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  1. Um, Mila, cold showers 🚿

    I often take cold showers. They are great! Fantastic for motivation and getting started on your day. 😉

    Also, they make you less likely to stay in the shower for too long, so you can even save on your water bill and decrease your carbon footprint!

    If anyone was thinking about this… the deadline for entry was extended out to Oct 2nd.

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  2. Hi @remoomer- welcome to the forum! @vibronx did leave some great threads to check out and the forum is full of some great trainings, experience and tip if you search for specific terms. We have over 5 years of sellers and buyers sharing experiences.

    @vibronx, I can see how your second paragraph could come across a little sarcastic. Please keep in mind that the forum sees a lot of new new sellers coming here to learn from regulars who have gone thought it and want to share their experiences. Thank you for sharing the links.

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  3. The Bowery Awards is a new competition honoring independent creativity in design, audio, motion video, and short film. As a leading marketplace for freelance talent, Fiverr is thrilled to collaborate with NYF-Advertising-Awards to help celebrate independent creatives around the world.

    Today we are excited to be launching a new category for entry, exclusively for commercial work #madeonfiverr. Our own VP of Brand Marketing and Digital Duncan Bird will be joining the executive jury. Visit https://fvrr.co/3kCvpqN to see Duncan’s interview with Executive Jury President, David Sable and learn more about how to enter.

    All proceeds from The Bowery Awards will be donated to Feed the Frontlines NYC, a charity donating meals to frontline healthcare workers in NYC.

    FIVERR SPECIAL - 1/2 off code for entries use “BOW25D”

    linkedin-shared-02_copy__1_955×634 290 KB
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  4. I’m a bit disappointed to be honest that nobody believes me. Slightly discouraging.

    Hi Jake,

    I went to search for the conversation you posted above to make sure that our support team is not acting in a way that wasn’t helpful to our buyers and sellers. I was not able to find either conversation you posted above using the request code, date, or your username.

    It looks like your initial request was answered and when you asked about internal tools or another users account, we (as always) will not be able to share that information with you. As you can understand you would not want us to share your personal information with anyone asking about your account.

    If you could forward the conversational email (matt.j@fiverr.com) above, I can investigate further. But as of now, I can not find it in our support ticketing system.


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  5. Please consult your tax advisor.

    She only needs to know if she is in the US or not. I’m sure she can figure that out. Even if she was in the US which she is not she doesn’t need a tax advisor to tell her how to fill out the W9. It asks for name address and SS number.

    Everyone, regardless of location, should consult their tax advisor so they know their local earnings tax laws.

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  6. Hi everyone,

    We are in the final stages of testing the fix for this issue. No final timeline for full rollout to all users, but wanted to give you a quick update of what I know.

    Good news! I just received word that the rollout is complete and all users should see their Gig impressions data returned to normal. If you still do not see the fix, please log out, try clearing cookies and logging back in. If that still doesn’t work, please contact support with your information and we can investigate.

    Thank you all again for your patience while we fixed this bug. I know it impacted everyone differently and we’re as happy as you to see it resolved.

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  7. I’ll admit a bit of confusion, by ‘Icebreaker’, I thought you meant a type of meet-and-greet, but based on your reply, it’s more a feedback session?

    Icebreaker is a platform we use to do these “meetings” Its a way to get conversations going an meet others from specific groups.

    favicon.png.f7d35da8d6c1b8d1b1010ee33cc9ab15.png icebreaker.video

    Icebreaker — Online events that build community

    Gather your peeps, spark new connections, and have fun together – no matter where you are.

    It’s worked well for us to host these small/medium sized meetings.

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  8. I know it’s voluntary and it may actually be cool to help and shape a product we use on a daily basis, but as a freelancer working on a freelancer platform it doesn’t sit well with me that Fiverr wouldn’t offer to pay for people’s time.

    Taken from a platform that facilitates to schedule and pay for expert advice over the phone

    “Rates vary, of course, but the average 30 min call works out to about $50, which is approx. $1.60 per minute. Set your own rate accordingly.”

    So using this average we’d only be talking about $500 to engage 10 users for 30 minutes of their time each, and that’s peanuts for a company this size.

    A suggestion would be to credit participant’s accounts so they can use it on Fiverr. The money still stays on the platform while offering them a compensation for their time.

    I don’t have a problem doing certain activities for free, or with people that decide to do it as the way I see it can actually be a nice experience, but it does bother me Fiverr wouldn’t be more proactive about offering a monetary compensation considering the business they are in.

    With that being said I do hope it works out well and it somehow help everyone experience on the website better.

    I agree 100%. Most of the time when we do larger scale user testing and feedback sessions we include compensation.

    On the other side, we want to try to engage the internal employees who don’t always interact with community members and encourage them to have active relationships with the seller & buyer communities. This is one of the smaller events we’re hosting to start building those bonds. If both groups find value in this activity, then we’d like to continue and evolve the program that would begin to include compensation.

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  9. One of the pieces of feedback earlier this year was around categories that are high traffic, but low engagement (My Fiverr Gigs)

    Recently, I was able to configure it so that these categories no longer show up in the “Latest” section of the forum.

    This should make the “Latest” section a little more friendly for searching out discussions.

    As always, feedback is welcome.

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  10. I’ve attended a few of these events (other companies). I’m curious if there will be an interval for Q&As? These events can house hundreds of people. But I know there’s an option for people to type in questions.

    @misscrystal Yeah, I’m wondering the same thing. My schedule on that day is tight.

    I’m curious if there will be an interval for Q&As ? These events can house hundreds of people. But I know there’s an option for people to type in questions.

    Some sessions will have a Q&A but it does come down to time. It’s a pretty packed schedule but we’re trying to get Q&A built into all the sessions.

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