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  1. Some buyers don’t like to rate or review just for privacy reasons as they might be outsourcing 3rd party work.
  2. Check your gig status. This also happens when your gig status is ‘pending’ as it has been taken off from the search market. So no filter gonna work in this case.
  3. @abro_designs I am facing the same issue now. My gig was working fine an I am a level 2 seller but since last week my impression were going down and and when I checked my gig is appearing anywhere in the marketplace. When checked the gig status, it says: […] being moderated by our Trust and Safety team […] Now do I need to contact CS or wait?
  4. I am curious to know that does it make any impact or difference if the buyer walks out without leaving rating, feedback or review? Though I made a search on this here but couldn’t find enough.
  5. Well I am also a struggling new seller and as per my research, there is no perfect or ideal way to make BR. It varies from gig to gig and person to person. However, Thumb rule goes like: Introduce yourself with confidence Make an attractive offer Make your pitch is grammatically correct (strong comm skills) Show your previous work Be consistent and keep trying.
  6. This loophole is definitely discouraging for me as a new seller. You give 100% and stiill you are not getting your due reward. Thanks for sharing! Will be cautious in this.
  7. I made my seller account in 2015 but freelancing was not my priority back then. Now I wonder, if I keep using this account, will it affect my rating or search ranking based on old account and no sales so far. Is it a good idea to keep this account?
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