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  1. Pretty much that. It’s worth noting I never ask clients to leave a review, ever.
  2. It’s pretty detailed over @ https://www.fiverr.com/levels But, long story short:
  3. It took me about 7 months, but the thing here has been the last month. I don’t know what Fiverr did to my gigs, but I’ve had a massive amount of exposure (compared to previous months). And here it is! Beautiful indeed 😍 I have a rather small market window (people seeking castilian spanish and catalan voice overs), so I’m extremely happy to jump into the Level 2 bandwagon. We’re only around 20 Level 2 sellers delivering this. However, there’s only 1 TRS that delivers Castilian Spanish voice overs, so… fingers crossed, head down, and hard work! 😀
  4. Haha yes, I can. Spanish with catalan and galician accent, and catalan itself.
  5. I’m aware neutral spanish has a much bigger market share, but I can’t deliver a true native neutral accent, so I just stick to provide what I do best. 🙂
  6. Who needs a Castilian Spanish voice over anyway? 🌚 PS. Actually posted this reply in a completely different thread. Oh god!
  7. This post scheme looks familiar! 😁 There, voted. I’d like to see a bit more of “previous work” in there. As a potential buyer I wouldn’t hassle to go to your youtube channel.
  8. I’d love Guardiola to come back to Barcelona. We miss him here 😂
  9. Drop me a message over @ https://www.fiverr.com/torrelles ! 🙂
  10. It’s a pretty good solution, since he stated he’s willing to come back later on.
  11. Long story short: a buyer of mine ordered a VO gig. All fine. I delivered the voice over, and he requested a revision (paying the $5 pricetag of that specific revision, hence: he bought a gig extra). The thing is, he didn’t request any style changes, or rhythm changes, no. He only wanted me to remove a “click” sound that he heard on the file: a click sound that only the Fiverr on-line player adds. That sound doesn’t appear when the file is downloaded to your computer, so it’s just an on-line player thing. Bear with me here, I will not charge $5 to that guy for no reason whatsoever. So I just want to know if there is any specific way of only cancelling one gig extra purchased after the original gig was ordered. Can you shed some light here? Thanks guise! PS. Might end up contacting CS just in case.
  12. No, not really! I already came in here with a very strong and narrow-focused skillset, so I’m exploiting it as in every other (way more specialised) platform where I provide my services. 🙂
  13. I’ll be honest with you here, I don’t really remember the project itself. I only remember I offered them a revision they requested for free just because they were the very first people to trust me on here. 😂
  14. It’s back up indeed, was a short downtime. Let this thread die!
  15. I’ve had clients drop the requirements and disappear until the voice over was delivered. Some didn’t even rate (just waited for the 3 days after delivery and the sale got automatically marked as completed), and some others just drop a 5 star rating and disappear once again. We truly are one interesting species 😂
  16. My job sucks in that regard, I can only listen to the original client files if there’s any video sync needed, or dead silence if I’m only recording my voice 😂 I do listen to techno/electro/house/deep house while replying messages and creating custom offers, though! Thank God. 😀
  17. Long story short: charge little for an extremely basic job. Charge regularly for a regular job. I can get 50 words orders for $5, yes. Is it underpaid? Yes. But if an order is over 200 words I do charge my full professional rates, and I’ve had clients pay $200 for a voice over of mine, in Fiverr. If you sell top-notch, unparalleled quality products, you can charge whatever you feel is right. What happens if you don’t land any sells? Well, you’ve got that already if you don’t work here. But heck, if someone decides to give it a go, it’ll pay off already. Good luck!
  18. Haven’t you guys heard of NET 30? Here is a helpful link en.wikipedia.org Net DNet 10, net 15, net 30 and net 60 (often hyphenated "net-10" and/or followed by "days", e.g., "net 10 days") are forms of trade credit which specify that the net amount (the total outstanding on the invoice) is expected to be paid in full and received by the seller within 10, 15, 30 or 60 days after the goods are dispatched or service is completed. Net 30 or net 60 terms are often coupled with a credit for early payment. The word net in this sense means "total after all discounts." It originally ... What a horror, eh? That’s regular freelance income and it’s not guaranteed! You’ll have to chase up those malingering clients, not to mention market to them and all the other stuff. And you may not get paid until 3 months later! How desperately unfair the world of modern business is. If you have regular orders (i.e. on a daily, or near-daily basis), you get income cleared pretty much every day and this becomes a non-issue. If you are looking for quick cash, Fiverr isn’t the best platform. And yes, I do enjoy the 7-day withdrawal benefit from my golden throne, but you know what, apart from the first week where I had ‘double income’ it hasn’t made much difference. I still only take money out at a certain threshold, which can be in a week, or in a month. It depends. Just work towards becoming a TRS instead of trying to change something as minor as this. You could focus on improving your skills or something. Stuff like that. Ding ding ding! I’ve got two clients who finally paid me over $1000 they owed me 2 months later after the voice over was delivered. Beautiful stuff! And I’m talking about two different clients, two different voice overs, no related at all between each other. 2 months.
  19. Terrible analogy. A better one would be: "if a few students are getting high marks without any help… why would the school create a video showing how intelligent their students can become (feauting these kids - in order for parents to decide to take their kids to that specific school)? @taverr does have a point, and it does make a ton of sense.
  20. Thanks for that! I also considered it, might take a different approach in regards to the video structure.
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