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  1. Reply to @fonthaunt: no idea why I posted the link there 😕 Removed it. Note to self: don’t post on forum while eating cookies.
  2. Presently level 1, but I am close to second level (48 sales and 100% positive rating) 😃 It would be super awesome when I get to TRS.
  3. So just about everyone except me has 2 or more screens? 😦
  4. Reply to @writerlisaz: Ahh, the affiliate program. Yes, that is fine. I was referring to this: Bringing more people to fiverr is always recommended! Cheers :)
  5. Reply to @writerlisaz: Please do not suggest such practices. This is a very bad thing to do and must be condemned altogether. We sellers here represent the Fiverr community, and you would not like to have buyers see such stuff and go away from the community.
  6. Reply to @kjblynx: This. Is. Superb!!! Love the concept!
  7. I am a seller, and I agree with everything except that I deliver what I promise, if not more. And even if I think from the POV of a buyer, I would rather not order from people who write exaggerated stuff.
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