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  1. Same happen with me as well, I think there are good answer already provided in this thread but we have to wait or find any kind of fix for this issue, I hope in feature fiverr will fix or update there algorithm
  2. Exaclty the same issue I am also a TRS I did everything but nothing change, No bad feedback,no cancellation,no late delivery all my stats top notch but since few months my whole account deranked and huge drops on sells as well. We really work hard to earn TRS and then fiverr changes everything and we are behind the wall. Fiverr should fix this issue or I think there will be a timeline for the rotations of the gigs or something that the experience and the new sellers both successfully run there business here.
  3. Thank you for this information, but now the things goes worst day by day because of the gig rotation take months to get back to it’s original position, even if you are performing great 😦
  4. I am a TRS seller and really interested go get this services.
  5. Thank you for sharing this 🙂
  6. It’s happen I think all of the user here on fiverr due to the competition or any new policy of fiverr. This things happen with me almost after 1-2 months and don’t know when the gigs back to it’s original position, I think that we have to wait and work hard on our orders and provide best possible services to get the great feedback and ratings.
  7. Exactly same issue 😦 My gigs all de-rank from 4-5 months even CS not help and I think we have to wait, I have open many tickets but response are same.
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