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  1. What a nice offer! I am trying to start doing those although have no experience so it would probably take the patience of a saint. Or even more than that! 😂
  2. Awesome! Count me in to help newcomers in the VO industry. Form filling time…
  3. I personally don’t mind newcomers and “low-quality” sellers. I listen at my first sales back in 2013 and I don’t even know how could someone pay for that, but was a crucial part of my development as a professional.
  4. I didn’t know any did that. What a great idea. It’s common in professional scenarios. Almost all pro studios offer IP/Line connections (RDSI, SourceConnect, ■■■■■…) Actually, many advertising studios are prepared to even host the clients themselves physically, so that they can monitor the recording. For example, this one I recorded at earlier this month: you can see the sofas in the BG 😃
  5. You must find the voice yorself.You must hire an actor that offers live directing via Hangouts, s***e, whatever; to be able to specify how you want each line, and direct him towards the best possible output.If that’s not possible, write at the beginning of each line the humor and take on the line by the character. Try to be as precise as possible, with adjectives.These are my 5 cents. Good luck!
  6. Always part-time. Imagine Fiverr bans me from one day to the next! I need to rely on something else for income 😁
  7. I can’t imagine myself selling voice overs without an upfront demo reel 😂
  8. Hi from Barcelona! 😁 Where do you teach? 😮
  9. As seen in… Well, I was wrong. I sold less, yet I earned more. I wasn’t sure if it would work out, but it has. Jumped from a 5-10-15 model to a 5-15-45 model, with some modifications to what’s included in each. And in the end… FEB: 27 sales MAR: 13 sales Still got 7 more days to go, but the margin is big enough already. Hope this encourages you to increase your prices - if feasible! 😀
  10. I personally don’t have that “extra quantity per minute” policy since I only offer up to 200 words in my gigs. But other than that, clear, simple and spot-on! 😄
  11. Congratulations! Let’s hope you can quadruple it in June! 🙂
  12. Fiverr Forum Amazon AWS Outagemy customers always want to get the delivery from Ashburn, VA. They would notice something is wrong if it comes from somewhere else ?
  13. Can I ask why you think that? I’ve increased prices. 🙂
  14. It’s been outstanding, primarily due to irl events. Fiverr-wise, pretty good. It’s been my best selling month ever, by a small margin. I expect sales to drop next month.
  15. It just happened to me! Thank God I keep a thorough track of all orders and I don’t have a huge amount of them, otherwise I’d be screwed. My dashboard as of now: However, if I go to the “manage sales” menu… BOOM!
  16. Hasn’t roll out to my account just yet. “You shall not roll!”
  17. Just got the feature activated for my top selling voice over gig. I’ll keep you guys posted with the stats in case you find that interesting.
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