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  1. It’s not just a flash in the pan partnership. We worked with Marie and Four Seasons Total Landscaping to match them with Fiverr sellers to help grow their business and adapt to the amazing opportunity that they found themselves with. What’s the real story behind our Big Game commercial with Four Seasons Total Landscaping? Owner Marie Siravo explains how Fiverr freelancers are taking her business to new heights, by revamping her website, t-shirt and merch designs, social media presence and more.
  2. For those who missed our big worldwide debut on television, here is the full ad. We showed a 30 second version of this during the game.
  3. Today is a moment’s day for both Fiverr and the Fiverr community. The commercial we’re launching today will spotlight some amazing work done by our sellers and a company that we’ve been working with. To help spread the word, we’d love that anyone active on Twitter and other social media platforms help us amplify the commercial. Before, during and after the game! #GoBigWithFiverr @Fiverr @therealfstl1992 twitter-rise738×554 39.9 KB
  4. Fiverr has purchased advertising during the Super Bowl.
  5. Today’s the day! Look for our Super Bowl ad tonight during the 3rd quarter of the game today! Should be around ~8:30pm EST, but that is dependent on the game.
  6. With Fiverr’s commercial 6 days away, I want to know. Drop down in the comments: What is your favorite (or what is the best) Super Bowl Commercial of all time? Bud-weis-er Frogs?Whaaaazzzzzuuuuupppppp?Terry Tate: Office Linebacker?Personally… I loved the E*Trade Monkey.
  7. Small biz goes big. #GoBigWithFiverr Recognize the building?
  8. Fiverr will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on Saturday Night/Sunday Morning . We are working to minimize the downtime and even to eliminate potential impact on the buying, selling, or delivery experience during this time. The maintenance will be going on during the following times: GMT - Sunday (Jan 31) morning 7:00am - 7:30amEST - Sunday (Jan 31) morning 2:00am - 2:30amPST - Saturday (Jan 30) night 11:00p - 11:30pWe expect the maintenance to last no longer than 30 min. In preparation for if the site is unavailable, if you have Gigs that need to be delivered during this maintenance window, please either deliver them before (surprise and delight your buyers) or contact support and they can work with you on the delivery time. Thank you in advance for your patience while we tune-up!
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  12. Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of a new beta test feature, Subscriptions! The Subscriptions feature provides you the option to either build on your existing relationships with Buyers who really value your work, or offer new Buyers your services for extended periods. We’re in the process of rolling this out and currently only select Sellers may offer subscriptions to Buyers. For a brief moment today, all sellers might have seen the new “subscription” column in their managed Gigs page. 360016072897808×364 37.4 KBIf you’re currently able to see the column now, you are part of the beta program. If the column does not show, you’ll have to wait. This is a targeted rollout in order to ensure a quality experience for your Buyers. The Subscription feature eligibility is evaluated according to pre-established criteria to measure the success of the program. These are based on external and internal business metrics, alongside quality metrics. If you’ve been selected to participate, let us know your thoughts and feedback here in the thread. If this feature is not turned on for you yet and you’re interested, also let us know. For more information about the program, please check out the landing page and the help center article. Fiverr.com SubscriptionsSubscriptions
  13. Hello everyone! It’s that time of year again! Today, we launched our 2021 eBook filled with tips and services you can use to help make 2021 your most successful year yet. We’ve spent the end of last year speaking to and working with Sellers to help build this guide. You can check out blog post & download the eBook here: blog.fiverr.com – 11 Jan 21 Gear up for Growth in 2021 with our Free Ebook | Fiverr BlogSun Tzu, author of The Art of War, was onto something when he said “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” While 2020 was a year of an unprecedented loss, struggle, and economic shutdowns, it’s also set the stage for new... This is Fiverr’s 3rd annual eBook The first days and weeks of every year are extremely important for every business owner - from SMBs to enterprises - when you start the year strong, you set the tone right for the rest of it. And with all challenges that 2020 left us with, there is no better time to reboot and restart. As the business owners are now more than ever seeking solutions and are open for online services - it is our opportunity, and responsibility, to help our customers leverage this period with all the resources Fiverr can offer them in order to leverage this period of the year. The full guide each business owner needs with all the projects and actions they need to take in order to start the new year, along with our Fiverr Business’s dedicated version. One more important thing: we are again featuring tips and recommendations from over 100 sellers. I wanted to tag as many of them here so we can give them some love! @clearvoicepro for writing the eBook @designerheather for designing the eBook Seller’s Tips Section: @maja_neidert @mrtranscendence @damianorstore @dariaweb @brandonfjohnson @creat1vepattern @tim_haldorsson @pslove Recommended sellers @j7consulting @eshanbala @benfollett @gregling @esbolnaimen @adityahustle @sajidkhaira @maja_neidert @griffith_k @glencoeventures @dtcapitalinc @macccy @waseemmalhi @amir_088 @aqibnawax @hananahmad619 @mushksameen815 @kylier1 @pallabem @sudiptomahato @retrend_natsu @nomi1735 @Fiverr seller @vanadium1st @rag_design @skydesigner @mariashtelle @yogh18 @umuarus @mijalzagier @chloedlg @santosstudio @thedesignaffair @sbbandara @shanmark002 @raymondleo @hmailimaro @hightlink @rvdesigner @mltb300 @miashotwell @aamirsehar @vishnugupta726 @cc__creative @declanmaltman @damianorstore @yaeliroz @edoardoizzo @jimavidbrio @carrieblogger @deryano @levinewman @bingeclock @fluffmedia @alexandermaleev @photo_service @westeasphoto @seanviens @mi_ting @anix061 @noyeljohns @safi1992 @ebaadali12347 @usamataufiq @carrieblogger @strongestate @jefferyspivey @morena2003 @freelancemomma @matthewiharvey @gammelinc @maddieco @creat1vepattern @sarahmakh @mniluka @nickharris01 @rachelcheyfitz @michelle_berois @frank_d @ivilina @albertanimation @lemondigital @sickmotion @colormatics @ianmoore @mikevann @kineticcuts @jonahhaber @pickera @linarysortega @websitevideo @sebski22 @ryancollins995 @josh_business @miamimarketer @sharonthony @marthadata @agatajankows604 @socialrecipe @creativeman @thebrandninja @miggykey @sociallyskilful @prateek1892 @farrin21 @socialrecipe @gopros @wild_and_free @alexserdiuk @oleg_v @tim_haldorsson @margo_m @zimamedia @makar_makarov @thefactomike @kevinmacpherson @jacob21 @seosupremacy @localinteractiv @limor_g @pslove @miamimarketer @josh_business @neidertmike @digitaljen Image bank - #MadeonFiverr @eivanova @dvincentgomes @julilee @johan_t @dvincentgomes @febyhermawan @designer_nm @marko_h @frizenasya @katarzynasurman @martasie @anhole_42 @lina_graphic @quarternative @jendesigns942 @elyluu @girlvsworld @daria_solak
  14. Hi everyone. Thanks for the feedback & support tickets. This issue should be addressed and should no longer showing for anyone.
  15. Fiverr, an online platform for freelancers, will air its first Super Bowl commercial. The spot, which will be an evolution of its recently launched campaign, “It Starts Here,” will run during the third quarter of the game and will focus on the role Fiverr has played as a resource for businesses during the pandemic. adage.com – 12 Jan 21 Freelance platform Fiverr to air first Super Bowl commercialFuture of work comes to the Big Game.
  16. “Fiverr has been at the forefront of the future of work and digital transformation,” says Fiverr CMO Gail Arnon.“ What happened with the pandemic is everything we’ve been preaching for the last 10 years accelerated tremendously…people working remotely, working flexible hours, flexible locations…After seeing this transformation, this shift, it felt like the right time for us to tell the Fiverr story to a larger audience and that’s what we’re trying to do by joining the Super Bowl this year.” The Drum Fiverr CMO on its first Super Bowl spot: ‘we’re aspiring to be one of the...The leading online marketplace for freelancers, Fiverr, is set to launch its first Super Bowl spot amid a moment of massive growth. CMO Gali Arnon discusses why TV is so vital for the brand as it looks to boost awareness among business of all sizes.
  17. Why does Fiverr have a Super Bowl Category in our forum? Well, if you haven’t seen the news, Fiverr is participating in the Super Bowl this year! Check out the threads below to participate in the journey with us.
  18. Happy 2021 everyone. Please stay safe!
  19. I sorry if you perceived it as me twisting anything. There is a LOT of feedback in this thread and it’s difficult to address each comment in a single post. We have in place many systems and checks to make sure the correct information is shown to the correct people. Would it surprise you to know that we have over 291k posts created here in this forum in the past year? We easily go over 3.5 million pageviews… per month. Flagging, category routing, moderators, community standards, and Single Sign On (accountability) all trying to work in harmony to try to keep this a place where any user can find any information or discussions that are relevant to them. Concerns about users trying to “game” the system are valid, but that does boil down to is education. The best way to cheat or game the system is to produce quality content and deliver quality Gigs. The volume is too high to block or stop link posting here or on social media. Also, that would punish those who are doing it correctly. “I doubt that anyone from Fiverr would, if pressed, agree that ‘remaining online 24/7’ and spamming Twitter incessantly were viable tactics for generating sales” - No need to press. I’ve said this is not a way to attract buyers multiple times, to multiple users, and in webinars and presentations. All that said, there are a lot of new things, systems, rules, standards that will be in place over the next few weeks/months. But more on that soon.
  20. Short answer. Yes, there will be SUBSTANTIAL changes to the forum in the next few months. I’m not ready to share any details at this time, but I have been working on this for a few months now. I will not hesitate sharing with everyone when I can. Every year, it seems that we go through an upgrade here in the forum. Last year, after we updated the categories structure, it significantly cleaned up the conversation “scruff” leaving mostly useful discussion threads. Since that time one year ago, the forum pageview activity had grown 3-4x. With this massive explosion of user growth comes new community members who need help and can share experiences. Remember, just because you’ve seen a tip or trick before, or you’re at a point in your Fiverr journey that it’s no longer relevant to you, doesnt’ mean it can’t be for someone else. Thank you @cubittaudio for starting this thread. Thank you everyone for jumping in with your feedback. You’re heard and there are actions underway to address and change MOST of what is commented here.
  21. Glad this was resolved. Thank you for your patience @donaldfaulknor
  22. Curious about what your fellow VIDs are up to on Fiverr? Meet Paul Vogelzang: a freelance writer, published author, and radio host – beloved in the aged 50+ community for his podcast The Not Old Better Show. 1200×886 23.4 KB“At age 63, I love what I do, but I would not be able to do it without a freelance team right alongside me ” To continue reading this amazing VID Spotlight story, follow the link below: Fiverr.com VID Spotlight - Paul VogelzangMeet your fellow VID, Paul Vogelzang: a freelance writer, LinkedIn author, and radio host – beloved in the aged 50+ community for his podcast The Not Old Better Show, and published in AARP, The Beacon, Smithsonian, HuffPost, and Changing Aging...
  23. Hi everyone! If you follow Fiverr on Instagram, you may have seen this post highlighting a seller’s workspace. Everyone loved this post and we want to do more! If you have a cool, unique, tidy, creative workspace and would like it to be considered as a post on our Instagram feed, please share them here! We’ll get them to the Social Content team for submissions. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHvV_4frcaY/ Let me know if you have questions below.
  24. Some reading material while we all wait… The Verge – 25 Nov 20 Prolonged AWS outage has taken down a big chunk of the internetThe issue seems fairly widespread.
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