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  1. Hi Experts. I wanted to know as what are the most demanded skills on fiverr. I am a level one seller. My gigs were selling well until the Pandemic hit the humanity as a whole. For last one year I just got 2 orders. I am providing graphic designing services on fiverr. May be due to saturation in graphic designing field, the demand have gone down. Can dime one share as how to tackle this hot knot. And what are the most demanded skills on givert in 2021. Regards
  2. Thank you so much for sharing awesome tips. Just one question I wish to ask you. Should I send an offer against a request which already has many offers. Kindly take a while and elucidate all of us. There is always a confusion. For instance I, sometime find a request of my choice but I forego it as I see almost 50 offers are already there. Your device, please.
  3. Once I read a suggestion about When a buyer request may not be responded. Actually I used to respond all buyer requests of my interest even if that had already been populated with hundreds of offers. But then I came across a suggestion long time ago. It said “Avoid a buyer request that has more then ten offers, because the buyers don’t have time to read all offers. So they try to choose their desired seller from first 20 offers”. Is it right? Since then I always track and respond the requests which have maximum 20 offers sent already. In this ways 99% requests are skipped due to high numbers of offers. Please guide.
  4. Welcome Amjad. Keep working hard and learn a lot from pro members to reach professional excellence.
  5. I love Canada. I have very good memories of Canadian people.
  6. Pick your??? My apologies. I couldn’t get it
  7. Thank you very much for a comprehensive response. As you advised to to rely on BR, I solemnly agree with your observation. But what is the alternative, to communicate with potential buyers.
  8. Hello reputed members. I want to elucidate my self as how to catch up buyers requests. I often hold my cell in my hands for hours and keep on refreshing but to no avail. And if I switch to other screen even for moments sometimes, the buyer request sec is found full with hundreds of responses. I wanted to know as how the buyer requests are updated?
  9. Hello. As far as I know, fiverr has categorically elucidated the sites which can be used to show case sellers portfolio. And YouTube is very much there. In my opinion a seller can display his work samples through YouTube channel. However in case if any doubt one can always get the advice from customer support. They are awesome people and would go all out to help you.
  10. Hello fiverr experts. I am experiencing no sale at all for last few months. Has the Pandemic effected the freelancers as well? If yes, then what could be the possible measures to counter this negative impact.
  11. Welcome on the forum. Wish you all the best and success.
  12. Hi Anika. I have another suggestion. You can shoot a video of yourself with your cell, while introducing yourself and what all you can do. Than you can load the clip in either Adobe aftereffects or Adobe Premiere Pro. And you can add your master pieces in timeline at appropriate spaces. Then you can render the video and can use it as your gig video. But most importantly you should make a plan about everything you will speak and showcase the work examples. I wish you all the best for your success
  13. What is the scope of 3D modeling in Fiverr
  14. You may also consider subscribing to fiverr’s “Promoted gig” option.
  15. My experience, the Customer Support always support and help if you have genuine reasons. And they have their own way to ascertain the core reason of any problem. Contact customer support with all the details and surely they will help you.
  16. Hi dorysjcarreraz Fiverr is an awesome platform for both, buyers and sellers. You can get your order done with complete peace of mind and can enjoy full return if you desire. But I assure you, all the freelancers on the forum are exceedingly professional and caring. Rest assure that the seller, with whom you have the contract, will make sure to create fabulous contents for you. People here go extra mile to make the buyers happy. Just go ahead with complete peace of mind and I guarantee you will enjoy while working with fiverr. Wish you all the best and in your upcoming project
  17. It happen, though rarely but it is undoubtedly a matter of fact. In my opinion, you were lucky that you knew about your buyer during the development process. Had you you been completed the order and with existing state of affair you might have earned a bad review and feed back which would have been like ruining your freelancing career, as you are a new starter. So I would suggest you forget about this order, and work hard for your next order, by responding to buyers requests regularly and promoting your gigs in your social circle. You can also subscribe fiverr’s promote gig options to get more orders. I wish you all the best and success in your future.
  18. 😂 No way. I never did anything. I just try to catch up with buyer requests on daily basis.
  19. Yes. This is what I am astonished too. What to do? Any advices?
  20. No. I never changed and never paused my gigs
  21. Thank you so much dear Ahsan. So obliged.
  22. ahsan457 What are you talking about. I am facing a problem and you are trying to make fun of it. Please let me know what you want from me?
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