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  1. Same here very dissaponted as I tried many times to send messages or images to ongoing work 😦
  2. Today I got a complete set of graphic work from a top buyer and he needs to sign legal agreements with me about my work I provide them. So what I want to know is are we, sellers allowed to receive agreements and re-send them through Fiverr, as we are giving or stating our personal details on it?
  3. Yes I want to earn that badge for it. But unfortunately I don’t find any message from the bot for that 😦
  4. I need to complete The New User Tutorial and I don’t know how to do that or find it. Anyone can help me, please?
  5. @graphtersawyer @vickiespencer What you have shared, exactly the same I do and it’s most of the time works 😉
  6. In search, Yes 🙂 Just be patient and make sure your gigs are eye catching and fully describe what you are offering clearly and wait. Share your gigs in relevant social medias to get social media clicks and that might helpful to your gigs more searchable
  7. @mxvect You don’t need to worry about that at all. Just make sure you’ll not use any public wifi or connection to log into your Fiverr account and only use a connection always, which do not use for another Fiverr account in same category 🙂
  8. @walidbendz It can happen if your gigs are new or not optimized in search as it’s not showing all available gigs in search results. That’s normal and when you type your whole gig title it should show your gig because that title in search may be the only one or there a few like that 🙂
  9. It’s really sad to hear about your situation @roshanekka 😦 you’ll get more orders soon and I wish for that!
  10. Check this and you may have some idea about getting more orders next 🙂 Good Luck!
  11. Yes, you are 100% safe to share your gigs on social media and trough that you’ll increase your social media click on gigs 🙂 and there can be a chance to have an order from social media users too ;). Lots of Facebook pages are there to share your gigs. Good Luck!
  12. Yes, Please don’t use anything to make your browser active unless you don’t need to keep your account safe
  13. We actually don’t need to be active all the time. Make your gigs prompt and eye catching and that’ll do tha job for you when you are active or not 🙂
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