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  1. As stated previosuly, you seriously need a video reel. It could even be a stationary image with your picture! Just make it as easy as possible for the client to listen at you. You might not appear at the top of the listings. You might even not be on the first page! If I have a screen filled with one-click-away videos to evaluate, I will not stop to enter the profile of that guy without a video.
  2. Indeed, it’s nice to find you are being heard. And about the criticism… no wonder @torrelles is from Spain like me… we are the masters of criticism! the reason is simple: In Spain, blaming each other all day long and fighting between us is a national sport… At least some Spanish try to be constructive and creative 🙂 Oh yeah! It doesn’t matter the moment or the situation, we’ll always find a way to criticise things and people. You guys shouldn’t get into Twitter Spain, that’s a rage fest. 😂
  3. I did reply, but it wouldn’t surprise me to not hear back from him. It was a great gesture from him to drop a message anyway 🙂
  4. Guys, we did it. I received a very special private message today.
  5. If I ever travel to your place, remind me I owe you a beer, good sir!
  6. I from time to time helplessly check the Fiverr Pro categories, to no avail. As expected, voice overs are still not a thing on Fiverr Pro. And, suddenly, whilst thinking how long it’s been since it all begun, this idea came through my mind. Like a bullet. It hit fast, and deep. And so, fellow forum users, I came up with this singular petition to the Fiverr crew. Once upon a time, our fellow @eoinfinnegan wrote: Hence, I present to you all: Some disclaimers: I’m no pro singer.English is not my main language, kindly dismiss any misspells or misspronounciations.This is all just for the lols, don’t take it too seriously.Placed it under “my gigs” category to prevent the “you are promoting your services” discussion.Hope you all had some great vacations! Mod note: Moved category to ensure it is seen by Torrelles’ legions of fans. This is not a self promo video, it is comedic genius along with a delightful singing voice. EDIT AS OF SEMPTEMBER THE 6TH Guys, we did it. I received a very special private message today.
  7. This is what kills it for me. Already complained about it back in November 2017. And the fact that, 9 months later, nothing has been done to solve it… is a big, big disappointment.
  8. I’d contact Customer Support. They also rejected mine once saying the gig should showcase actual projects completed by myself. They obviously were, so I opened a request and they ended up allowing the gig video.
  9. I don’t really know what’s happened, but my sales have rocketed this June. Both sales and gig stats. I haven’t actively changed anything in my gigs, so I guess Fiverr decided to suddenly bring awareness to them. Either way, I expect sales to drop back to normal next month, as things are already starting to slow down again.
  10. I actually don’t have any “fiverrian” dream, so to speak. I just treat it as another source of work/income. Would be great to become a TRS though, but the $$ requirement prevents me from becoming one. Too bad!
  11. As the spaniard I am, I have really high hopes for my team this year. Totally looking forward for it! De Gea, Ramos, Piqué, Alba (what a year he’s made in Barcelona), Carvajal, Busquets, Iniesta, Isco, Costa… ayy
  12. http://www.reactiongifs.com/r/if-you-say-so.gif(image larger than 3072KB)Other than that, and as stated by @uxreview , you should review your selection process.
  13. The awesomesauce flexibility to dispatch work when I find necessary. If I randomly feel like I need to take the morning off, I take it off. No explanations to be given to anyone. That’s what truly gives me peace. Oh, and of course, working on the thing I truly love :star_struck:
  14. “Fly, my little creature. Fly, and become part of a beautiful video/phone system/radio ad/whatever. Until we meet again when I randomly stumble upon you on the internet.” And then a little tear slowly pours and travels through my cheek. Yes.
  15. That sounds like a code bug - website trying to send an automated response and not finding the text it should attach to the denial notification. Either way, it’s CS material.
  16. Oh wow, the story of my life. I’ve done my research and in the Castilian Spanish side of things there are only a handful of talents (myself included) with prices above $5. I’d say 10-15% of us. Then again, there are only a handful of truly pro talent. And only one TRS as long as I’m aware - and not thanks to the VO gig.
  17. Bagel? We don’t even Bagel here! 😦 Doughnuts is what it’s all about.
  18. Jesus christ Fiverr, get your stuff together! (It was actually a promotion, but that bottom notification got me all “WTF!”)
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