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  1. Thank you for replying. Another similar question is, if it ends up on my portfolio as part of a sale on fiverr, is this also okay? or should I refrain from putting it onto my gig portfolio
  2. I know this is probably been asked about before, But I have been looking through the previous threads and nothing directly answers my question (either that or im so confused by it that people dont make sense) Here is the question: If I purchase a drawing/image and I purchase commercial rights, Can I then use/edit that drawing/image in my own work and then resell it? Regards, Detrucci
  3. ooooh pick me! pick me! I love fiverr updates and I would love to try it out. Good job on the header guys
  4. Interesting, For me if I withdraw to paypal and then paypal to my bank account it takes me roughly 10 minutes and both processes are immediate. I don’t think I would like to wait 3 days and paypal have some amazing exchange rates right now.
  5. I definitely think you need to keep all delivery files on your computer to dispute any of this, I have a backlog of files from all my gigs and I would hope by proving to fiverr that every delivery file matches what the person ordered, They would fight my case…if not I would be disappointed but I think I would just take it on the chin and move on really, its 1 out of few and just hope it never happens again.
  6. Hey guys, i know there is similar topics on this so you can close this when its answered. But in the UK, which one has more fees in general? I have been using Paypal so far and its going well but I was wondering if the direct bank transfer option was a better one. Paypal rates for the UK right now are quite strong. Does anyone have any experience with both being from the United Kingdom? 🙂 Looking forward to hearing answers.
  7. If anyone asks you to use a non fiverr platform and its not in your gig and agreed upon with fiverr itself,TELL THEM NO Yeah these types of things need to be avoided like the plague. If hes asking for email tell him no, fiverr only. There’s people that message me saying “can you come work for me, here’s my website and we can discuss graphics” i tell them no everytime. Fiverr is safe, secure and you wont get scammed. Stick with it and report anyone who tries to do otherwise. You have all the tools you need on this platform to succeed. Detrucci
  8. il be keeping an eye on you to see if you really do it 🙂
  9. moonilyas Stick with it! 🙂 I was quite lucky when I first started, I got an order within 2 months and I didnt really expect anything, so much so that I forgot that I registered for Fiverr. I think one of the best ways to fast track getting that all important first sale is to go to buyer requests and do something small for $5. Promote to some of your friends in real life can help too to get you off the ground. Its unfortunate that the Fiverr marketplace is so popular now compared to years ago that its very very hard for a new seller to stand out from the crowd. But if your service is good enough, you will get there. I just had a look at your profile page on Fiverr and I noticed you say your a graphics designer. But looking at your gig images, they look like they could have been taken straight off of google and just added some text. I think if your serious and that you really are a graphics designer, having your gig image stand out from the crowd will demand buyers to purchase from you rather than you getting lost within the crowd. Good luck man and let me know how you get on! Detrucci
  10. I always get excited seeing your name under a forum post Adam because I know that I will learn something new. Number 2 on your list to me is an amazing idea, Collaborating with other Fiverr sellers would be alot of fun and I may just have to do that. Thank you again for the insight. You are awesome.
  11. Wow that sounds horrible, I havent had a problem with low ratings on purpose yet and its something I fear every single time. I know its coming, its just a matter of when and im going to feel horrible after it.
  12. Agreed, Fiverr is the best platform on the internet for freelancing from my experience, I will gladly give up 10% earnings to have a fully functioning website that is secure and professional.
  13. I agree with this, nothing more annoying than seeing fiverr gig links everywhere.
  14. I agree with this, in the 3 years I have been doing Fiverr, one thing I noticed is that buyer requests in general are much tougher gigs than regular buyers as they usually have specific demands for a lower budget and can nitpick at things general buyers wont. If you choose to place a request with a buyer without completely understanding what they want…it could end up with a stressful gig experience. That being said, the buyer requests also have hidden gems that can fill in a void of lack of orders very nicely. They are also fantastic for new sellers looking to get that all important level 1 status. Just remember to stick to your limits and don’t oversell yourself. Keep to what you are good at always and you will find that once have a large amount of orders completed, your average customer rating will keep you at the top of your respective category God Bless and take care of yourselves 🙂
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