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  1. Ofer is the CTO & founder of DSM Tool, a successful SaaS company in the e-commerce field. To efficiently manage his business and build up his bootstrap company, he turned to Fiverr freelancers.

    Read more about his story here:

    favicon-32x32.png.ed7c9c4fb3b2d0acdeefb614f9a8cebd.png Fiverr.com

    VID Spotlight - Ofer Shapira

    Meet your fellow VID, Ofer Shapira, a serial entrepreneur, inventor, and CTO. From founding a SaaS company, to writing a children’s book and creating a successful board game, Ofer uses his ambition to dream up big ideas for both business and...

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  2. Interesting idea.

    @mjensen415 , if you’re here, I already shared this idea a few times on the forum, but I would like Fiverr’s team to think about it as well.

    I would recommend for sellers to have an option where they can lock their gig packages and not offer multiples. There are many buyers that just end up buying gig multiples even if the gig description clearly says that’s not supported. And in the end, the seller has to cancel because he can’t deliver so much work. Obviously I would see this as something optional, people could use it or just ignore it and offer multiples if they want.

    But I know for a fact a lot of people agreed with me when I shared this idea. We need to have such a feature, so we, as sellers, receive more control over what’s purchased and what we can offer. I had someone buy 20x my gig amount, even if I just accept 1x. These things lead to a bad experience for both buyers and sellers.

    So if you could share this idea with the team, that would be great. At least I hope they consider it, since it would help so many sellers choose what buyers can purchase and not have to worry about a random buyer opting for a 20x 1-day delivery package without our consent.

    I hope this will eventually become a reality. Thank you for at least considering this idea.

    Thanks for the feedback @donnovan86. I’ll pass it along.

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  3. Great, just what we all need, more senseless price reductionism.

    People will either pump their gigs by the amount they then claim to discount or like many other places, the Discount becomes the new normal and therefore the ONLY way to sell anything. This is actually illegal in most civilized countries for very good reason as it is dishonest.

    Prices at Fiverr tend to be stupidly low already so why make more ways to push the value of Freelance work even lower - and all the nasty flow-on effect this will bring?

    Maybe Fiverr really does believe that we Freelancers should be put in cages and treated like Morlock as they show in their adverts.


    Hi. We are currently testing the ability for sellers to offer discounts on their Gigs. Currently, some will see, some will not. These are targeted test to make sure that if/when the full discount program rolls out, it’s optimized for maximum impact for all buyers/sellers who want to participate.

    There was another conversation recently about discounts for Gigs:

    wow… it’s a great idea.It will help to promote more clients. as well as it can be more helpful for the new members joining our Fiverr community, so my personal opinion that every member should be given this opportunity regardless of them being new or old here. like promoting NEW SELLERS… grimacinggrimacing

    Also, I don’t think we’ve ever used Morlocks in our advertising. I can check with our marketing team to make sure we’re not planning an HG Wells themed marketing campaign in the near future… or past… or whenever really since we’d then have a time machine…

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  4. Hi everyone! We really appreciate the feedback and the conversation - programs like this are created to be tools for sellers and hearing what may work (and what might not) is important to everyone at Fiverr!

    To clarify a few things, first, @melissaharlowvo said it best:

    Fiverr would not promote anyone who doesn’t meet the high standards just because they are paying a monthly coach. I think what they mean is that because you are developing your gigs with the advice from a Fiverr coach, hopefully you will be elevating the quality of your gigs, therefore the idea that you would be promoted more just works out as a natural evolution and consequence of your hard work.

    Exposure in programs like Fiverr’s Choice are not “pay for play.” The role of a seller success manager is to work with sellers on refining their Gigs, profiles and quality of service in order to have the best chance of being seen by more potential buyers.

    This also applies to Top Rated Sellers. It’s all about quality of work, buyer satisfaction and optimization. The success manager is there to offer consultation, insights and suggestions to help a seller achieve their goals.

    There was a question about how this program would affect those already assigned a Seller Success Manager. The Seller Success program, before Seller Plus, was a limited program, so it will end when their time is up. One of the reasons for the paid program is to give an opportunity to more people to join and for as long or little as they would like.

    I hope this helps clear some of the questions and concerns. We love hearing your feedback and thoughts about the program. Keep letting us know what you think and if you’re interested and we’ll be in touch when we begin the broader roll-out.

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  5. Hi all,

    Quick update to let you know that I’ve delivered the order on time despite the timer error showing on the Dashboard. The Order page kept the correct timer throughout the gig duration. It first displayed approximate days, then approximate hours and while approaching the deadline it correctly displayed the remaining minutes. It should not be a problem regarding on-time delivery and just a matter of having the webpage error fixed to avoid confusion and keep consistency between Dashboard and Order gig timelines.

    Best regards.

    FYI - this issue has been resolved. Thank you all for letting us know of the error.

    @bohdesign @candersonbgm @morshed555 @pete_rox_coach

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  6. Subscriptions are officially live!

    favicon-32x32.png.d8fdb9d99157c52d8d28cf0a3da03310.png Fiverr.com

    Fiverr Subscriptions: Your favorite Gig on repeat.

    Set success on repeat by subscribing to your favorite sellers. The high-quality service you expect, hassle-free, each and every time.

    Check them out in the following categories:

    Where can I learn more about Subscriptions?
    More information can be found in the Help Center.


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  7. Fiverr will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on Saturday Night/Sunday Morning . We are working to minimize the downtime and even to eliminate potential impact on the buying, selling, or delivery experience during this time.

    The maintenance will be going on during the following times:

    • GMT - Sunday (Jan 31) morning 7:00am - 7:30am
    • EST - Sunday (Jan 31) morning 2:00am - 2:30am
    • PST - Saturday (Jan 30) night 11:00p - 11:30p

    We expect the maintenance to last no longer than 30 min.

    In preparation for if the site is unavailable, if you have Gigs that need to be delivered during this maintenance window, please either deliver them before (surprise and delight your buyers) or contact support and they can work with you on the delivery time.

    Thank you in advance for your patience while we tune-up!


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  8. Fiverr, an online platform for freelancers, will air its first Super Bowl commercial.

    The spot, which will be an evolution of its recently launched campaign, “It Starts Here,” will run during the third quarter of the game and will focus on the role Fiverr has played as a resource for businesses during the pandemic.

    favicon.png.87b41910ce9cbfc48f6d2b67eb3ce175.png adage.com – 12 Jan 21

    Freelance platform Fiverr to air first Super Bowl commercial

    Future of work comes to the Big Game.

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  9. “Fiverr has been at the forefront of the future of work and digital transformation,” says Fiverr CMO Gail Arnon.“ What happened with the pandemic is everything we’ve been preaching for the last 10 years accelerated tremendously…people working remotely, working flexible hours, flexible locations…After seeing this transformation, this shift, it felt like the right time for us to tell the Fiverr story to a larger audience and that’s what we’re trying to do by joining the Super Bowl this year.”

    favicon-32x32.png.8a6f7cdbf3301611b14fb2719b5e66c0.png The Drum

    Fiverr CMO on its first Super Bowl spot: ‘we’re aspiring to be one of the...

    The leading online marketplace for freelancers, Fiverr, is set to launch its first Super Bowl spot amid a moment of massive growth. CMO Gali Arnon discusses why TV is so vital for the brand as it looks to boost awareness among business of all sizes.

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