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  1. Why does Fiverr have a Super Bowl Category in our forum? Well, if you haven’t seen the news, Fiverr is participating in the Super Bowl this year! Check out the threads below to participate in the journey with us.

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  2. Exactly. It is unfortunate to see @mjensen415 twist this to make it look like we are condemning useful things, when we’re condemning repeated misinformation.

    I sorry if you perceived it as me twisting anything. There is a LOT of feedback in this thread and it’s difficult to address each comment in a single post.

    We have in place many systems and checks to make sure the correct information is shown to the correct people. Would it surprise you to know that we have over 291k posts created here in this forum in the past year? We easily go over 3.5 million pageviews… per month.

    Flagging, category routing, moderators, community standards, and Single Sign On (accountability) all trying to work in harmony to try to keep this a place where any user can find any information or discussions that are relevant to them.

    Concerns about users trying to “game” the system are valid, but that does boil down to is education. The best way to cheat or game the system is to produce quality content and deliver quality Gigs. The volume is too high to block or stop link posting here or on social media. Also, that would punish those who are doing it correctly.

    “I doubt that anyone from Fiverr would, if pressed, agree that ‘remaining online 24/7’ and spamming Twitter incessantly were viable tactics for generating sales” - No need to press. I’ve said this is not a way to attract buyers multiple times, to multiple users, and in webinars and presentations.

    All that said, there are a lot of new things, systems, rules, standards that will be in place over the next few weeks/months. But more on that soon.

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  3. Short answer. Yes, there will be SUBSTANTIAL changes to the forum in the next few months.

    I’m not ready to share any details at this time, but I have been working on this for a few months now. I will not hesitate sharing with everyone when I can.

    Every year, it seems that we go through an upgrade here in the forum. Last year, after we updated the categories structure, it significantly cleaned up the conversation “scruff” leaving mostly useful discussion threads. Since that time one year ago, the forum pageview activity had grown 3-4x. With this massive explosion of user growth comes new community members who need help and can share experiences.

    Remember, just because you’ve seen a tip or trick before, or you’re at a point in your Fiverr journey that it’s no longer relevant to you, doesnt’ mean it can’t be for someone else.

    Thank you @cubittaudio for starting this thread. Thank you everyone for jumping in with your feedback. You’re heard and there are actions underway to address and change MOST of what is commented here.

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  4. Curious about what your fellow VIDs are up to on Fiverr?

    Meet Paul Vogelzang: a freelance writer, published author, and radio host – beloved in the aged 50+ community for his podcast The Not Old Better Show.

    1200×886 23.4 KB

    “At age 63, I love what I do, but I would not be able to do it without a freelance team right alongside me ”

    To continue reading this amazing VID Spotlight story, follow the link below:

    favicon-32x32.png.8ca1d9f0ff0b66e4aa5d4161d4e9fa2a.png Fiverr.com

    VID Spotlight - Paul Vogelzang

    Meet your fellow VID, Paul Vogelzang: a freelance writer, LinkedIn author, and radio host – beloved in the aged 50+ community for his podcast The Not Old Better Show, and published in AARP, The Beacon, Smithsonian, HuffPost, and Changing Aging...

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  5. Hi everyone! If you follow Fiverr on Instagram, you may have seen this post highlighting a seller’s workspace. Everyone loved this post and we want to do more!

    If you have a cool, unique, tidy, creative workspace and would like it to be considered as a post on our Instagram feed, please share them here! We’ll get them to the Social Content team for submissions.


    Let me know if you have questions below.

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  6. Currently, we are experiencing some issues with some of our services. We are working to fix this ASAP. For some, visual errors, and for or others, the site won’t load at all. We are aware and thank you for your patience while we iron out these issues. Thank you.

    UPDATE: An issue caused by the ongoing AWS global outage, may impact some features on Fiverr. Things are looking better and we’re working hard to make sure to everything is back to normal.

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  7. Meet your fellow VID: Sheri Johnson


    Vid Sheri

    Curious about what your fellow VIDs are up to on Fiverr?

    Meet Sheri. Sheri is a filmmaker, executive producer and now CEO of a digital streaming platform called Strong Voices Television. SVTV was created to serve the underrepresented LGBTQIA community, and its allies & advocates in film, television, and digital media.
    Launched in the Fall of 2016 as a website and app combination, Strong Voices allows viewers to follow the lives and stories of the LGBTQIA community. More than just a VOD platform, SVTV is a purposeful, mission-driven community, dedicated to educate, entertain, and inspire!

    Sheri connected with talented experts on Fiverr for a multitude of projects. From building the TV network’s website to creating custom promotional videos and teasers to promoting it all on social media, Fiverr allowed Sheri to truly bring her vision to life.

    Currently working with her dedicated Fiverr CSM team, Sheri is already embarking on her next project: to create an animated full feature film for the LGBTQ community.

    Here Are Sheri’s Top 3 Tips To Succeed On Fiverr:


    1. Let them come to you
    Use the Post a Request box to receive custom offers from sellers for your project.
    Nothing better than having options! It’s a great feature that definitely saves you time and effort.


    2. Review the seller portfolio and range of expertise
    Perform thorough research to make sure you found the right match for your project.
    Read through the seller’s offering, review latest order ratings and browse through their portfolio.


    3. Connect with the seller before placing an order
    Use Fiverr Inbox to give further instructions and to make sure that both you and your seller are on the same page.
    It’s also a great way to set expectations and make sure your requirements are fully understood.

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  8. Meet your VID: Eric Colburn


    Curious about what your fellow VIDs are up to on Fiverr? Meet Eric. Just a student at Northwestern Michigan College, and already **a serial entrepreneur with over 15 businesses** , including his clothing company, Vector Apparel.As you can imagine, overseeing that many businesses can be time consuming. With the help of Fiverr designers and marketers, Eric was able to build a career for himself that provided flexibility and opportunity to take on meaningful work, all while finishing his degree.

    We’ve gathered some of Eric’s top deliveries, tips to succeed as a buyer on Fiverr, and a list of his favorite freelancers to work with .

    Check out some of the incredible designs Eric made on Fiverr:


    Logo Design by mateodcarmona


    Logo Animation by motiongrapherr


    Logo Design by mateodcarmona


    Here Are Eric’s Top 3 Tips To Succeed On Fiverr:


    1. Develop a relationship with a seller before placing an order.
    Message a seller before placing the order to get feedback about your project and discuss their process.


    2. Keep track of your favorite sellers.
    Click Saved at the top navigation panel to create a list of your favorite gigs.
    You can add sellers to the list by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines icon at the bottom left of any gig card.


    3. Be open to trying new Gigs!
    Experiment with new services and sellers. You’ll be surprised at just how much you can accomplish on Fiverr.
    Eric uses Fiverr for everything from branding to speech writing to designing a house that he’s currently building!

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  9. Meet your VID: Alicia Castillo Holley

    Vid Alicia

    Curious about what your fellow VIDs are up to on Fiverr? Meet Dr. Alicia Castillo Holley.

    Born and raised in Venezuela, she started her professional career as a scientist studying genetics and plant physiology. She later joined Bayer-Shell joint venture as head of Product Development.

    She has lived in 6 countries, traveled around the world many times and lives in Silicon Valley where she is a successful Angel Investor with multiple startups under her belt .

    Alicia is the founder of the Wealthing Institute® , a training program for entrepreneurs that blends the best of entrepreneurial and corporate management.

    Alicia also heads Women Get Funded , an academic program educating women entrepreneurs on proven strategies needed to start, grow, and fund their businesses. The program has already helped over 1,700 women.
    Fiverr is an integral part of this program, allowing women to share recommended sellers for various projects. Working with Fiverr’s freelancers also allows these women to be exposed to different cultures and gain experience working with talent from around the world.

    Check out these incredible designs Alicia made on Fiverr:


    Logo Animation by youssef015e


    936×344 421 KB

    Facebook Ad Design by maja_nicolik


    Here Are Alicia’s Top 3 Tips To Succeed On Fiverr:


    1. Talk to your sellers
    Always reach out to sellers prior to choosing or starting your orders.
    This allows you to make sure your expectations will be met and you and the seller are both on the same page.


    2. Test your ideas
    Fiverr is a great way to test ideas.
    Give multiple sellers the same brief and you’ll have the option to choose from various deliveries.


    3. Keep an open mind
    When you work with a freelancer from a different country, you’ll see that they’ll bring this new perspective to your project. Sometimes this is exactly what’s needed to inject even more creativity to your deliveries!

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  10. Meet your fellow VID: Dr. Phillip Olla

    Curious about what your fellow VIDs are up to on Fiverr?

    Meet Dr. Phillip Olla, a professor, researcher and CEO, on a mission to create a vision of how artificial intelligence works to better analyze complex data.

    Phillip leads Audacia Bioscience - a digital startup curating the largest consolidated cannabis data repository for medical and recreational cannabis insights. The data is collected through rigorous clinical trials, cutting edge AI, and crowdsourcing.

    Soon after starting his own company, Phillip became aware of their shortage of resources. Fiverr provided an opportunity to finish projects quickly and cost effectively. From logo design, illustrations, marketing strategy, social media campaigns, legal research and even caricatures for staff members, Phillip has turned to Fiverr for most of his business needs.

    Check out these incredible designs Phillip made on Fiverr:


    936×344 24.5 KB

    3D Modeling & Product Rendering by malikmannan


    936×344 56.2 KB

    Logo Design by bossdesigners


    Here are Phillip’s top 3 tips to succeed on Fiverr:


    1. Plan Ahead
    When you want to build a product, you sometimes miss the minor details like ip, copyright, consistent branding, etc. To avoid this, it’s best to plan ahead, make a list of all the elements you need for your project to succeed and make sure you allocate enough time and budget for each element.


    2. Find your seller
    Once your plan is finalized, invest time in finding the right seller for your project. Check reviews, ask for a portfolio, or message them directly. Never book an order without contacting the seller first to make sure that you’re both on the same page. When in doubt, contact vid-concierge@fiverr.com!


    3. Do a trial run
    Have a large budget? Start small. Break your project up. Start with a partial version of your project, so you can test both the seller’s skills but also how you communicate with one another. If it works out, then you can feel more confident giving them more work.

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