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  1. your gig prices look good. you can check other similar gigs to see the average prices.
  2. maybe you have used one of the filtered thats why your message was flagged
  3. my friend and i started working on fiverr at the same time we have the same rating, but he got the promote you gig ad feature. our sales are equal but i am not getting that feature.
  4. i am encountering this problem since yesterday my send offer button is not working on the buyer requests page. I am unable to send any requests since yesterday. Has anybody else encountered the same problem? I will appreciate it if you people can help me resolve this issue.
  5. just report it that stops the clock and if it is a fake buyer just gets you rid of him forever.
  6. hi, i am new to fiverr. i want to know that once i have completed my 10 bids for the day how long will it take for the next bids. where can i check how much time is remaining for my bid bar to refill
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