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  1. Maybe there are many here for whom it is very little. But for me, it wasn't too easy. This is the result of a lot of hope, despair, and love. For beginners, getting started is never easy. I wasn't an exception. After opening an account on Fiverr, I realized that I was not skilled enough. Then I keep my account hold and focus on developing the skill. I returned to the account after 1.5 years. Then I got the first order after 2 months. Then the journey started with an order of two. I thought I would post when 1k orders were completed. Under the pressure of work, I could not understand when 1200+ orders were completed. So for newcomers, don't be disappointed. Develop skills and be patient. Success will come... Thanks all for your supports.
  2. If you are a new seller then Buyer Request much helpful to get some orders. So many people asking how they can get more buyer requests. Hopefully, these 4 steps will be helpful to get more buyer requests: Follow-up -- On daily basis, make sure that you will be submitting the proposals to the buyers under Buyers request section. It may seem to be time consuming and lot of patience is required but in my view it has a great potential to get strike with a deal. Feedbacks-- They are highly crucial, you need or force any existing buyer to place the same but can give a hint to have this as it will support you. When you have positive feedbacks and ratings, you can be in the eyes of other potential buyers soon. Gig Video-- Place a video which should be preferably self explanatory and mentioning key highlights of your services. This increases credibility. And it doesn't mean not to have Gig images, you must take full advantage of all given provisions by the platform FAQs-- Try not to ignore this section. Think and analyze what all queries a potential buyer might have about your offered services. There you can have a chance to impress them with any specific offer or add on that could help you to stand in for completion.
  3. If I block him on the inbox he will be able to place an order?
  4. I have worked with a buyer before and have had a bad experience with it. Now he wants to order me again but I don't want to work with him anymore. What can I do in this situation?
  5. 01. Make you gig thumbnail attractive. 02. Try to keep search keyword on your gig title. 03. Make you gig description unique.
  6. Following tips will be helpful for you. Create an attractive gig title for the gig. Create a attractive thumbnail for the gig cover. If you can create a gig video that will be better. Choose right category, subcategory and good keyword for your gig. Replay to buyer request with appropriate cover letter. Deliver your order within the time frame. If you need more time you can modify the order(Customer need to approve your request) Use Fiverr mobile app to response to customer messages fast. Fiverr forum is a good place to grab knowledge. Actively connect with the sellers on Fiverr forum to share the knowledge. Stay online and response fast to customer requests.
  7. 01. Make a nice gig with an attractive thumbnail. 02. Try to stay online as much as possible. 03. Send replay to buyer request with appropriate cover later. Hopefully, these steps will be helpful for you.
  8. Happy new year everybody
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