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  1. Start your engines! We’ve partnered with Griiip to give you a chance to design a race car in our Art of Speed Contest. The contest opens today and will run through October 18th, check out how you can enter and the official rules here: https://lp.fiverr.com/artofspeed/
  2. Working on a larger project that requires multiple freelancers? We’ve got you covered. In our continued effort to change how the world works together, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newest service that provides all the resources and talent you need to solve larger projects, all in one place. It’s as easy to use as our standard platform, managed by one point of contact from start to finish and acts a one-stop source for finding quality talent. We call it Fiverr Studios.Sometimes one project requires a writer, a designer, a videographer, and a developer. That’s where Studios comes in. Fiverr Studios gives buyers the opportunity to find all the talent they need to complete their project with one simple search. It’s the same search filters, review system, and upfront pricing as Fiverr, but for a full team with multiple capabilities. Each Studio is assigned a Studio Lead who will manage everything from feedback to timelines to communication between buyers and the Studio. Here’s how it works: Browse and buy: just like a standard Gig, you’ll have the filters, reviews, filters, and upfront pricing. Find quality teams led by top Studio leads and purchase instantly.One point of contact: let your project manager lead the way. Your Studio Lead will handle everything from feedback to timelines to communication between you and the team.Cross another to-do off your list, and watch for your idea to come to life.One Studio. Multiple Skills. All in one place. Ready to get started? Visit Fiverr Studios to get more information today. Already a Studio Lead or a member? Check out our new forum category designed to help you connect with other members.
  3. We’re done restoring and are currently following up on support tickets. Full recovery for all users may take a couple of hours. Thank you for your patience. If you have missed a deadline due to this interruption, please contact support. They understand the situation and will help. support.fiverr.com
  4. UPDATE - Thank you for your patience. The messaging issues has been resolved and full recovery for all users may take a couple of hours. If you have missed a deadline due to this interruption, please contact support. They will help.
  5. Thanks for letting us know. Safety and security are paramount for us at Fiverr and this is clearly not the intended outcome from communicating with other users. Our development team is currently taking a look at this issue now to make sure that every thing is working as it should be.
  6. When you promote Fiverr, there’s a community supporting you. The Fiverr Affiliates category provides discussion for affiliates, business partners, and experts, as well as those looking to learn more about Fiverr Affiliates. You can take part in business conversations, receive support for technical questions from other community members, and learn more about Fiverr Affiliates in general. Fiverr Affiliates’ mission is to create the ultimate program that invites people to earn commission through promoting Fiverr’s services. This helps business owners and entrepreneurs grow on their schedule and within their budget while providing affiliates with the maximum earning potential. Our Affiliates are a key part in facilitating connections between business owners and Fiverr’s talented freelance community. If you’re new to the program and would like more information, please visit the Affiliates Program site: https://affiliates.fiverr.com/
  7. If you received a message that appears as if it was sent from Fiverr or its sellers, please disregard it. We have received reports of spam messages that were sent from unknown sources. Needless to say that they were not sent by us or our sellers and are completely unrelated to us. If you need help reporting this issue to the authorities, please do not hesitate to contact us. As far as we know this person is using contact lists of third parties and sending these kinds of emails to various audiences, including Fiverr users. By doing so, this person is impersonating some of our sellers and trying to cause harm to our reputation. As you can imagine, this type of behavior is absolutely prohibited by Fiverr’s Terms of Service and Our Trust & Safety team will act accordingly. Please do not hesitate to share with us any additional communication with this person. We would also like to get the source of the email, so we can address this issue further. Please see the screenshot attached for instructions on how to retrieve it (gmail). Once you have obtained the source of the email (copy and paste us the source), please also report the email you received as “Spam and/or Phishing”.
  8. Now i’m feeling really disappointed by hearing this and wondering what will be done if this also get banned in pakistan :roll_eyes: No, it’s not true. Some users received an incorrect email stating their account closure was due to the country they were in, not for the real reason. This only effected a VERY small number of users and we will be contacting each one to clarify the issue.
  9. Fiverr was founded on the concept of global collaboration and has since turned into a diverse community that supports people from over 160 countries. We are forced, however, to abide by the laws and regulations that apply to us. While we would love to conduct business with people everywhere, pursuant to such law, Fiverr.com is prohibited from conducting business with citizens of certain countries and is therefore forced to close these accounts. Please note that this only applies to people with official IDs from sanctioned countries; it does not apply to others that want to travel or live elsewhere while working.
  10. Hi everyone. Fiverr goes to great lengths to ensure a positive and safe experience on our marketplace. As part of this effort, we use cutting edge antivirus scanners on files that are shared over the platform. That said, it’s impossible to catch everything and we can’t guarantee all files are 100% safe. If you believe you may have downloaded an unsafe file, please check your PC by scanning it with an updated antivirus software. For more information please click here [https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/keeping-your-account-safe-from-malware-and-phishing].
  11. We are currently experiencing technical issues, message delivery may be delayed. Our team is working on a quick solution. I’ll share more information with everyone once I know more.
  12. Valentine’s Day isn’t just candy in heart-shaped boxes, it’s a holiday about love and that starts with loving yourself! Treat yourself to a new skill this Valentine’s day and get 15% off your next Learn course. Offer valid for the next 3 days. So, what are you waiting for? Learn something new or get your money back. Valentine’s Day may only come around once a year, but the skills you acquire will last forever! Use code LOVELEARN at checkout. Hurry, this offer is valid for the next 72 hours. (Saturday, Feb 17th) Learn from Fiverr Online Courses for Freelancers & Solopreneurs - Learn from FiverrOnline courses for freelancers & solopreneurs. Browse Fiverr's highly practical & step-by-step online courses and kickoff your online learning journey today
  13. A Clear Choice: Fiverr Acquires ClearVoice Fiverr’s on a mission to revolutionize how the world connects, collaborates, and gets more done together. As always, we strive to innovate and create something that supports the future of all kinds of work. Today, we’re thrilled to announce our acquisition of premium subscription-based content marketing platform, ClearVoice, to provide yet another way to ensure that professionals and larger businesses like you, can easily access freelance talent for whatever they need, whenever they need it. As regular reader of this blog, you probably know that creating authentic, engaging and relevant content is key for any brand with an online presence – but it’s much easier said than done, especially in our always-on digital age. Content marketing-related services are among the most in-demand services on Fiverr right now, with writing being one of the most popular verticals on Fiverr Pro. The acquisition of ClearVoice is coming at a perfect time. ClearVoice is an easy-to-use, subscription-based content marketing platform that streamlines the process of producing high-quality content for larger businesses. It also comes with an integrated talent network that provides access to top creative professionals. Our relentless focus on quality and customer experience here at Fiverr aligns so well with ClearVoice’s standards. Just like Fiverr, ClearVoice is also all about enabling connections, through the use of advanced collaboration tools and an automated workflow that makes quality content repeatable and scalable. But why take it from us? We’ll let ClearVoice introduce themselves: So what does this mean for the Fiverr community? Well, for now, ClearVoice will remain an independent product and team. The workflow for clients and creators will remain the same, while team Fiverr will continue to pursue toolsets and services that allow our community members to effectively accomplish more, on both sides of the marketplace. We hope you will join us in welcoming ClearVoice to the Fiverr family. Here’s to working better, together! Want to know more about ClearVoice? Ask us in the comments below!
  14. Get More Done Together: Welcome to the Future of Work Welcome to the future of work. At the beginning of every year, we at Fiverr have the privilege of looking back and reflecting on all that you, our global community, have accomplished. We’re incredibly impressed with what you can create when you come together and now as we look forward, we want to double down on making every amazing collaboration possible come to life. The power of these connections—and the relationships you fortify through them—has motivated us to put a new stake in the ground. Today, we’re unveiling our celebration of collaboration, and of the global connections you make at any given moment. So take a look at how we’re bringing our connections concept to the world—to say we’re really excited for you to see it, is an understatement. And since we’re in a celebratory mood, let us introduce just a few of the people who have made us so proud. We’ve once again recruited real Fiverr community members (like you!) to serve as the face of our brand. Let’s meet some of the innovative rockstars from both sides of the marketplace who embody the power of creative collaboration. Meet Juliet, who crushes content strategy for Knotel. And while she knows A LOT, she wasn’t totally sure how to get the perfect soundtrack for her company’s newest video. Enter Uni: singer, songwriter, and musician. He loves creating something awesome for his clients through collaboration. And by connecting with video experts on Fiverr, Juliet finds exactly what she’s looking for. Here’s Kelley, who just co-founded her own company. Like anyone trying to get a business off the ground, Kelley was just struggling with where to begin, what to accomplish first, and what she needed to do to create a roadmap to success. Fiverr Voice Over artist Mandy helps give a voice to her client’s messages. She’s able to articulate company missions for clients in no time at all. And in no time, using Fiverr, Kelley finds a better way to navigate the launch of her business. This is Aleidy. She’s got big plans for 2019. And she’s looking for a partner to help bring them to life. Darren, a 2D animator on Fiverr, gives life to illustrations for his clients daily. Separately they’re able to pursue their passions, and the connections they’ve made on Fiverr, help them accomplish their goals. So what we’re really saying with these beautiful portraits of our incredible community is this: you are all so much more than the needs that bring you to our marketplace or the deliverables you provide. Individually, you’re amazing, but together, we’re unstoppable. We are going to celebrate that all year – in every action we take and every story we tell of changing how the world works together. So, what are your stories of success? What are you proud of? What connections have you made that have empowered you to do more, or reinforced the passion and behind your work? We want to hear from you. We want you to share in our celebration of connections. So comment below, email us, give us a shout on social, hell, throw up a smoke signal. However you prefer to communicate best is how we want to hear your story of connection on Fiverr. When we combine forces, the possibilities are endless. You’ve already surprised us with everything you’ve accomplished. Now it’s time to surprise yourself. Learn more about what drives our community, and your peers, here.And if you need us, we’ll always be at the intersection of your needs, and getting it done. How have #FiverrConnections changed how you work? Share your success stories below.
  15. Good news! Today, we launched an awesome new subcategory, called Visual Effects. As a result, we also renamed Editing & Post Production to Video Editing. Therefore, we’ve moved your Gig to the Visual Effects subcategory. Today we’re making some changes in Editing & Post Production SC in the Video & Animation category. Editing & Post Production will be renamed to Video EditingLaunching a NEW subcategory called Visual Effectswe’re moving around ~550 gigs from Video Editing to Visual Effects (and a few to Logo Animation)Please follow the link here -> https://www.fiverr.com/pages/editing_pp_split for more info.
  16. E-commerce buying patterns vary drastically by industry, and apparel/accessories and computer/electronics are particularly sensitive to the holidays. The bottom line is obvious – no matter what industry your business belongs to – as long as you’re selling something to someone – November-December are the most important months of the year. Not sure exactly how important the holidays season is? Check out some of this data: Holiday sales are expected to increase 5% to 5.6% over last year’s shopping season, reaching a peak of $1.10 trillion at 2018 holiday seasonAs a whole, for some businesses, November and December run up to 30% of annual revenueHolidays revenue keeps growing at a steady rate YoYSo what do you do to get the most out of them? You get ready, in advance . And that’s exactly the purpose of this article – to help you get ready on time. In the following pages, you will find recommendations for holiday related services you can get done in numerous fields. VideosThe holiday season is the video season, especially if you’re aiming to sell. Not sure you need video? Check out these statistics, gathered by Google: 50% Of holiday shoppers report using online video while actually shopping60% Reporting finding new ideas and purchase inspiration while watching video90% Said they’ve discovered new E-commerce products and services on YouTubeA week before the holiday selling season begins and marketers have concerns. Will their video be a hit or a bust? Will it fly high? Or crash and burn? Is their message the right one? Or too much of a hard sell? When is the best time to send it? So many questions. So little time. Here are some tips to help point you in the right direction. Don’t Go Straight For The Hard SellTake a personal and genuine tone in your content and use the opportunity to create something not too heavy on selling or sales speak. The holiday season is a great time to also show your culture and build personal relationships with the audience. Keep it FunMake your video fun and lighthearted. Include your own employees and showcase their personalities. They can give a personal holiday greeting or even talk about the worst gift they received. Use Well-Known Themes and ReferencesDon’t be shy about doing a take-off on a well-known theme such as a song, movie or story. Just make sure it will have meaning to your audience. Holiday BrandingBranding is obviously a year-round affair, with advantages raging from top of mind awareness to premium collection legitimacy and customers loyalty boost. During the holidays, seasonal branding helps with all of this and also allows you to support your differentiation, create a dynamic, up to date appearance, encourage your personal connections with your customers and boost your holiday promotional season. Here are four ideas to help juice your holiday branding. Be ConsistentIf you are going to give your brand a quick “makeover” this holiday season, we recommend being consistent with your branding on all channels. Own a color or a specific look and feel, and be sure that it’s portrayed across all platforms that you will be using. Be ColorfulDepending on the holiday, use festive colors in your branding, colors that resemble that specific holiday – be true to the season. However, it’s important that you stay true to your existing brand so that your customers are still able to recognize you. Be TimelyIf you are going to update your branding for the holidays, be timely. Make sure that you’ve created everything well in advance and everything is either scheduled out or already implemented. If you are sending out an email newsletter, make sure you are sending it out before everyone leaves for the holiday break. Quality over quantity. Get your message across in a few short words and don’t bombard your customers E-CommerceFight the pre-holiday crush at the mall or kick back on the sofa and order online? Increasingly, Americans are choosing the couch over the crush. At 2017, online sales hit a $108.2 billion all times record , increasing of 14.7% from the year before. How can you get a piece of this exploding pie?Before digging in, make sure your online store is ready for visitors and ensuring those visitors can find your site. Start with a website audit and hung for broken links, 404 errors and web access issues. Check for search engine optimization and content. Check site performance and reduce load times. And as in 2018 50% of millennials will use their smartphones to purchase make sure you’re mobile ready & friendly BundlingOne method to encourage higher average orders is bundling —providing several items for sale as a single combined product. During the holiday season, as shoppers are busy finding gifts for everyone in their list, bundling may help make their buying decisions easier. Flash SalesCreate several sales campaigns for different dates. The research found that flash sales emails win 14% higher open rates compared to regular campaigns. Free ShippingCustomers always enjoy free shipping. 58% of shoppers purchase more items just to qualify for the shipping and 83% are willing to wait an extra 48-hours for delivery to get the free shipping. CouponsPeople LOVE discounts, and holidays season is a great opportunity to give them exactly what you want. Give your loyal customers a discount they can’t ignore and see their appreciation. Give your new customers/subscribers a meaningful welcome discount, and earn their long term loyalty Social MediaSocial media is constantly changing and has dominated desktops and mobile devices globally. No other, single advancement has changed lives and culture as dramatically. Make the most of the holiday season and enjoy a major revenue spike with optimized use of social media. When done right, social media can build a strong brand identity and drive sales. Exactly how important social media during the holidays is? A lot: 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others32% said they turn to social media to find information about holiday gift purchasesInterest in promotions is the #2 reason for people to follow a brand.With huge growth projected for the 2018 season, use every available conduit to market your business, using these tips: Festive Holiday ContentCreate content with festive images as a way to show customers you are in the holiday spirit and remind them it’s gift buying time. Be consistent and make sure your content and advertising are cohesive, as Social Media Design includes channel specific banners, media covers, logos and more. Deals & ExclusivesHoliday shopping is frequently synonymous with exclusive seasonal deals. Promote these deals through social media as a way to give to your followers and incentivize new followers to follow your social profiles Influencer Gifting to Boost Holiday SalesInfluencers can transform products and services from the ‘hidden gem’ category to the ‘must-have’. Their enthusiasm can turn you into a household name overnight. Influencer gifting can be a challenge. Selecting the right gift for the right influencer can be solved with a little work Email MarketingEmail is always a great channel to communicate with your clients, and in the busy holiday season, it gives you a way in through the noise. To make sure you’re making the most out of it, here are some tips to running a successful email marketing campaign this holiday season. SegmentationMarketers often see an increase in revenue attributed to emails from segmented campaigns. Basic segmentation means separating the active subscribers from those who are inactive. Then send different messages to each group. Segmentation can go deeper as you focus on things such as age, gender, and browsing activity PersonalisationPersonalization is a key element. It can be as simple as using the subscriber’s first name on the subject line or re-targeting the consumer with similar items to buy. If you can personalize – you should. Business Insider points to personalized recommendations as increasing revenue by 39% while cutting buyer churn by 46% Content80% of holiday shoppers are influenced by the internet before making a purchase.15 And what exactly do they see online? Content. Content is the best way to convince your potential clients and needs to be written well in order to do so. So exactly what should you be aware of? Check these tips out. Avoid Cliches“Wrap up the holidays” and “stuff your stocking with savings” has been used by every brand around. It’s time to wrap it up and say goodbye to cliches. Stuff your stockings with new catchy phrases instead Build Urgency. Now.The holidays happen only one time a year, so create a sense of urgency in the content. Urgency moves the buyer to get out their credit card and make a purchase – now. User-Generated ContentA recent survey shows that not only consumer reviews outweigh free shipping when making buying decisions, but it is also more important for shoppers than their own family and friends’ recommendations.16 Leverage user-generated content to drive increased sharing and discovery. User reviews have been a driver in decision making for a long time and user-generated content lends credibility to the message When talking about holiday content, the key is early preparation. Start now and think about what your customers care about. Holiday content is your opportunity to stand out. So what kind of content can you create? End-of-Year UpdateList the best-selling products you have. Highlight the awards you have received and talk about community events and celebrate employee achievements Holiday Gift GuideContent devoted to holiday gift ideas is perfect to give value to your target market while highlighting your products at the same time. With shoppers willing to spend over $600 for friends and family, one way to stay competitive is an online gift guide. Such type of content can Engage shoppers early, increase conversion by encouraging shoppers to make a selection, cater to last-minute shoppers, and improve promotional mailings Look AheadLook at future trends in your niche and highlight your plans for next year. In short: give customers something to look forward to Don’t Forget Lesser-Known National HolidaysContent based activity around well-known dates is good. Using lesser know nationally known holidays is exactly the sort of things can grant you a competitive advantage. For your convenience, here’s a full list of the holiday season important dates : November 4th: National stress awareness dayNovember 11th: Veterans dayNovember 22nd: ThanksgivingNovember 23rd: Black FridayNovember 24th: Small business SaturdayNovember 26th: Cyber MondayNovember 27th: National day of givingDecember 2-10: ChanukahDecember 6th: Miners dayDecember 14th: Free shipping dayDecember 15th: Ugly Christmas Sweater dayDecember 24-25th: Christmas Eve & ChristmasDecember 26th: Thank you note dayDecember 26th: Boxing day (Canada)December 31st: Make up your mind dayDecember 31st: New Year’s EveThe TakeawayAs a business owner – no doubt the holiday season is important for you. Make sure you’re ready to get the most of it by checking the relevant services off your to-do list. blog.fiverr.com fiverr-holidays-marketing-guide.pdf273.84 KB
  17. Hi @anthonygerar448. For everyone’s privacy, we don’t disclose information about seller/buyer accounts. We will be in contact with buyers that have been impacted. If you have not been contacted, you can also reach out to our support group for any help with Gig purchases. https://fiverr.com/support_tickets/new
  18. Hi @ilovevoiceover. Unfortunately, that information about CS allowing contact outside of Fiverr is incorrect. The agent who said that was mistaken. Also, while investigating this case, we found that the agent also did not handle the ticket correctly and you should have been compensated before that point for that particular Gig. Please do not start contacting CS to ask if you can contact the buyer/seller outside of Fiverr.
  19. Introducing Learn from Fiverr, a new, affordable and curated online course platform designed specifically to help freelancers and professionals uplevel their skills and grow their businesses. Our mission at Fiverr is to create the platform for the future of work. Our marketplace is already changing the lives of millions of people who have chosen to lead the freelancing lifestyle. And today, we are proud to introduce another product designed to help freelancers sharpen their skills – we call it Learn from Fiverr™️. Meet Learn from Fiverr: the first curated online course platform designed specifically to help freelancers and professionals uplevel their skills and grow their businesses. This new e-learning platform is not just another ordinary learning tool. It is a first-of-its-kind program uniquely tailored and crafted by Fiverr, featuring some of the most accomplished instructors with experience working with brands like Apple, Nike and Google. What makes this program stand out is the fact that for the first time, graduates of courses will undergo a completion test, earn a special course badge and be guaranteed to receive extended exposure on the Fiverr marketplace, ensuring that their newly earned skills will translate into business. The coursesFreelancers will be able to take custom-made courses starting in fields such as graphic design, branding, digital marketing and copywriting. Specific topics include: branding, viral marketing, Facebook ads (advanced courses), and illustration, all taught by top experts in their field. In addition to core knowledge, Learn courses will also include freelance-centric content including creating a proper brief for clients, conducting effective market research and delivering the final product. We’ve gathered some of the best instructors and professionals across all industries to teach on-demand video classes tailored for #freelancers, just like you. Turning earned skills into business growthNot only will freelancers learn the skills they need to succeed, but those who have taken the courses and passed the final exams will be recognized on theFiverrplatform by having exclusive badges for their completed courses placed on their profile page. They will also see an improvement to their overall ranking on the platform, potentially leading to additional sales and ultimately business growth. Once you’ve completed a course, you can improve your ranking, and stand out from other sellers in your category. And oh yeah, you’ll get a sweet badge to boot. Simply put, Learn from Fiverr is built for anyone looking to monetize a passion, take an entrepreneurial endeavor to the next level, or simply learn a new skill — and this is just the beginning. We are looking forward to building out many more courses to help you improve your skills and earn a living. Learn is another step in building the platform for helping the world work together; one that addresses everything in the independent and business lifestyle. Ready to learn more and earn more? Get started here. We’re also opening up a new Category here in the forum to discuss the courses and answer any questions!
  20. Over the last few weeks, there have been many threads about feedback and user reviews. As mentioned earlier, the team has been working to roll out some updates to make sure the review system is something that works for everyone. I’d like to announce we’re beginning the second phase of double-blind reviews: We will start presenting reviews on buyers in the buyer’s profile (and only there, not in the gig page anymore) to give seller better visibly to whom they are working with.We will add the option to respond to a buyer’s review after the review was published. the response will appear under the buyer’s review in the gig page.As always, the best way to address and understand the buyer’s needs and to guarantee their satisfaction is through communication before and during the order. The buyer’s review process is done on a completed order - and it isn’t the place to start addressing buyer’s issues and inquiries on the order. These evolutions will be rolled out in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes open for them. As always, comment with ideas, suggestions, and feedback here in the forum.
  21. I’ll know, because magically, someday soon 🤞, I will be able to conduct regular conversations with my customers without them complaining. It’s become a regular occurrence, lately. then again, that sounds fun! tbh, business has been slower for me lately, and I don’t mind. I was going breakneck speed for a few months, good to collect myself, build a portfolio and expand my business a bit. David, thanks for the heads up about the bug. We’re working on a fix now. Extremely sorry about the inconvenience. I also just sent you a private message.
  22. Just checked this account drawing4u , It looks normal. Are you saying you have a second account?
  23. G’morning everyone! This was a fun thread to read and a lot to unpack. This feature is not 100% and we are gradually releasing the full flow for this change. While dancing around specifics, I can say that issues and concerns raised here are addressed in the full solution - so stay tuned don’t be worried of providing a candid feedback on your experience with the buyer. We want both sellers and buyers to be truthful with their interactions.
  24. At Fiverr, we get you. Things get crazy, and even when you find something that makes life simpler, you forget to share the tip with even your best doer pals. But fear not! Our referral programis here to remind you to spread the productivity and efficiency of Fiverr to those you know best. Our referral program makes it easy and worthwhile (CHA-CHING) to share the awesomeness of Fiverr with your network. And the benefits don’t stop there. The more friends you introduce to Fiverr, the more money you earn to get s#!t done. Everyone wins! Here’s how Fiverr’s new Referral Program works. Three easy steps to invite your friends:Spread the word via email or with your unique link via social sharingFollow up on any previous referrals and assist them if neededEnjoy the 20% you both get off when they make their first orderAnd if that isn’t simple enough, here are tips to ensure you’re making the best out of every referral. Start spreading the word:Share what Fiverr is aboutShare how they can enjoy endless freelance services for a new logo, website content writing, and more!If you have an idea of what they need, guide them to the correct service to make their experience even more seamlessNow, some of the fine print on how it works:Invite a friend (or friends) to join Fiverr and you can receive up to $100 USD!You and your friends will get a 20% discount for their first purchase on Fiverr (capped at $100 USD).In addition, for each qualifying purchase made by your referrals, you, as the referrer, will receive to your shopping balance $5 USD or 20% of the qualifying purchase amount, whichever is higher (capped at $100 USD credit per qualifying purchase).In total, you can earn up to $500 USD in shopping credit. Your earnings will only be available for use over a three month period.Note: For more information, please read the referral program’s Terms of Service. So, ready to refer a friend? Follow the simple steps below- it’s easy:Log into your Fiverr account and click your user image and select “Refer & Get Up to $100.” Note: You can also access the referral program from the footer. Within the Community section, select Invite a Friend. If you have a Gmail account, you can click Invite Gmail Contacts and continue with the process. Otherwise, you can add an email and click Send. Notes: Before sending, you can click “Preview Email” to view a preview of what your referral email will look like.You have the option to copy an invite link to share on your own. In addition, you can share via your social channels (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).Think this sounds pretty good? So do we! Want to know more? Find the answers to some frequently asked questions below. Referral Program FAQ’sI can’t find my referral funds—they’re missing. Help! Please make sure your friends using your unique link while joining Fiverr. Another common reason might be that the friends are not completing the ordering process. I referred a friend and they did the process but also used a promotional code on their purchase. Do I still get my 20%? The only way to make sure you and your friends are rewarded is to make sure your friends are registering with your unique link. Am I getting $5 or $100 on each referral? The amount depends on your referral’s spend. As one of your friends makes their first purchase the minimum you’ll earn $5. In general, as the purchase amount increases your 20% will be higher, and you can earn up to $100 per referral. Can I only earn up to $500? Yes, $500 is currently the max. If you’ve reached this, congrats! Please contact us and we will look into raising your limit. I referred a friend but they did not use my link but signed up anyway, do I still get the $5? No, unfortunately not. In order for you and your friends to earn money, we must ensure that the purchase was made as part of the referral program. So, don’t keep the secret to incredible productivity all to yourself. Refer your friends to Fiverr, let them in on the fun, and both get paid! What could be better? Get started today. Have other questions about our new Referral Program? Ask us in the comments below—and start inviting your friends (and getting shit done) today!
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