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  1. Thank you for the answer, but I have a specific question please. How to mark an order as incomplete? The order is complete. I had no choice to stop or mark the order. The buyer just put a smile on the requirement and the timing started from me.
  2. Thank you for your answer. I see no option how to set up the requirement as a MUST. Please see pic attached Requirement are requested in all my Gigs, but buyer just put a smile icon and apparently I was good to go, according to the buyer.
  3. Yes. The buyer just wrote 2 words and accepted the offer. Time is still running and I still have no logo from buyer and no contact information for her Stationary. I really don/t get it. Buyer enters online but do not respond to my message 🙂
  4. Hello Hellmon, My buyer started the order without providing all the info required. Time is running and buyer is not responding. What is the option that makes the order start ONLY after the seller sees that all info is there. Thank you in advance
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