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  1. Perhaps a politician can appear to disagree without saying the other is wrong. However, facts are facts and right and wrong are right and wrong. What you seem to be saying is that I should prove I am right without saying the other is wrong. One cannot disagree with someone and both be right—however it is possible to agree with someone and both be wrong. There is only one right in a dichotomy but many wrongs. Are we going to get into a philosophy seminar?
  2. i am hardly whistling happily in the dark. I am always working to stay ahead of the curve. Just because you feel one way, does not mean that you have any idea what I do behind the scenes. I work hard for my success – but I am not going to share the specific details of what I do to earn that success. That would be a bad business move on my part. Please don’t make false assumptions about me, just because it furthers your personal talking points. When you know the truth about me and why I do what I do, then you can talk. Yes, I am happy with my income right now. And no, I am not ignoring the fact that I could always be making more than I do. I am not making assumptions about what you do behind the scenes, or who you are. That’s just being a little too defensive. I’m just commenting on what you are saying and your public opinion.
  3. You know just because people have a different opinion to you does not mean you are right and they are wrong. As Tom said above, discussion is a good thing and those who have different opinions and experiences should be listened to just as much as those who agree with you. For all you know, it is you and a couple of hundred or thousand or 10 thousand who are actually in the dark. Not saying you are, just that you should perhaps welcome it as part of a wider discussion rather than just saying they are wrong. I fully agree - Fiverr’s communication of changes and the reasons behind them stinks. For a community of sellers and buyers and as a company that says they listen to the community, communication is vital and should be done regularly. eg. we all spent last month bemoaning the $2 min fee and then we hear about a live CS chat beta happening. If that had been mentioned properly at the time, it might have softened the perceived blow of the fee! I guess I just don’t understand what a debate is. He says I’m wrong. I say he’s wrong. We justify our positions. That’s called having a discussion. If I thought he was right there would be no discussion.
  4. Well, it works well for me. Based on the forum? Some bad press from blogs? (who coincidentally don’t like their prices being undercut) Come on, the site sells a million gigs a month and you are talking about a very small number of complaints being voiced in comparison. A comparison to amazon or ebay is far more realistic/accurate than a suggestion that Fiverr is losing support/user base. Yes, absolutely, there have been a number of questionable developments over the past year or two but you know people were going berserk when Fiverr launched packages, saying it would never catch on. When Pro launched, it was like the sky was falling down. Reactionary posts on a forum is bread and butter and I would put sales figures far above those when considering how a site is doing. Hardly. But I am a member of two groups of a couple hundred actors who use fiverr. Many Top Sellers and Level Twos who have sacrificed much to get where they are. All of us have been on the platform over two years and 85 - 90% of us are extremely dissatisfied with how we are treated on the platform. Most of them would never comment on the forums for many reasons—not the least of which are retribution, time and energy, and a feeling that fiverr just doesn’t care about Sellers. We also have those who feel like jonbaas and happily go about whistling in the dark because, for whatever reason, they feel insulated from this. Because they are making a decent income they can never be convinced that they could make more. So what you see in the Forum is the tip of the iceberg.
  5. Converting leads to sales is more difficult that that though. Never underestimate the value of a third-party platform to act as a go between buyer and seller. Ebay, Amazon, etc all exist, not because people cannot make a website for themselves but because people trust a bigger name site which gives social proof (reviews) of the seller’s services. Anyway, this is O/T. Oh, and there is Mike 👋 Not really OT at all. And I would agree that it used to be that way on fiverr. Now with the onerous Cancellation Policy and this new debacle? Not so much.
  6. For where I am now. But that is not where I was a few months ago.
  7. 100% of the visitors to my page will be enticed to visit two other gigs (possibly six) away from mine. Of the thousands of other “recommendations” on thousands of other gigs, how many will come back to me? In other words, the chance of my gig appearing on someone else’s and a buyer clicking on it are very, very, small. The chances that a buyer visiting my gig will see six other gigs “Recommended” for them by fiverr? 100% I have found it to be: price, reviews, Level and Sales to come before quality. Of the over 5,000 male gigs active on the platform there are bound to be many with a Price/Cost/Quality ratio equal or better to mine—a couple hundred at least. Fortunately they got lost in the crowd—that’s no longer the case. I’m familiar with your work and your gigs. You are certainly at the top of your game and at the top of fiverr. You worked hard to get there. Your rates are higher even than mine (and well deserved.) But they weren’t always and I know what it takes to get where you are on fiverr. What I’m saying is that it is now going to be a lot harder to stay there. Only you can decide if the money you are paying fiverr is worth it.
  8. Hey! that would make a good Gig. :rofl: “How to move your business off fiverr and onto your own website.” BUAH HAHAhahahahahahahahahahaha
  9. After reading several of the responses here, I can’t help but be amazed at the idea of paying to advertise (or use our own social media) to bring buyers to our fiverr gigs. I did that for a while and got lots of clicks by Tweeting my gig several times a day. fiverr even gave me a slightly better placement in return. However I stopped that when fiverr changed their Cancellation Policy, making it much harder for me to do business on fiverr. If that had not happened, this debacle would have triggered it. Now I know many other professionals and those wanting to become professionals in my field out in the real world. They do a similar thing to the advice that I’ve seen here. That is run a marketing campaign that sends all their prospects to voiceover Pay to Play sites. Now why, after spending lots of time, energy, and money, would I send my warm prospects to a place where they have access to thousands of my competitors? At least at those sites they don’t actively tell my prospects, “Hey thanks for visiting Ed’s Page. Here’s a few other talents you might like better.” But that’s what fiverr is doing here. Let’s not kid ourselves—fiverr is a Pay to Play site, too. We pay fiverr lot of money to do business in their marketplace. Do you think I advertise and market in the Real World and then send my prospects here where fiverr is going to tell them they may like a few of my competitors better? Am I going to send them here to fiverr where I have to charge below market rates and then pay fiverr 20% for the privilege? Or am I going to send them to my website where I can sell them in a controlled environment and charge them Market Rates? Sure I am still going to use fiverr as an additional income stream, it has its place. But the way fiverr is going, they may lose me as a customer. fiverr is desperately trying to shake its $5 image and promote pros. Why is it shooting itself in the foot?
  10. Well, I agree with the latter. It may bring the former. Just sitting in the tree, waiting to get picked off, is not the solution. Your ideas are fine, but expensive, and should not be necessary if fiverr allowed us the tools we need and didn’t keep throwing roadblocks in our way.
  11. So true. Also, don’t forget that we already are paying fiverr for this space—20% of everything we sell, plus fees. Many folks forget this because we never see it. They forget that “Freelance” isn’t free.
  12. Those are the things in life in general, and on Fiverr in particular which do worry me most. I can do all the stuff I can to be the best seller I can, and suddenly a new ‘feature’ like this one pops up to remove what little control I thought I had. In business, when you loose control, it’s time for action, or you are out. Usually, you move your business to a more controlled space, or face the risks of lacking a reasonable control over your business environment. No, the recommended gigs are another bad idea to add to the pile sighs… it discourages the external gig promotion, which is bad for Fiverr traffic. What’s happening lately Fiverr? Who is in charge of the nonsense that plagues the marketing plan of your business? I see beheaded business corpses if the plannification does not get reformed asap. Numbers will tell. Let’s hope we can hang on while fiverr is playing in the sandbox. I’m glad so many here see the handwriting on the wall and know what it means. I understand being customer-centric, but fiverr seems to forget that we are their customers, too. We pay them (a lot. 20% plus fees.) It seems we do not get any respect. Cue Rodney Dangerfield. (Google him if you don’t know.)
  13. I can understand the annoyance of it though to be fair. I just went to your main brandman gig and there were two others “Recommended”, both at a lower price. I have to say, even as convincing as your description is, I would feel compelled to click through to check the others - After all, they are “Recommended for me” although quite why is never stated. Maybe Fiverr wants to save me money by ordering from someone cheaper, maybe they know something I don’t know - the average buyer will not think that Fiverr just randomly selected a couple of gigs with a similar keyword and slapped a Recommended badge on them! That would be ridiculous! So now I am on their page (not opened in a new window) and your gig is nowhere to be seen. The recommended gigs on their page are irrelevant to what I was originally looking for and I have read their description and long since forgotten yours. Where do I go from here? I might click back to go back to you but that is not a particularly common action and besides, if the competition’s gig is decent, I would likely order that one. Now, add in the idea that perhaps your Facebook ad was what brought the visitor to Fiverr and your gig in the first place - that’s just annoying. Overall, this looks like a badly implemented version of “People who bought this item also bought…” which would not be a bad idea if there was a shopping cart system or indeed, if it was shown after the purchase. This idea I could get behind, not randomly recommending someone based on nothing but keyword similarity. Thank you. You will also note that they have added four additional “Recommended for you” at the bottom where they only before had your other gigs and gigs you had already viewed. They are really piling on. I agree with you, that if they only saw these when they clicked away from my gig, or after ordering (which might promote the dreaded Cancellation,) it would be better. I still wouldn’t like it, but I could accept it. Good idea.
  14. What you may call adapting, I call appeasing. Whatever you call it, change comes from action not inaction. Nitpicking my examples to explain difficult concepts to those who will not listen is shooting the messenger instead of addressing the problem. While I believe my example is apt in concept if not execution, this is not the point of debate here. fiverr advertising my competitor’s services on my selling page is, disrespectful, counter-productive, unfair and weakens my business. I’m sorry that you can’t see that. I wish you good luck.
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