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  1. Yes, there will be a lot of “bugs” and nuances that we’ll all have to be open about. If something’s broken, not working we’ll fix it. We can only test so much in sandbox mode before it’s live.
  2. The Fiverr Community Forum is currently in “read only” mode while we upgrade to a new platform. Expected launch will be Tuesday, June 22nd. Looking forward to seeing you back then!
  3. We will be launching a NEW FORUM PLATFORM on June 22nd! On Thursday, June 17th, we will freeze our current forum and place it into read-only mode. The full migration and testing will last about 3 days due to the large number of posts as well as the multiple time zones where principles are working. Once we’re confident everything has been tested and is working correctly, we will re-launch the new forum on Tuesday June 22nd. Stay tuned for more information about the new forum over the next few weeks leading up to launch!
  4. Hi everyone. I want to bring to your attention a new(ish) vertical that we’re looking for sellers to get some Gigs into. The vertical is “Audio Advertising” and it live in DIGITAL MARKETING ➢ DISPLAY ADVERTISING There are only a few Gigs active and this presents a great opportunity for sellers to highlight their skills. What is “Audio Advertising” you ask? Audio Advertising = an automated selling and insertion of ads in audio content like podcasts, digital radio, and streaming music services by leveraging programmatic audio-specific publishers. Check out the full vertical here, then re-visit your Gigs to see if any would or could fit! You can always start a new Gig too. Comment with questions!
  5. Thank you for sharing. If there are more bugs, please let us know here. We want your help to make this experience the best for everyone.
  6. Thank you everyone! I’ve closed down the survey. ~200 responses. Stay tuned. I’ll share what I can with the community and I can confidently say that changes are coming SOON!
  7. Can you share your order ID? We can look into it.
  8. 111 responses so far! This is amazing. Keep them coming! Thank you everyone who has participated. Some great feedback already. You’ll be happy to know that some of the things asked for are already in the works. 🙂
  9. Hi everyone. I’m putting together some fun new things and I’d love to get some official feedback from everyone in the form of a survey. I’m keeping the survey short (5 quick questions) and anonymous. For this reason, a quick Google Form. Nothing too fancy. I’ll keep it up and live for this week. Please help us shape this forum so that everyone can find what they need in this community! Google Docs Fiverr Forum Community Feedback
  10. F_2000X10002000×1000 75.7 KBhttps://www.vodafone.co.uk/business/sme-business/small-business-advice/fiverr There are so many aspects that go into starting - and maintaining - a small business. Whilst there’s no denying it’s a lot of hard work, how can you ensure you’re working smart and not just hard? You need a strong foundation. Certain elements are crucial to setting yourself up for success, regardless of your brand’s specific field. Keep reading for a breakdown of these elements below. Your Logo Your logo is the face of your brand and often a customer’s first impression, so it needs to be appealing and memorable. Every logo is some variation of typography and/or imagery, and they’re categorized into seven different types. Pictorial marks: simple imagery or symbolsMonograms : letters representing an acronymAbstract logo marks: conceptual imageryEmblems: name/words within an icon (i.e. badge or crest)Mascots: illustrated charactersWord marks: brand name on its ownCombination marks: combined elements of aforementioned stylesSo, how and where do you get started? Fiverr’s Logo Maker is a great tool for developing your logo, and the process couldn’t be easier. You start by providing a few details about your business, such as your industry and the services you provide. Then you define your look and feel with a few keywords (i.e. “vintage”, “modern”, “fun”, etc.) The Logo Maker will instantly generate original logos that fit your business and style, based on a wide selection of designs made by talented designers. You have the option to customise colours, layout, and fonts within each logo by utilising the simple-to-use editing tool. If you have a specific vision in mind, you can work directly with a professional logo designer - without breaking the bank - bring it to life. Your Website Your brand website is like a home for your business. Everyone and everything is online now, so it’s still necessary to have a website even if your business exists in a brick-and-mortar space. If you’re already a coding whiz, this will be no problem. But if you’re like the majority of people, building a website can feel daunting. The good news is you don’t have to do it by yourself! There’s also no need to spend a fortune hiring someone to do it for you. You can learn how to build a professional website from a Wordpress expert with this course. Your Marketing Marketing is how you reach current and potential customers, so it’s essential to your growth and revenue. There are so many aspects of marketing, but from a high level it helps to think of marketing as content. Blogs, social media posts, digital ads, and newsletters are just a few examples of content that can be used to get your customer’s attention. The stronger your content, the higher your customer engagement, the more growth and profit for your business. To build strong content, you need to determine what type and format of content works best for your brand. Once you’ve done so, it’s important to establish a process for content creation, set up a content calendar, track your KPIs, and understand what’s working and what isn’t. There’s a lot to it. Fortunately, you can learn the content marketing fundamentals with a marketing expert. This course covers everything you need to know about content marketing and how it’s relevant to your business. Set your brand on the path to success. Your eCommerce Most of us know how to shop online, but that doesn’t mean we know how to sell online. Even the basics of eCommerce can be tricky to navigate. Overcoming common challenges, handling your products and inventory, fulfilling orders on time, and setting up the backend of your store are aspects that need to be managed well for your eCommerce to succeed. It’s a relatively new field in the grand scheme of commerce, which is why it’s often best to work with a professional when starting out. You can learn how to set up and run an online store with this course. The eCommerce expert leading it provides a comprehensive guide to getting started, complete with actionable steps. Your SEO Confused by Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? You’re not alone. SEO can be as complex as it is important for your brand. It’s no exaggeration to say all successful businesses drive traffic through Google. The top five organic results on the first page account for nearly 70% of all search clicks. Getting your business onto the first page requires understanding search engine algorithms, utilizing SEO specialist tools (free or paid), and optimizing your content and strategy for SEO purposes. There’s a lot at stake. If this isn’t your expertise, take a course from a professional on the fundamentals of SEO. It’ll remove the guesswork from SEO and ensure you’re doing what’s necessary to set your business up for success.
  11. We understand that due to the difficulty of India’s current situation, it may not be possible to go about business as usual. In the hopes of being able to help even a little bit, we’ve put together some tips that might make it easier to navigate your business during this time: If you need to take time off from the platform, we encourage you to use the Out of Office feature.If you need to extend your expected date of delivery, find out how here.Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help – contact our support team.Best wishes,The Fiverr Team
  12. Fiverr has partnered with monday.com to bring you the monday apps challenge! Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 10.17.29 AM1642×398 29.3 KBWhat is monday.com challenge:The monday apps challenge is a contest bringing developers around the world together with the mission to build apps that can alter the way teams work. monday.com can help these teams work together and achieve excellence together: MarketingSoftwareCRMProject ManagementOperations/ITE-commerceThe ways to improve how these teams work are endless, and the mission is to bring developers around the world together to create apps that support collaboration, goal sharing, and more. monday.com customers get apps that help them achieve their goals more efficiently, but what will app developers get? Not only will your app be eligible for a featured spot in the monday apps Marketplace which is accessible to over 100,000 teams— Monday.com is giving $180,000 USD to the winning apps! For more info and registration click here.Now that there is nothing stopping you… Here’s how you compete!Review the challenge rules and app criteriaDive into our resources to understand how different teams use monday.com for their daily workSearching for a team to build with? Head over to the Participants tab to find team members (you may also compete as an individual)Join the monday.com builder’s community to stay updated on announcements, Office hours, webinars, and more!Sign up for your developer account and head over to our documentation to learn more about monday Apps.Ready, set, start developing! Don’t forget to submit your finished app by May 3rd! store1-hp-banner-mobile1242×663 143 KB
  13. We’ve got great news for our VID family. If you’ve ever loved working with a seller, you’re going to love our new Subscriptions feature.With Subscriptions, you can subscribe to your favorite seller on an ongoing basis – so you get the high-quality services you can count on, over and over again. Save yourself time and trouble by sticking with a seller who knows your brand and can commit to handling your work hassle-free, each and every time. Use Subscriptions to get: The quality you expect - Skip starting from scratch each time. Work with sellers who understand your brand and consistently deliverThe loyalty you value - Secure the sellers you trust and create long-lasting relationshipsThe growth you aspire towards - Achieve ongoing success with long-term goals set from the startReady to subscribe to even more success? Fiverr.com Fiverr Subscriptions: Your favorite Gig on repeat.Set success on repeat by subscribing to your favorite sellers. The high-quality service you expect, hassle-free, each and every time.
  14. Great news! Subscriptions just expanded to more categories. If you are an eligible seller, you can now offer subscriptions in the following categories: Architecture & Interior DesignMixing & MasteringSEOSocial Media AdvertisingSocial Media MarketingVideo EditingVirtual AssistantVoice OverAstrology & PsychicsContent MarketingData EntryE-Commerce ManagementEmail MarketingFinancial ConsultingLead GenerationLegal ConsultingLocal SEOOnline Coding LessonsOnline TutoringPublic RelationsSEMBusiness ConsultingHR ConsultingOnline Music LessonsIn total, there are now 24 categories eligible for Subscriptions, which means having customers order your Gigs on repeat has never been easier.
  15. Winners announced Monday March 22nd! For details please see this topic:
  16. A post was merged into an existing topic: Music Forum Contest - March Winners!
  17. We’re excited to announce the new data vertical. This new vertical will help our buyers with all their data needs and help them make their data driven decisions with your help. If you offer any of the following services, this is an opportunity for you to get more exposure: Data ScienceData ProcessingData AnalyticsDatabasesData VisualizationData EntryWe’ve added more options for service types, pricing and metadata, so make sure you update your existing Gigs accordingly to start reaching more buyers. And, if you think you’re Pro material, be sure to apply to be a Pro here. The new Data Vertical will be live to buyers within the next week, so be sure to relocate and update your Gigs ASAP.
  18. Ever since we launched Milestones, our sellers have been using it to keep their large projects more efficient and organized. As one of our most highly-used features, we decided it deserved a makeover – and we’re very excited to announce a new and improved version. Get paid after each milestone - no need to wait until you finish the whole project.Get approval each step of the way to increase alignment and reduce delays.Split your project - up to 6 sections (and payments)!For more detailed descriptions of the new milestone features, check out the help center document here: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010560178-Working-with-Milestones?segment=seller Care to share your experience with milestones? Tell us how you usually use milestones and how it helps you get projects delivered. Comment with your thoughts and ideas below!
  19. @dnj_media is correct: Please do not ever give your SSN to anyone on Fiverr. We will never ask for your SSN via message. If you are defined as a “US Person” you will be required to submit information for W-9 verification. More on that in this thread:
  20. If you’re driving enough traffic and brining in new sellers and buyers, check out our Affiliate Program to get paid for doing so. Fiverr Affiliates Fiverr Affiliates Program | FiverrGet paid to drive traffic to Fiverr, it’s that easy. Dynamic CPA Up to $150. Promote the world's largest marketplace of talented online freelancers Est. reading time: 7 minutes
  21. Hi @alesmandro - looking into this. Thanks for letting us know.
  22. Ofer is the CTO & founder of DSM Tool, a successful SaaS company in the e-commerce field. To efficiently manage his business and build up his bootstrap company, he turned to Fiverr freelancers. Read more about his story here: Fiverr.com VID Spotlight - Ofer ShapiraMeet your fellow VID, Ofer Shapira, a serial entrepreneur, inventor, and CTO. From founding a SaaS company, to writing a children’s book and creating a successful board game, Ofer uses his ambition to dream up big ideas for both business and...
  23. Thanks for the feedback @donnovan86. I’ll pass it along.
  24. Hi. We are currently testing the ability for sellers to offer discounts on their Gigs. Currently, some will see, some will not. These are targeted test to make sure that if/when the full discount program rolls out, it’s optimized for maximum impact for all buyers/sellers who want to participate. There was another conversation recently about discounts for Gigs: Also, I don’t think we’ve ever used Morlocks in our advertising. I can check with our marketing team to make sure we’re not planning an HG Wells themed marketing campaign in the near future… or past… or whenever really since we’d then have a time machine…
  25. Hi everyone! We really appreciate the feedback and the conversation - programs like this are created to be tools for sellers and hearing what may work (and what might not) is important to everyone at Fiverr! To clarify a few things, first, @melissaharlowvo said it best: Exposure in programs like Fiverr’s Choice are not “pay for play.” The role of a seller success manager is to work with sellers on refining their Gigs, profiles and quality of service in order to have the best chance of being seen by more potential buyers. This also applies to Top Rated Sellers. It’s all about quality of work, buyer satisfaction and optimization. The success manager is there to offer consultation, insights and suggestions to help a seller achieve their goals. There was a question about how this program would affect those already assigned a Seller Success Manager. The Seller Success program, before Seller Plus, was a limited program, so it will end when their time is up. One of the reasons for the paid program is to give an opportunity to more people to join and for as long or little as they would like. I hope this helps clear some of the questions and concerns. We love hearing your feedback and thoughts about the program. Keep letting us know what you think and if you’re interested and we’ll be in touch when we begin the broader roll-out.
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