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  1. I have so many projects done here on Fiverr. But this is the first time the response rate is 0. I can’t see the response green line. Is it so much problem for my profile? Have any negative effect in my profile? Have any negative effect to get the order? Advance Thanks Monir
  2. May be they are updating the inbox. but i need to reply the right persion.
  3. Dear all, My inbox does not work to show any conversation. I can’t communication with Customer Care also. Inbox notification shows me a message. What can I do right now? Thank you.
  4. Dear, there are, I have an Order a few days ago. He sends me a conditional order.I got that and trying to understand what does kind of logo he wants? He hasn’t given me an idea. just told me that I need to create a logo. as a result, I create a logo and show him, but he gives me any reply in this time. After one day he gives me a reply as a modification. I give him that. But here are some mistake he says. I want to know from him but he says read the information that he provides with the order. there is no solution I find. Then I go back to him and know about that but he hasn’t any solution. However, Finally, he gives me two files that I need to recreate and make as a logo for his company. I have done that. When I send him this file after one day He gives me a modification request and says me that he has created this by himself. Now he wants to cancel this order. What can I do in this situation? Waiting for your kind advice. Best regard @monir112761
  5. Hello there are, I’m Monir, From Bangladesh. I work as a Graphics Desinger and Multimedia Programmer. Thank you to read this comment 🙂
  6. I want to know about, have any problem or not for my account?
  7. I have got an order but give deliver. He want a revision. Unfortunately I’m not able to revision in this time. Have any problem for that?? Advance Thank Monir
  8. I have a buyer. I created a logo design in the previous month. But he say that, if I give him a revision, he will give me a better feedback. after completed the work I had give him 3 revision but he doesn’t give a review. In this month (39 days after completing the order) he also want a revision. but I’m not agree to give this revision. now he want to give me a new order. Are this right to get order from him? Please give me a suggest as soon as possible. I want to know, How much time to give a tips for a order?
  9. After completing a order how much time to give review by buyer(🙂 . I had done an order last 14:06:17 but the buyer wants still revision to give a better review. What can I do now​:astonished:?
  10. Dear there are, I have experience in this sector, Because this account also created in 2015 but I didn’t any work for my study with job. Now a days I’m trying to sell my services. I want to explain with joy that "It’s not metter about your account age, it’s the highly matter about your skillness and experience. Thank you Monir
  11. Thank You fiverr for arrange this kind of program. 😄
  12. can I choose Due to personal/technical reasons, I cannot complete the work?
  13. he wants to refund now. what can do for?
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