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  1. i refer 3 friends of mine and they purchase and i got referral bonus withing 24 hours. it shows in my personal balance but i can not withdraw it in my paypal of payoneer account. why its not showing in my “available for withdrawal” balance. how can i withdraw it. its more than 15 days but its not available for withdawal. what should i need to do. please help me. its $150 and i dont want to purchase anything for this money
  2. Is there any effect if i remove request from buyers request (for removing clutter or unwanted request)
  3. its not fiverr who save us from fraud but its us who saves fiverr platform from froud never sell your services for free to impress buyer impress him from your services quality as it says if you are good in something never do it for free mention everything in offer that what is you are going to give buyer in how much time and in how much charges. always deliver on time so that buyer doesnt have any excuse to cancel order always attach files or screen shot with delivery if buyer try to cancel you can report to fiverr customer care dont cancel order from your side. in any case if you want to ask to buyer do so it will not impact on your performance its my experience to deal with buyer Thank You
  4. Actually it comes from experience. here you find lots of great experienced fiverr seller. i am not that much experienced but share few tips kindly send offer to buyer as soon as possible read buyers requirement very carefully to understand his need in offer mention your experience in same category mention delivery time mention your charges mention your requirement to complete order also mention if you have any question please feel free to contact me its how i send offer to buyers may be someone here suggest you better ideas Good luck
  5. Hello to all from many days may be from last 2 months i am facing this problem. i have 4 gigs but only see buyers request in one category. in translation, transcription category i am not getting any request from buyer site. is there any problem with fiverr or i need to join pro version ???
  6. Hello Everyone May i know in how many days a customer who buy a services from us can give rating to us
  7. i recently get level 1 badge since than i will not get any buyer request i don’t know whats going on i think its true its fiverr problem
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