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  1. I did that but no response from my buyer. :roll_eyes: And will expire in 5 days. 😑 So I think it’s a waste. 😢 has been marked as closed. 😵 Don’t worry 🙂 He will come. #Happysales @avextor
  2. do you mean, our gig will move out from Fiverr? 😱 From the search listings inside site.
  3. Yes!!! Thank you for letting me know that @cyaxrex … But he already said he left 5 so I have proof…Anyway… you are right… #happysales 🙂
  4. Yes they can @mannanshaikh24. We have to request it through the order page. (Resolution center on right top corner) But it can harm our gigs. There are some effects of it. Your gig can move to another place in search and listings. #happysales
  5. I have no idea @offlinehelpers… Some people can’t see the files I’m sending too. I hope CS will do something soon. Thank you for your reply. !!! 🙂 #happysales
  6. Hi there, It’s really a sad story… Experienced it few more times. 5 stars becoming 4 point 3,7,5 or something is really sad… After delivering an order I got a 4.7 today and suddenly it became 4.5 . I was surprised and I asked the client what was his true rating… He said he left 5… Yes I was so sure about my service… If you’ll get a chance to experience this, yes just drop the client a message… Everything will be ok then. Also don’t forget to inform CS… Good luck 🙂
  7. Hi @dishanth2018 , Try this… clear your browser’s cookies. It helps. If it gonna happen again, just don’t use the page. Try to log in after few minutes… It works for sure.
  8. This is wonderful! Thank you so much for this great tip! #happysalestoyou 🙂
  9. Hi @xuntes, Thank you for taking time to write this post. This is really helpful for everyone. So many writers forgets to write about 4th and the 5th one… Good luck to you too and happy sales! 🙂
  10. Thank you very much @gazmentsaci 🙂 I read most of the fiverr posts… tried to be someone who they expect me to be… tried not to do things they say no … (ex - made my gig pictures by myself without copying google images) Tried to be original and honest with every single thing I do… tried to promote gigs on social platforms , used keywords in gig pictures too… (Renamed gig pics to the things I sell ) , Maintained stats to green…They are the things I guess… 🙂 #happysalestoyou 🙂 🙂 🙂
  11. Thank you very much @snokor1 🙂 Can’t see a seller profile of yours.Anyway #happybusiness for you too 🙂 🙂 🙂
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