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  1. Hi everyone. We are aware of the current delivery and inbox issues. Fiverr.com may be unavailable for some as we work through these issues. Thank you for your patience.
  2. Love all of these! Keep 'em coming!
  3. I love this idea @lenasemenkova! I’ll go first. Since my dedicated workspace is usually at at the Fiverr office (WeWork in San Francisco), I’m a bit of a work nomad around the house. I usually split time between the couch to the dining table. Currently, I’m at the “bar” that overlooks the kitchen. Yes, I’m a Giants fan. And that’s filled with black tea. No pets at the house and the kids didn’t want to be in the picture. What does your workspace look like? We’d love to see your shared photos. IMG_87953024×4032 3.31 MB
  4. Although, we’re scattered across the globe, we’re all experiencing this moment in a similar way - connected in a new, shared struggle. We created this video to recognizing and acknowledging the resiliency and resourcefulness of our incredible community. These video submissions were made by the 16 Fiverr Sellers below who were spread out across 15 countries. It is a true testament to how we’re all #makingitwork during COVID-19. @alisongrasso @hasandag_studio @colormatics @vasily17 @jonahhaber @linarysortega @indieoven @modjostudios @fredericeiden @empillay @edithkurosaka @paolovendramini @seoexpert234 @kevsam @mrauws @kenzooo We’re encouraging sharing of this video to highlight the amazing community around it. Here are the links if you’d like to share it too: Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/watch/?v=225962695291460 IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-zvxywBtZN/ Twitter: https://www.■■■■■■■■■■■/fiverr/status/1248673268942417920 Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6654442992239169536/ YouTube:
  5. So, this is something a little different. This is a video that our categories team put together to sum up the 2019 year. As most of you know, there were a lot of changes and additions to the Fiverr categories and you all are a part of that. It’s fun, a little tongue and cheek, and the video wraps up 2019 which was 3 months ago. But we made it public and I wanted to share it with everyone to highlight how far we’ve come and how much we’re growing as a company all because of you! How many categories do you have Gigs listed in?Do you have any Gigs in “new” categories?What Gig categories do you see opening up in the future?Thank you to everyone who supported these changes and continued to be an awesome part of the community! You’re appreciated.
  6. Thank you, everyone, for your patience. You will likely have to re-deliver your orders from this outage, so try your best. As always Support is available for any issues related to the outage. We can’t fix anything here in the forum. Support is your go-to. Have a safe weekend everyone!
  7. Hoping to be up soon. Thank you for your patience everyone!
  8. A reminder to everyone. While this situation is frustrating, users who are participating in conversations in the forum are to adhere to the rules and community standards. If these rules and guidelines are broken, please be prepared for some “quiet time” on your account.
  9. Swearing and spamming the post will get the system to hide your messages. Please take some time to craft a single cohesive message. The posts were also flagged by users.
  10. Hi everyone. The site will be down momentarily while we resolve other issues. We are working to resolve ASAP.
  11. The Freelancer’s Union is a US based organization.
  12. I understand your thoughts. Sometimes we all need a little downtime. While this is going on, I made the decision to start some “off topic” threads. There’s a lot of good information on this forum that can help you in your freelancing career, this can hopefully help some in their personal life during this difficult time.
  13. I’ve created this category to be a lightning rod for all COVID-19 discussions. Not only the disease itself but what we’re all doing to help each other through these times.
  14. image-2-11200×628 117 KBAs shutdowns to contain the spread of COVID-19 take place across the U.S., independent workers face potential short-term and long-term economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Freelancers work without traditional protections such as paid sick leave and unemployment insurance, and are at a disproportionate risk of financial hardship. At the same time, they make up one-third of the U.S. workforce and contribute more than $1 trillion to the country’s GDP. While we work toward securing government aid, freelancers’ bills are due now. Rent, groceries, utilities — for those who live gig-to-gig, these necessities are at risk. The Freelancers Union is encouraging anyone who has the means to donate, especially freelance platforms and companies working with freelancers. The goal is to raise enough money to offer financial assistance of up to $1,000 per freelance household to cover lost income and essential expenses not covered by government relief programs. Any freelancer who is experiencing sudden hardship — illness, lost work, or caregiving responsibilities — as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic is eligible to apply for aid through the Fund. We know this isn’t just affecting our community. It’s also impacting millions of freelancers who work on other platforms and operate offline. We want you to know we’re here to help, that’s why Fiverr and AND.CO are contributing to the Freelancers Relief Fund. 100% of the proceeds collected for the Freelancers Relief Fund will be distributed to freelancers in need. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our incredible community, and we’re here to offer support in any way we can during this difficult time. If you want to learn more about the fund or are interested in donating, please visit the Freelancers Relief Fund website.
  15. Hi Everyone. We’re all (hopefully) at home and staying safe. A lot of us turn to video games to consume content and interact with friends. This is off topic, but if you’d like some extra friend to play some of your favorite games with, drop your information in this thread. Switch Friend Code: SW-8398-1070-2816 ** Currently Playing Animal CrossingPlaystation: ScreamingMXbox Live: ScreamingEchoSteam: ScreamingM
  16. Hi everyone. If you’re like me, you’ve been getting these “What are we doing” emails from companies about COVID-19. And… that’s great. Thanks for letting me know random company I bought that one thing from 5 years ago. I want to ask how YOU are doing and if there’s anything we as a community can do to help support you during this strange time around the world. Personally, I’m in the SF Bay Area and we’re on FULL “shelter in place” orders. I’m working from home now with three kids (all under 6) so “work time” has gotten a lot crazier (only so many times I can hear my daughter sing “ ”). :rofl:Even if there is nothing that the community can do to help (resources, questions, shared experience), I’d love to hear how your work habits have changed in the last few weeks!
  17. We wanted to update you that we have decided to remove many of the skill tests from our platform and moving forward will be using a select few. Any of the tests not mentioned below will no longer be shown in your profile and you will no longer be able to take them. We regularly evaluate our products and features to ensure we have the best buying and selling experience and will continue to update you as we make changes. Please note that this won’t affect your Gig performance in any way. For more information, please see this Help Center article. Here is the list of skills that will remain: U.S English Basic TestPhotoshopAdobe IllustratorWordPress 4.1Social Media Marketing TestMicrosoft ExcelContent WritingEnglish Language (Words and Phrases)Adobe After EffectsVirtual AssistantCSS 3SEO Skill AssessmentHTML 5Customer ServiceAnalytical SkillsGerman GrammarSpanish GrammarFrench GrammarItalian Grammar
  18. 1392×924 269 KBA letter to the Fiverr community & beyond. The worst thing about the COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) is the uncertainty that surrounds it. How dangerous is it really? Will it last through the summer? Will there be a vaccine soon? As the Coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, governments, businesses, and individuals are trying to work out what it means for them, how to protect themselves and how they can help. In many ways, Fiverr is an embodiment of remote work already. In ordinary times, our community enjoys an engagement that allows them to have freedom over their time and location, but in these uncertain times, it also provides a safer environment to work in. It is becoming increasingly clear that businesses around the world are likely to be impacted by the changes imposed because of the virus. More people are being instructed to spend less time in public places and more time at home. Despite the uncertainty and restrictions on movement, life and work will and must continue and the Fiverr Community, in particular, are highly accustomed to rapid change with the ability to adjust. And while the long term impact of the virus is hard to predict, in the short term, businesses will have to think about moving the majority of their activity online. We’ve been thinking about ways in which we can help our community of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) manage in this new environment and decided to put together a new website dedicated to helping SMBs in these uncertain times. You can find the new website at www.SMBhelp.com. It will provide guidance, tips, and tools for those who have questions about how to put more of their business online. Here is what you will be able to find on the new website right now: General information regarding the impact of the virus on businesses; General tips on how to take your business online, and if you are already online – how to promote it; Links to products and tools being offered as special deals to SMBs right now by companies around the world; Free courses that Fiverr is donating, and, in addition, we are going to offer 24/7 customer service support team to answer your questions and concerns about your business. We will do our best to help in any way we can. We are in this together and working together makes all of us stronger. Millions of people around the world are finding themselves in a new business reality, quarantined in their homes or with major travel restrictions, we hope that by offering these resources for free it will create more opportunities for more people, to take their business online, to learn new skills, or to start the business they have been dreaming of. Lastly, if there are resources you think we should include in the new site, please send them to us or post them on social media using the #SMBhelp hashtag. Make sure that you continue to follow your local government’s guidance and please stay safe. Yours, Micha Kaufman Founder & CEO, Fiverr
  19. A lot of those other “provisions” have been covered in the updated Community Standards and thus are not called out specifically as an additional “forum only” amendment (eg: Hate Speach is covered in the Community Standards). Others have been combined (eg: “cross-posting” from old number 1 is not listed in new number 8).
  20. What about if there’s an existing thread about a topic but it’s an old/quite old thread (which may contain outdated info)? People get told they shouldn’t resurrect/post in old threads but also that duplicate/too similar threads are not allowed. If the similar/duplicate thread is over eg. >= a year old but a user wants to add a new post with more info/a question etc. do they create a new thread for that or use the existing thread? Is the cut off for not posting to old threads when they are >= 1 year old or something else? Use your best judgement. If you’re adding to the same thought, it’s ok continue an old thread. This is why “suggestions” will pop up next to the compose box for a new thread. If you’re bringing in a new perspective, you could reference or mention the older thread in your topic. There is no hard rule for “less than one year old” or anything. Mentioning the old thread, then updating your topic with new information would likely be the best way to go about it if you’re not sure.
  21. Updated. Please check 'em out! https://forum.fiverr.com/t/community-standards-forum-rules-2020
  22. Fiverr is a place where professionals across hundreds of industries come to grow their business. To maintain a respectful, inclusive, and safe environment for everyone, we’ve updated a set of standards to serve as a moral compass for behavior in our community. We see the community standards as a “living document” and plan on updating them in an ongoing process. The community standards include five sections: Integrity and AuthenticityIntellectual PropertyObjectionable ContentViolence and Criminal BehaviorSafetyA link to the community standards can be found here. https://www.fiverr.com/community/standards In addition to the community standards above, we’d also like to reinforce some best practices for communication in the forum. And though they may not all be strictly against the rules, posts may be removed/edited and users may have their accounts affected if they push the boundaries too far. When starting a new discussion, please check that you aren’t duplicating an existing discussion thread or creating one that is very similar. These will be removed. Controversy or entertainment is OK, but attacks on other users, staff, Support are not. Keeping posts calm also makes it easier for us to collect feedback – both positive and negative. Violations may result in account bans without warning. Posts may be edited or removed for extreme language or negatively calling buyers/sellers out by username. Post will not be tolerated with extreme adult language, extreme s3xual comments or innuendo or similar, so please self-moderate your choice of words or use * as needed. Don’t attack Fiverr, Moderators or Customer Support. Posts with links or images showing the usernames in private messages or elsewhere fall under the same rule unless names are completely blurred or blacked out. The Discourse forum software has the option for users to send Private Messages. These messages are still subject to the Fiverr Terms of Service and Community Standards. It is against the forum rules to copy/paste content from these private messages or take screen shots of them and post the content on the public forum. If you do not want to engage in private messaging with someone, ask them not to contact you and use the available tools to block their messages. We recommend that you contact other users only if they invite it and realize that the user may report you for spam. There are times that users may have good reason for making contact off-forum, just take extra-special care in doing so. Discourse has tools that allow for post edits and deletions. Those tools are primarily for correcting typos and adding new info. Edits, including edits no longer displayed publicly, are retained in edit logs at an administrative level. Posts will still be moderated based on the original post, not based on edits. Violations of the Fiverr Terms of Service, forum rules, and Community Standards will still be utilized based on the original post. Editing or deleting a post does not remove or negate the violation. Excessive edits/deletions make posts difficult to read. The tools should be used moderately. You may post links that are relevant to the discussions as long as they are not links to your own website, blog or otherwise violate ToS or these rules. Gig/profile links belong in My Fiverr Gigs. All links and posts should comply with and the Fiverr Community Standards. Unapproved links will cause link or post removal. Links must not be shortened using non-Fiverr shortening sites. Gig/profile links should include the fiverr.com domain. This is a safety/security risk. Readers should not click on shortened links or links that may be questionable. Ads, Self-Promotion, Posts with Requests for Sales/Buyers that are posted may be deleted without warning. Since all users should be aware of the rules on promotion, when moderators lack time to edit/move posts to a correct category the post may instead just be removed. Don’t plagiarize. Don’t copy forum posts or on or off-Fiverr content. Links to other content may be used within a conversational post & abide with the other forum rules and Fiverr Terms of Service. Bumping and cross-posting is not explicitly disallowed but is discouraged and if abused will result in the removal of posts. The forum does not replace or act as Customer Support. If you have technical issues or account concerns the Support Team can help. Forum mods/admins are not staff and should not be contacted by inbox except in regards to purchase of their gigs. If your forum access becomes restricted, check your main forum page for any admin notices. If you do not see a notice or if you have further questions, you may also contact Customer Support with any forum issues. This forum was created to provide a home for our Fiverr community. This forum is moderated. Each message posted is owned by and the opinion of the original poster. The forum team of volunteers and staff members reserve the right to remove/move/edit any or all posts at any time and ban the user if deemed necessary.
  23. In case you haven’t heard… Fiverr’s turning 10! A lot has changed over the past 10 years — the birth of the iPad, the death of Vine, and the rise of memes, just to name a few. Technology has no doubt played a part in shaping the job market. So to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we thought it’d be fitting to take a look back and see how far we’ve come. Check out the infographic below that spotlights 10 different jobs that didn’t exist a decade ago. Fiverr10JobsThatDidn'tExist10YearsAgo612×3183 1.05 MBQuestion for everyone here. 10 years from now what jobs do you think will exist, that don’t exist now? Moon Base Designer?3D Food Printer Recipe Chef?16k Video Editor?Hologram Greeting Card Actor?Superhero Publicist?Skynet Drone Programer?Get creative in the comments! We also wanted to call out the Top 20 sellers, in no particular order, by number of Gigs, in the categories showcased in the infographic: Drone Video Editor @crslaytor @graphictester @sellerbd @jamalzone @srimotionpro @criz3d @bartsofficial @from86 @ideaanimator @farzena1 @v_editored @joffemann3 @alexfx1 @tshirtprint @pellehendrix @alexa_vfx @ojaswein @graphicko @m_fahad_editor @ruwanjith Alexa Skill Builder @thedreamsaver @value_delivered @showdesign @richance @quickassistance @imdroider @punkpocko @disciplezero @gt2192c @onestepsolution @emeralddragon95 @hamza1080p @swapnilchouhan @canatech @voiceapps @benforce @sidroid @arpitssharma @ananyagoel @malik32744 Snapchat Editor @ajwins @artsdesigns @zackdesi @movingframes @midoxdl @atilkaan @trendy_designs @adonmedias @camila1225 @knok_designs @ja5mine0 @yassinegraphics @khalilda @daniel216 @saiido @logoandbrand @johangarcia23 @ydrawing @datamatrix @babashinde402 eSports Game Coach @benn5719 @muratuc @senzr6 @thekillerorange @florabuilds @hidan_ow @kplbatman @touyee @osrstrainin @phoexus @therubberduck @petwire @itz_lunch @jaceklaskowski @will1239486437 @marcin2405 @fiatlin3 @guideyourlight @royal_g_a @itzecho Tinder Profile Writer @lizeemeyers @zebotta @karinavillanuev @gregw66 @easytargetmedia @niomugne @amalik2205 @abbiewills @rishabh_sharma @dannmoon @julieaoi @kendraphillips @rnidesigns @retouchluna @analucia_reid @rachaven @maxobrien @ntipz011 @iamlisha @rdurb533 TikTok Marketing & Ads Manager @social_maverick @logicnxt @brookekuy @shivshankar532 @danijelbusiness @sophiaford1 @simo1435 @marktroy572 @tomexpertppc @kyle2908 @arvid_roy001 @etechsolution @tofunmy_pro @micheal_expert1 @amarild95 @jonas_moll @billal_jon @zara_pro1 @poonamdigital @himanshupal18 Cryptocurrency Exchange Dev @robinrichardleo @onfqzmpgvr @jhilton90 @younesrabdi @madnesseo @paintbrush103 @jamesray69 @katalleyar @artetur @shariarporosh @jim757 @cybot_king @godhandt @abdulqadeersial @teamguide @lisa_now @vtep86 @mehebubjahedi @suraj_muhammad @hellen1 Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality App Dev @zeanex @altoorsoln @jameelqureshi_ @haseeb_asif @maherahmedraza @shravann @jayesh8585 @sanketdongre @umair276672 @jash_ent @mobieossoftware @jayesh565710 @imadahmed @alexbo @mohsinkhan127 @ronavot @ivansmedia @ahmedmalikpucit @kellyfelder_me @maazirfan 4k Video Producer/Creator/Animator @brokername @frankgeorgetv @mrfares @gundude500 @dilshan1994 @bhalizgraphics @jamalsallami @richardgarside @hotshot_studio @frostmotion @cristocola @brandonknapik @jangomaliyo @shareeverything @homerdhoo @wonnahmedia @xzibitgraphics @supertwitch @videopreviwe @stagenet Twitch Overlay Designer @phsgraphix @techyapaul @theagoliddell @phsgraphics @anittas @h0bbitguy @vladamm @sara495 @pixelacademy034 @kong_vector @moditha_damindu @mrbullish @ridasebyhy @shameem1990 @ggzilla @designertwitch @rayhan_graphics @vaneconcepts @moncrath @aw_design
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