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  1. what if i use a picture of somoone like da vinci because i like it so mush
  2. Can someone explain this for me!!! My account have 3 years or 4 now with one order and lot of tries and tries lot of gigs lot of time . this is make me losing hope :frowning_face:
  3. What is wrong with my Gigs ? can you help me find out where the error is ?
  4. i dnt know , that’s make me feeling frustration
  5. I see it is not problem in my Gهg. You can check that
  6. When I make a new gig and want to add more than 3 pictures I can not.Can anyone help me ??
  7. more than 7 click in my gigs , and no one wants to deal with me
  8. That’s better. When you show your own work, buyers can see what YOU can do… and those images now show what you have the ability to create. more than 9 click and no one wants to deal with me
  9. If you want to be a successful seller, don’t steal the artwork of others. By using those images on your gigs, you are, essentially claiming that YOU created them. Remove them from your gigs. Use your own images. Stealing the artwork of other people, and featuring them as your own, in order to fool people into thinking that you can create images just like that is wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Use your own images. Use your own artwork. i use my own artwork . give me your view now
  10. Hi, everybody Can anyone get into my Gigs and give me a view on my Gigs ? Because no one wants to buy from me, despite the advantages added in my gigs ☺️
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