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  1. I was a afraid that maybe she'll haunt me again with different account. But it's a good thing that her money does a big help when I used it with my toddlers daily needs like pampers, milk and more of a financial.
  2. Buyer request with good proposal message and portfolio.
  3. You said you had completed and submitted the work? If that's the case. Pretend like you didn't go online and wait for 3 days, fiver will automatically approve your gig without reviews and ratings. I did that before, with a client. I submit my work to him, and he didn't reply or anything. But still, after three days, I got the money but without the ratings and the reviews.
  4. I've had one and I don't even know from were that woman came from and how she find my account. Sadly, she didn't know I am a seller too. lol
  5. Good proposal with complete portfolio in buyers request.
  6. Wanted to share my trauma as an awareness. I have this client, who I thought was so nice. I was new to Fiverr that day. She bought my gig and even gives me tips for 10 USD. My gig offer was 8 USD. If three revisions then that's enough. So as I keep making her request. It all goes well, I was so nice to her because I was so happy to have such a kind-hearted client. Until I got all exhausted because we exceed my revision counts. Instead of three revisions, we even reached 10 revisions. I was so kind to her that I don't even mind because my expertise level on using PSD brings me the confidence to take it that easy. So after 10 to 15 revisions. She stopped replying, I thought it was all done and I passed it because she accepted and even gives the following good reviews. After 1 month, I was surprised when she got back to revise the same work and wanted me to see it on the website she was visiting because the following file I gave him doesn't work. But the thing here is that I don't have any idea about that website. I don't know what to do with it and how will it work, my job for designing her demand is done and I am not even gonna help her with that website after getting exhausted with the unlimited revision. Then she said she would report me if I didn't do it. Glad I blocked her. Starting from that day, I keep all my gigs and stop working here on Fiverr. That was last year, and now. I am re-opening my gig and hope for a better client to come. I will always keep in mind what Fiverr rules say. If three revisions then that's enough. Sad experience to share and hope people see my experience as a lesson not to be as kind with any client as possible to refrain from getting the advantage.
  7. Thanks for the info ^_^. My first delivery is on time, the late one was on the 3rd delivery if I’m not mistaken. However, I have been working for her for about 5 to 6 days because the revision reaches more than 5, beyond the limit of 3 revision given from my gig. Anyway, atleast I know that the reason why I can’t give her a review is because she prefers not to. Now, I am getting upset that maybe she got annoyed with me. heheheh, that’s why she prefers not to provide me a review and just a simple 5 stars. ☺️
  8. It’s complete but I never get any ratings. Neither she gets any ratings from me too. So, I don’t know what’s going on. The fiverr notification just inform me that it’s already completed but didn’t give me an option to provide ratings.
  9. As a seller, I would love to read your stories in regards to the buyers which you find them special and why?
  10. I find it fun sometimes, maybe because I am a newbie seller. One of my buyer even talk about aliens which I find it really weird and ask why I am doing this? hahahhah, maybe just to impress him? hahaha
  11. I have a client and my revision for the gig she bought has only 3 revisions. But since she is nice to me and I find her kind. I neither notice that I gave almost 5 revisions. The gig was delivered late. Do I still get a 1 star for that? Because it’s late, or no 1 star because I give more than 5 revisions.
  12. It’s sad to know how cancellation and late delivery affects the fiverr seller. Me and my client have it in a nice talk. Does it still get me a 1 star? Now I know why I didn’t even received rate the buyer.
  13. Welcome, Yes, it will. Trust yourself 🙂
  14. Is it normal for the ‘buyers request’ section to be empty always? I was curious because before I join fiverr. The buyers request section is always full, i get buyers there often. However, now a day. Always empty, if theres one posting in buyers request, it’s no english dialect person or talking in germany or spanish? Is this normal?
  15. Welcome, there is no bidding but try the buyers request. Maybe that helps
  16. This issue about fiverr glitch keeps getting me in trouble when it comes to my clients.
  17. I just checked on our convo. She replied, maybe the fiverr is on the glitch again. I don’t understand why there is too much bug in fiverr. She replied on October 16, my god -_- It didn’t appear on my phone. It bothers me a lot, but I was the one who is having a technical error
  18. Yes but she keeps declining and denying about my explaination about the shrinking of spine in the book cover. I keep explaining my side, but now. She stopped replying. She thought I am lying about the book spine. Why? what happened when I delayed it and wait for her reply?
  19. I would love to have some new circle of friends here in fiverr, so I am curious if there is already an app for the Fiverr Forum
  20. I had this client. I still didn’t get any responses after she ask for revision or modification. I explain my side to her, however. Until now, she didn’t respond. What will happened to this gig?
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