordered from me, this is down from about 10-20 messages a day and 4-8 new orders per day.
  15. Yes. It’s very common to have slump in sales and even messages. May be this happen to you first time. It’s been discussed numerous time on the forum. Now its better time to plan to buy couple of new baskets. Nope I’ve never slumped before this much, my sales have been consistent for about 3-4 years now. And sure I have many baskets, it would be dumb not to, but I love Fiverr as I’ve been on this site since it was in beta and everything was five bucks. I just REALLY wish Fiverr customer support was more transparent with it’s sellers, I don’t understand why everything has to be this big mystery.
  16. Yeah, it’s hard to put my finger on, I did see something that was sorta telling though, on the buyer requests page normally there is a ton of stuff there, but it’s very sporadic also only a few requests per day in the book category normally there are tons everyday new that come it, looks like maybe 2 or 3 new per day are coming in. I honestly think it’s just extremely slow, with COVID, I think we all got super busy in June/July because of the stimulus checks, otherwise Fiverr isn’t really a necessity for people right now, especially in my category which is mostly books. I’m really glad I have money put away… 😕
  17. Well all my eggs have been in the fiverr basket for about 4 years now, I feed my family with what I make on here so it’s important. I have savings though so I should be good for awhile, but I just wasn’t sure if it was me or if it’s the site in general.
  18. Yeah it’s really strange. Thankfully I just got my first message in 4 days from a new client, so it’s something. I just wonder if it just has to do with stuff going on in America now the election and covid, just so much is up in the air, people get uneasy with that. i guess we will see. I hope your sales get better though also!
  19. I had the best two months of the year in June and July, now from those two months my sales are down about 60%, this month might be my worst month in about 3 years now the site. I’m just trying to judge if it’s me, or if it’s the current pandemic coupled with the just the uncertainty with everything going on. The thing that hits really hard is I don’t even get messages any longer, before I would get 10-20 messages a day, now I haven’t gotten one new message from a client in 4 days. I’m just really wondering if anyone else is experiencing this? I’m a top rated seller and normally i’m in the top of my categories so it’s all very strange to me. Well hope you are are doing well and staying safe, any insight would be awesome. Cheers! Rob W.
  20. So that does happen, most of the time when buyers reach out to you, they are reaching out to many people at once, so you need to make yourself stand out, ask many questions, get their feedback and continue to engage them. People will respond if you are genuinely interested in their order and show that you care 🙂 Most likely that buyer was talking to a few sellers and they just went with another option, it might also not have been anything you done wrong, just sometimes that how it goes. But don’t worry! Just keep it up and you will get some orders 🙂
  21. Greetings Saaema, So looking over your page there are a few things you can do to improve, I’m a top rated seller here on Fiverr and I’ve been on the site for about 8 years now 🙂 Take the English tests on the site 🙂 I see a lot of people in your category who have a ton of these English and grammar tests taken, if you want to stand out, you should take as many of these as possible. More information on your gig page, you have the opportunity to make something awesome here, you get 3 images and 2 PDF to advertise yourself, fill these up with as much information as possible, writing samples, more graphics more details. What ever your competition is doing… double them. If your competition is doing 500 words for $5, you do 700 or 1000 words for $5 and deliver it in 24 hours. When you are starting out on here you have to offer more and faster otherwise you will never get ahead. Find the best gig in your category for writing and offer more and cheaper then they do and make your gig look better than theirs. When I started out I did triple the work then everyone else, doing these things made me a top rated seller 🙂 Good luck and welcome to Fiverr, I wish you well with your gigs 🙂 Cheers Rob W.
  22. My name is Rob, I’m a Top Rated Seller on this site and I have been working and buying on the site for I think almost 8 years now. Fiverr is my full-time job, below are 5 suggestions for Fiverr on ways to improve the site through the eyes of a seller that works on it everyday. 1. Global controls over gigs and features along with client notification system. For example, if I want to turn off extra fast ordering, I can do that with one click of a button, instead of going to every single gig and turning it off manually. This could also work for other things, source file pricing, delivery time changes, make all your 2-day deliveries 3 days etc. For the notification system, instead of writing 20 messages to everyone that has an order with your currently, write one message that can be seen in a bar at the top of the screen any time they view your order, could be a simple, “I’m running a tad late on all orders” or “Power is currently out at my office, I’ll keep everyone updated” just simple messages so you don’t have to type out the same thing to 20-30 clients. 2. Days off. I love working on Fiverr, but I don’t know of anyone who has to answer messages 24/7. We desperately need 1 or 2 days off per week, where we as sellers can decompress, not think about our analytics and simply relax. These days wouldn’t count against our delivery times and would be known to all buyers before they order, so if your day off is Saturday, and someone orders a 3 day delivery on Friday, that order would be delivered on Monday instead of Sunday. 3. More transparent leveling system. Especially for Top Rated Sellers losing your ranking is very troubling. There should be a grace period whereas if you dip below 90% on one of your metrics then you have another 30 days to make it up before you lose a rank. This would reduce stress on sellers, and those people really dedicated to their work would make it up and remain a TRS, which in turn benefits Fiverr with sales commissions. Or for gaining or losing TRS it should be automated on both ends, or review on both ends. It shouldn’t be automated to lose TRS, then have to go to an editorial review to gain back TRS. I realize that TRS is something great and everyone should strive to be a Top Rated Seller, so if it is that great of a privilege, losing this because you dipped below on 1 metric, should require a manual review of the circumstances that put you there. Lots of TRS folks are amazing people, who if they dip below on a metric, there is an absolute reason for that, which should be manually reviewed. If it was automatic to lose and automatic to gain, then folks who lost it I don’t believe would mind doing the work for one month if they automatically gained it back. But holding TRS behind some curtain of uncertainty just adds an extra level of stress to this site that isn’t needed. 4. Order completion rate: This has to be my biggest pet peeve. Why isn’t there an option to mutually cancel an order? Sometimes people don’t work well together, or something comes up and both parties are understanding about this and both are happy with mutually canceling the order. Why does this always count as a negative towards the seller? At one point this year I was 100% on all of my metrics except for order completion, because people order and then they ask for a cancelation because, they ordered by mistake, or don’t need the order any longer. This past month I was in the hospital for 10 days and it was all I could do to keep my cancelation rate above 90%, it includes working from my laptop while in the ICU and on morphine. Most clients were understanding, some took extensions until I got out of the hospital and others understood the situation and wished me well, but needed their orders so we mutually canceled, which all counted against me. This needs to be fixed and shouldn’t count negatively against sellers. 5. Offline extras store. This one is basically free money for Fiverr. There are a lot of things I do as a graphic designer that are gig extras that take very little time for me to produce. These extras could be made and placed behind an always-on paywall for buyers to buy. Native files (I realize this is sorta there now but could be made better and expanded), bookmarks, posters, 3D book cover mockups, etc. These things I could make very quickly, put up for sale with a watermark so the buyers can see them and then if they want them, they could purchase them directly, because the files would already be there and ready. It would basically be like impulse shopping in a grocery store, you don’t really know you want that 3D cover and bookmark design until you see it there ready to purchase. BONUS IDEA. There are buyer groups, there should also be seller groups. This could be groups of people who offer gigs in the same genre but don’t offer them outright. For example. I do book covers, but I hate formatting books. Well if found someone who could do book formatting and I work well with, I could send them over work and also get a small commission for sending that client over to them. This would help out smaller gigs because TRS sellers would get them much more business and even with a small agreed on commission on top of Fiverrs commissions, they would make more money. That’s it 🙂 These ideas are purely to help with a site I love, I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Cheers! Rob W.
  23. My thoughts, I am a Top Rated Seller. Profile image, change it, front view, smiling, show your face, people will believe you are a real person then. Fill out every part of your gig, you have 3 image spaces and 2 PDF spaces, use all of these. If I was looking for a voice over person and I just saw a random face, this doesn’t tell me anything. Get a designer to do professional gig graphics for you. Have a video, or shoot a video of you doing the voice over work from your studio, show your equipment. Start at $5 when you start on here, you have to do it cheaper and offer more then other people in your category… why would someone choose you, when they can get a top rated seller for a few bucks more. Offer tons of freebies, extras, quicker turn around. All in all you have to brand yourself on here, make yourself stand out from the crowd, I got into a VERY crowded space with book covers, but I carved out a niche doing exactly those things above 🙂 You will get there, just takes time. good luck! Rob
  24. I have even gotten my money back the one time it did happen, so you don’t have to cave to the pressure of the buyer, just be firm and polite and tell them you are willing to work with them to solve the issue, if Fiverr sees you are willing to work the problem out, they will not refund. They will only refund if you stop responding and are not willing to help… now this goes with out saying but at some point even losing money is better than working with a person who is just going to waste your time even further… so you have to weigh the options. The 100% best outcome for you is if the buyer is unreasonable and unwilling to work with you anymore, just remind them you are 100% willing and able to help and work with them, they are the ones being unreasonable and Fiverr will see that. I’m a top rated seller and I’ve never had an order refunded because of this and the only one that was I got my money back… so take it from me.
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