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  1. Hi. Thank you for all your valuble comments. This is what i got from CSOf course, if that type of information is required for the completion of an order, it should be mentioned in the Gig description as well as on the order requirements. Also, please remember that only the requested information should be shared and to do it only via the order page. I hope you understand. Kind regards
  2. contact online chat, they are very supportive. I had chat with then two time. nice experience, they clear all my problems
  3. Hello… What is the better method for money transfer? and why? Can I use Payoneer and PayPal? Thanks!
  4. I did gig SEO and my gig came to 03 third page from 8th. now again my gig available in bottom down of the page…
  5. now i’m struggling to get some works. applying to suitable BR as well
  6. Thank you very much. But now, sales are decreasing…
  7. Hello. I’m a Virtual assistant from Sri Lanka, I earned 400$ within two months and became a level one seller, I had a 16k impression and a better rate of clicks and orders. Recently it dropped up to 3k to 4k and I’m getting one or two orders per month. Could you please explain the reason for that and How can I recover. I hope to hear from you soon. Happy selling https://www.fiverr.com/keerthi165/be-your-virtual-assistant-data-mining-and-entry-copy-paste-web-research
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