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  1. You all raise the communication issue and that’s where the main problem is. Sorry about the constant parallels to McDonald’s, but imagine those employees spending so much time in communicating with the customer: it wouldn’t be fast food delivery anymore. So, if we know the issue, there are ways to cut it off. The clock could simply start after the proper requirements, and stop before any potential revision. All I’m saying is it is feasible. The previous feature was not properly implemented, from what you all say.
  2. Fully understand. I just tested an idea here, that’s all. Good to hear other opinions, they were all good… However, my feeling is someone (Fiverr or not) will implement this faster than we think. Delivery time is totally feasible (Fiverr proved it), people pay big bucks for it, we just need a better infrastructure for both sellers and buyers.
  3. You actually confirmed what I said, that people will always pay big bucks for (much) faster delivery - and we all know it 🙂 There should be a search filter for fast services, and we have none today. I’d also bet there are so many people willing to take a risk (and pay the price if they don’t deliver in time). And yes, we could eventually say one hour since the clock starts, after you get the requirements and you start working on the order. There could be provisions as well for the revisions. But, to keep it simple, I’d still stick with one hour overall (if you make things complex, people will not buy them). There are gigs usually delivered in just 5-10 minutes, and I personally could well live with the overhead and risk of the communication. PS: anyone here watched “The Founder (2016)”? It’s the history of McDonald’s, a huge lesson in history. Highly recommended.
  4. do not exclude the possibility the guy is making fun of us. just saying…
  5. Yes, I remember that one It also had have restrictions, can’t recall which one exactly but you had to reply within 5 min I think otherwise if you miss it a couple of times you will be blocked from using this feature for some time. Something like that. It was in beta back then but I didn’t even notice when it disappeared. I tried to use it in my early days on fiverr but it didn’t really work for me. Interesting. Could you tell why? 5 minutes reaction time could make sense after all. That’s what buyers expect when they pick-up such service. I truly find it very similar to a McDonald’s kind of service, but in the world of gigs. Some people could be skeptical or make fun now, but I am sure this would be one next stage sometimes in the near future 🙂
  6. guys, thanks a lot for the feedback (it is great info, I didn’t know!), but please read my first comment. (1) The filter I talk about would make a huge difference from what you described. This would be for a buyer like “ok, let’s see what gigs I can get in just one hour”. And make a search with this filter on. (2) And the seller would be fully responsible to deliver in 1h, the same way he does it now, in 1 or 2 days.
  7. In theory you are right, but I discover on Fiverr more and more 100% subjective services where people leave plenty of 5-star reviews. They simply don’t care about “deliverables”, it’s all about how they feel. Any idea how many people offer “Distance Reiki” on Fiverr and make good money out of it? I know about the subject because I’ve recently built a site for Reiki and I had to prepare myself (I’ll be a Reiki Master soon :)). But Distance Reiki, believe it or not, is just like praying for someone for a few minutes from where you are. The difference is you rather send “positive energy”, following a different ritual… And people are paying for this!
  8. Both in your images and at the beginning of your gigs you start with “Word to PDF” and “PDF to Word” conversions. What’s that? PS: I was just trying to help and make you aware your gigs may send a wrong message.
  9. It’s very different what I said. Imagine you’re a potential buyer, but you need your gig ASAP. However, you would know Fiverr offers also a filter with online sellers that can serve you right away. This filter would display in the search result pages only: online sellers (who are available to start this work right away)the gigs that have this extra (for an additional price, of course)So: it would be great for the buyer (I know sooo many people who would love fast food gigs :)) + great for the seller. (Plus great for Fiverr, I think :)) PS: Who doesn’t honor this will pay the price, as usual. That’s the risk for the seller, whether it’s about one day, two or …one hour. But plenty of gigs CAN and ARE actually delivered in even less time.
  10. fyi, I just wrote a post, asking why a “Deliver in one hour when online” gig extra wouldn’t be possible on Fiverr. Lots of clients would enjoy it.
  11. Few years ago I was looking for a logo, a video and some other small gigs, but delivered ASAP (I was building a website for some customer). But such services are not possible on Fiverr, even today, and I just wonder why. They would be rather easy to implement. With a filter for those online sellers who would choose to offer such a gig extra (I know I would). Any opinion why such a thing won’t work? Or if you already had such a discussion in the past? Just curious…
  12. I’m so much with you here, I’ve been thinking the same thing. What if it’s 3am in your country when someone places an order? you also get a bad average response time of 4h just because you get some sleep? this factor should take into account where you live! and the customer should be told “do not disturb” until Xam. When the countdown should actually start.
  13. you need more work on your gig packages. for instance, you have e-commerce in all, but you start offering an online store only in Standard.
  14. I’m a bit confused: two of your gigs are mainly about conversions between PDF and Word. But Word can actually load and save both format types… What did I miss?
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