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  1. Quick tips: Ask client for color preference.What’s the company about? What is the logo related to, industry-wise? Then apply:Color psychology (gazillions of documents about that on-line).Color palettes (http://paletton.com is great for that).
  2. Woah! Thanks, Gina! You’ll always know where to find me 😃
  3. How would you rate it?109-77-55-32-00voters Show resultsWould you consider ordering the gig based on the video?YesNoGive me a cookie and I might consider it0voters Show resultsHow could I improve it? Thanks!
  4. I just now had someone contact me with that badge. Went bollocks at first! Nice to see I’m not the only one 😁
  5. No, not really, and I don’t expect it to be. Take into consideration I can make over $500 for projects similar to the ones I offer here for $20. So, albeit I don’t get as many of those “expensive” orders, those pay off by quite a huge margin. It’s obvious I wouldn’t accept a project for say, ie, the NBA on Fiverr with Fiverr’s prices. 🌚 It’s the thing with voice overs and voice acting in general: you better diversify, or you’re screwed. Don’t ever rely on one sole income source, because once it falls you’ll stand in a very bad position.
  6. Welcome! Good luck with your gigs, you’ll most probably make quite a few bucks out of them 😃
  7. 20 days or so. Went downwards a bit, but it seems to be stepping up again lately.
  8. Sorry to answer after some days, but here are some insights: I work with Adobe Media Encoder to transcode my videos for phone usage. Small files, decent quality. Just render a .mp4 file with the h.264 codec and VBR. About 5 mbps usually does the trick. When I need 2 minutes long videos to fit within 16MB I go down to 0.7-1 mbps. 2-pass if render times aren’t an issue and you go really low on bitrate. These are pretty lightweight settings, and should produce small-sized videos. Wouldn’t personally use it for final deliveries, though.
  9. We can’t change/update our forum user image (I assume Discourse grabs it from our fiverr account), but the image it takes has terrible resolution, hence. It’d be great if the forum could retrieve a higher quality version of our profile picture. It’s a minor thing, but it really hurts my eyes 😆 Cheers!
  10. Welcome, yo! Have a good one 😃
  11. Beautiful platform, awesome development community and impressive performance. I’m actually happily impressed, the old one was a disaster. Great choice of forum software! I’ll defo spend more time here now 😄 Ah, it’s these little beautiful features that make me love Discourse: <img src="//discourse-cloud-file-uploads.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/fiverr/original/1X/7d7bf624790811c9f7cbce55d7364cd2cd0c7884.png" width=“400” height=>
  12. Good morning! I actually introduced myself quite some days ago, but a forum reset made the post fly. So here we go again! I’m actually a voice actor and radio broadcaster based in Barcelona, Spain. Not really “new” (already 3 or 4 months old), neither introduced! During my years of professional experience I’ve been featured in the Spanish dubbings of films like as Sicario and Nine Lives; and TV series like Notorious. DreamWork’s Trolls is coming soon too. Whilst searching new market opportunities, I stumbled upon Fiverr, and so decided to give it a go. And I’m pretty happy with how things are going so far! I guess my previous experience and expertise allowed buyers to trust me despite me being new here. I actually offered the first buyer free revisions as a way to thank him for trusting me for the first time here! 😃 Anyway, I’ll keep lurking around the forums, as I’ve always been a very community-driven guy. Cheers!
  13. In my industry, being able to live-chat with a cient is mandatory sometimes. That’s why having the ability to connect via ISDN, SourceConnect, SessionLink Pro, Hangouts, s***e or else is a standard in every decent recording studio. I haven’t had to do so yet, but I wouldn’t hesitate to offer remote supervision if needed/requested by the client as that’s industry standard, and Fiverr’s tools (unlike other services such as Bodalgo with BodalgoCall) do not enable us to do so.
  14. I’d personally increase my deliver time. If your content and final delivery is good enough, they’ll keep coming. I could personally deliver my VOs in 2 hours if necessary, yet I’ve configured my gigs for 3 a days delivery. Just to keep things safe. I’ve been lucky enough to have buyers answer rather quickly to my doubts, but pretty please, if the buyer doesn’t answer within a reasonable time period (24 hours), you should totally reflect that in the final rating.
  15. First time ever hearing about this, albeit I’m a pretty recent seller. I’ll for sure keep it in mind! Thanks!
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