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  1. I really would love a block feature even if I won’t need it often. I do appreciate that they’re trying to tweak their evaluation system, though.
  2. I’m glad there’s a new category for this since my background is in production and I was considering adding a gig for some of the SFX work I do! I probably won’t now since I made my home elsewhere to get away from Fiverr’s level system, but it’s nice to see the category added in case I change my mind down the line. I understand why rotoscoping and keying are combined. It’s the way outsiders perceive it, as different ways to achieve a desired outcome and the outcome being what’s for sale regardless of which method is used, so it fits as an umbrella. But if you’re saying the pricing and options are structured a certain way due to the category that’s going to limit what you can charge for rotoscoping and how you can differentiate between the two at the gig level, then yes, it definitely needs to be tweaked because rotoscoping can be incredibly time intensive whereas keying can in some cases be a one-click process.
  3. Never gonna happen unfortunately. It’s been asked for year after year by sellers left and right. It’s one of those obvious features that would have been implemented already if they had any plans to do so. I don’t know if they’ve ever made any official statements as to why they won’t implement it but it doesn’t seem to fit their business model. They want to be seen as a place where someone can just click a button and get what they want. No muss, no fuss. So they don’t give you the power to reject orders and asking buyers to contact you before ordering is generally discouraged. It probably became even less likely once really popular YouTubers made a “thing” out of buying gigs on Fiverr a year or so back and boosted the visibility of the platform. They all expected and showed the same experience: just going through and ordering things as if adding items to a shopping cart. That’s what Fiverr wants to be even though it’s a model that conflicts with the core structure of freelance work. So you have to change how you freelance and do things that aren’t standard to fit their model because they certainly won’t change how they do things to fit ours. It’s why the quick, “silly” things are a much better fit for Fiverr’s design, like sellers who offer singing happy birthday in a funny costume. It’s not like regular freelance work where you sit down and go over a brief with a client and timelines and drafts and the like. It’s just quick one-shot deals. Anything more complex, you have to twist what you offer and how to make it work and there will still be problems because a lot of the kind of work done on here just wasn’t meant to be done this way with custom services being treated more like products on a shelf.
  4. Sorry you get that message. This became a thing after I was dropped from level 2 with the new level requirements so I never received those emails but I can imagine it’s rough if you want to be TRS.
  5. Welcome to Fiverr. A lot of the policies are a joke and the level system is a joke, so get used to all of the issues this combination presents and work around them as best as you can. Otherwise you’ll just be frustrated the whole time you’re here.
  6. Totally! I feel bad for sellers having their work ripped off and it would be so much worse if it was a buyer who’s done it several times before but they just didn’t know.
  7. I had 2-3 instances when buyer asked for revision to remove watermark and even some buyer asked revision to improve output quality, they think preview quality (low resolution) is the final delivery. In case of video preview some time it looks horrible when Fiverr compress it. It would be great if they put a note for that as well. Yeah, I had that happen a couple of times. Hopefully it won’t be much of an issue now that I’m getting back on the platform.
  8. I know a ton of users have requested adding a reporting feature to buyer requests, but I’m suggesting it yet again because the focus is usually on doing it to get rid of sellers promoting themselves. I’m more concerned about the number of buyer requests for things that are illegal. I really don’t think Fiverr should be a home for that and it’d be better to allow concerned users to flag those requests than to have them brought to the attention of authorities who may take more extreme action to press the issue. Think about the political atmosphere of the world right now regarding things like immigration. Then consider how often I see buyer requests looking for someone to help doctor passports and other IDs, fake documentation to help them overstay or obtain visas, etc. Think about the number of innocent people tricked by others claiming to be something they aren’t or have experience they don’t have. Then consider how often I see buyer requests for someone to help fake academic or medical credentials. And even on a smaller scale, buyer requests wanting sellers to doctor things like pay stubs, mortgage paperwork, etc. I’ve seen these kinds of things as much as and in some cases, way more than seller promos, since I checked the section multiple times a day every day for a year straight before I stopped coming on here and I just want to make the point that it’s the kind of thing that should be taken more seriously. Heck, I just fired it up again for the first time in a few months and the very first request was someone looking for a seller to doctor their emails to make it look like they cancelled a service so they don’t get charged for it lol Yes, it’s annoying if a seller is promoting themselves and I can understand if Fiverr doesn’t want to spend the time reworking the section to address sellers being annoyed but if you take all of the things posted there that shouldn’t be into account, it’s well worth it to just add the reporting feature already.
  9. I’m with ya’ on people not reading the gig! I’m lucky that for the most part, buyers listen and contact me before placing an order. It’s always something stupid I end up needing to cancel when they don’t. It’s funny when people argue against wanting prior contact or some sort of order approval by saying that Fiverr is meant to be like Amazon or eBay because that’s the problem. It isn’t like Amazon or eBay. They sell fixed products. We (primarily) sell custom services. It’s not about bidding or wanting to haggle. It’s about going over something you’re paying for that isn’t the same for everyone who buys it. Nowhere else would someone hire a person to do a service for them without discussing it first. Nowhere. It doesn’t happen and anyone who does that on Fiverr is only doing it because it’s Fiverr. Fiverr aligning itself with a model that doesn’t reflect what its platform actually offers is an issue worth pushing back against, so I’m glad there are still sellers who want to see things change, even if there are (unreliable) ways to work around it. Fiverr is the outlier here. The way they handle freelance services isn’t the norm for a reason. Nothing wrong with wanting to see it tweaked! I’m not on here as much as I used to be but for those who make Fiverr their daily business, I always hope you guys get to see some of the positive changes you wish for!
  10. I noticed this change to the profile design and I hated it before realizing (thanks to this thread New Update: Showing the deliveries, reviews, and order amount) that you can actually click on the images to bring up detailed information about each order. Now I hate it even more. Note: It’s only being tested right now. It isn’t a permanent feature, so this is just feedback. I want my gigs at the top of the page. The services I currently offer are the priority. Not the individual orders I’ve recently delivered. Showing recent deliveries blends orders from different gigs. I don’t want people to think the images there all represent the same service. For example, I do product photography in one gig and editing in another. Say a buyer sends me a crappy pic they took of a product wanting me to remove the background and I deliver that in my editing gig. A buyer looking for a product photographer might click on my profile, see that image in recent deliveries, think it’s from my photography gig, and pass me over. It doesn’t mention which gig each image is from unless the buyer clicks on it and not everyone is going to do that. The price someone paid for their delivery shouldn’t be shown. Not even as a range. I have repeat buyers I heavily discount for certain things because of our relationship. I don’t want some “rando” to see how much they paid for an order and assume they can get the same for a similar price. “Delivered within” needs to go. It includes revision time and doesn’t give potential buyers the whole story. I have a lot of orders I deliver within 24-48 hours, but the buyer decides they want to add more extras or a new custom request that extends the length. The back and forth about new additions and pricing often leads to the final delivery happening days later. I don’t want someone who doesn’t know that to see something in my recent deliveries, see “delivered within 10 days”, and think it actually took me 10 days to do when it only took 2 or 3 and the rest of that time was just the buyer getting back to me with updated files or something. We can’t control what appears in our live portfolio and features we can’t customize shouldn’t be featured so prominently on our profile. If someone wants to see what we’ve done, they can click on the specific gig of interest and check it out there like they used to. Whether others agree/disagree, hopefully this feedback is useful. Also, before anyone says “you only have one gig”, I have the rest of my gigs paused right now because I’m updating everything lol
  11. I just came to the forum specifically to see if I could find out what that is because I saw it on an order just placed with me as well. It’s really not necessary for me.
  12. I hear you. There are a few things I do professionally that I wouldn’t touch Fiverr with simply because the price people lean towards paying for it here won’t fly. I can’t fault people for wanting a deal. That’s probably why they came to Fiverr in the first place. It just gets frustrating when they want everything for $5 and think that anyone who charges more than that is ripping them off. That doesn’t happen to me now, but it’s that way for too many sellers. Fiverr is a global marketplace with a large chunk of sellers originating from areas where they don’t have a lot of opportunity and $5 can mean their survival. Others want to “level up” so badly, they’ll accept anything just to get more orders on the board. Neither should be seen as the benchmark for how much things “should” cost but that’s what happens. Buyers develop this “Why would I pay you $15 for something other people are doing for $5” mentality without considering why or how they charge so little. I’d be inclined to wonder how someone could possibly offer what they’re offering for only $5 and where the compromise might be. It’s like seeing a high-end gadget on sale for $5 and thinking, “Why is it so cheap? Is something wrong with it? Was it discontinued? Is the store having trouble selling it because it sucks?” From what I’ve read in the forums at least and from the orders I’ve done, it seems to me that the $5 for the world practice leads to more frustration than orders where people are paying what’s due. Either the seller ends up frustrated because they bit off more than they could chew and are killing themselves trying to accommodate the buyer for pennies at that point or the buyer ends up frustrated because the seller isn’t delivering on the promises they made. Bottom line, sellers have the right to choose how much they’ll work for. If someone is fine taking orders that break down to less than a buck per day, good for them. If someone else isn’t okay with that, it doesn’t make them a crook. Often, you’re paying more to get more. Not everyone needs more. Not everyone needs quality even. I have orders I cringe to look at because they don’t look professional to me at all and I wouldn’t display them if I had a choice, but they were exactly what the buyer wanted and $5 was enough for it. When someone does want more and does want quality, they should be willing to pay for it and sellers should respect their own time enough to ask for it.
  13. I think another thing that bothers many sellers if they get banned/denied/etc. is lack of consistency. One of the components I often see in their complaints is that there are dozens/hundreds/whatever of other sellers doing the exact same thing without a problem. In some cases, it may even be people who are TRS. It might make them feel better if they could take others down with them, so to speak. “You want to ban ME for xyz? Then you have to ban all of these people as well. Otherwise, you’re being selective about who you enforce the terms with, which is discriminatory!” Then Fiverr could say, “Okay, they’re all gone. Feel better.” lol
  14. I’m glad Fiverr added a budget field to buyer requests and what I assume is supposed to be the expected turnaround time (duration?) because I do take those into consideration when I’m browsing. I’m also glad they allow buyers to upload an image since I eat up a lot of characters in my offers asking to see a sample of the image they want me to work with. What I’d like to see is an increase in the characters displayed so that we don’t have to click “see more” whenever a request is more than a couple of lines. The category is just adding more clutter to the screen unless you can filter requests by category rather than keyword, though I wouldn’t use that feature in case I missed something out of category that actually fits. I mention all of that to say that while I appreciate the positive changes being made to buyer requests and care about future ones they could make, none of it matters if I’m not even looking at buyer requests thanks to seller spam. I’d rather they fix that than add new features. Between seller ads and the increase in sketchy “fake paperwork so I can get a bank account, fake medical/academic qualifications, fake financial documents” garbage, I stopped looking at buyer requests weeks ago. My favorites are the ones who say, “It’s just a novelty gift!” Right. Because I can remember the many many nones of times I or anyone else on the planet has said, “Happy birthday, buddy! Here’s a totally realistic utilities bill with your name and address on it! What a gas! Pun intended!” I used to check buyer requests daily from the time I discovered it and it’s where around half of my buyers have come from, including repeat buyers, because I choose not to advertise my Fiverr elsewhere. So I’d like it to be usable and having the first ten things I see every time I go to it now be either seller spam or a potential terrorist for all I know trying to get someone to help them fake their way onto a plane isn’t usable to me.
  15. When I sent in a screenshot to support about this issue, I asked about the possibility of having selected users volunteer to moderate buyer requests the same way that users moderate the forums. I don’t know how many requests come in each day compared to how many end up showing, but if the number that appears is comparable, it can’t possibly take that long to manually go through them rather than depending on “tools”. If the staff doesn’t have the time to do that, why not get volunteers? I’m sure there would be users willing to do it given how many of us have complained about the problem a million times lol Otherwise, a flagging system might help (like Craigslist) where a request will automatically get removed after receiving X number of flags from the community, though that can potentially be abused.
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