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  1. Staying online? No, little to no buyers care whether a person is online. Their reviews and previous work or samples are a lot more important. Feel free to stay online if you want but it won’t have a major impact…
  2. It doesn’t matter. Gig quality is what matters, what you are selling, etc.
  3. I see. Glad it’s a Fiverr thing, I was worried. That being said, it seems to work on mobile.
  4. Thank you I immediately replied to him that this is against the Fiverr TOS, I encouraged him to read it for more information. And regarding the topic, I ended up suggesting him a topic based on what guidelines he provided and he agreed. I was afraid that I would get in trouble just because he shared an email address randomly without any reason.
  5. Speaking of being flagged or worse, I just got an order from a client that didn’t talk with me beforehand and shared an email address in the gig requirements. Obviously I don’t ask for stuff like that… Should I report this to customer support, how should I handle this?
  6. Most likely he didn’t need the stuff anymore and he went to CS. I had this happen too, you can go to customer support but there’s nothing you can really do honestly.
  7. I believe the main reason why we can’t see buyer reviews is because there was a lot of abuse. The community did this to itself by trying to cheat the system (not everyone, but enough people that Fiverr cared about this), and Fiverr had to find new ways to make sellers share an honest review which is not influenced by their buyer.
  8. I believe the $93 includes payment processing fees they have to pay?
  9. To be honest, the same thing is within the writing category, as most writers can cover almost every type of writing. I agree with Smashradio on this one, from an SEO perspective it’s great for Fiverr and buyers can also pick exactly what they want. All we can do is create new gigs for every category.
  10. sellers can’t mark orders as complete The marked as delivered, whatever… You get the gist of what I am saying anyways. Partial deliveries are not ok and they will bring an account warning.
  11. You received the warning because you marked the order as complete before sharing the entire order. You just sent half of that, check the TOS and you will see you are not allowed to mark the order as complete without sending everything. All you can do in a situation like this is to leave the order as late and ask for an extension, hopefully the buyer replies on time. OR, you can cancel the order.
  12. I believe people misunderstood the scope of this topic. Seems no one really knows, so I will talk with support and see what I can do in situations like this. Anyway, a warning received for excessive cancellations is possible, so hopefully other people learn from this and they protect themselves. I will surely do that. As for pricing, I have lots of people at the same price that clear care about their orders and reply. It seems I just had bad luck the past few months and people were in vacation and stuff… I doubt raising my prices will make a significant change here, I still have a large order inactive because the buyer didn’t submit any requirements yet, almost 2 months since the order was initiated. Of course I went the cancellation route when I saw the lack of replies, now I know not to do that. As I said, raising prices might not be the best idea at least in my case. I will just wait and see how things are evolving, hopefully it was just bad luck.
  13. Thank you everyone for your input. I appreciate it and I will take it into account.
  14. This sounds like a classic case of not putting your prices high enough. There is a point where you can reach a high enough purchase price for your gigs that they will not order then forget about it and you, as they are now doing. And make sure your requirements section is very simply and firmly worded. Having it happen 15 times in 30 days is huge. Figure out something else. Change something. The requirements are simple, I just ask for a topic, keywords and any additional information that the customer can provide. All of this split in 2 lines to make it easy to read. I assume I got the cancellation warning because I just canceled the unresponsive orders, I didn’t know canceling and still keeping the percentages over 90% can still give you a warning. Guess I was wrong. Thank you for your tips.
  15. It says There’s an issue with your Fiverr account It also says This is your first warning. If you repeat this violation or continue to violate Fiverr’s TOS, your account will be suspended. So pretty sure it’s an account warning… You’re right, but I am using deadline extensions if needed and I do complete almost every order on time. I do have the occasional 5-10 minutes too late because I was proofreading, but I don’t think that’s really a major issue. What I was talking about relates to orders where people don’t share any guidelines of what I should be delivering. If I ask for more information, I end up waiting well after the delivery time and the order is late. I had this happen around 15 times in the past 30 days, combined with other late orders that can appear because I am actually late on delivering stuff, it can become a problem. Unfortunately I don’t see a real way to solve those issues where customers order but don’t share their topics. I contact them within minutes, but many times they say they will get back to me later. And thus I receive my penalty for not delivering on time. That’s why I asked if people got in trouble if they were late. I am still upwards of 90% when it comes to orders delivered on time, so that shouldn’t really be an issue.
  16. Well I don’t want to bother them for general questions…I didn’t bother them with the account warning, let alone a question like this.
  17. I don’t know to be honest. Within the week I received that I only had maybe 1-2 cancellations, one of which was requested by a buyer because he couldn’t wait for me to finish around the deadline. It might be that, who knows. I was shocked as well, it was late night on Sunday, so that was a pretty random warning. That’s why I am very very careful now and I wanted to ask people if any of them got a warning due to late orders. If I can’t cancel anymore, at least I am trying to extend them, but not all buyers reply in time and some orders can be late… And that’s why I asked about late orders.
  18. Hi guys Recently I had an account warning that arrived out of nowhere, which said I had excessive cancellations. I stopped canceling any orders, especially those with no particular guidelines, however I would like to know if you have any idea whether having lots of late orders can lead to an account warning. I am over the 90% percentage, so there’s no demotion or anything. I checked all TOS for this and there doesn’t seem to be anything about it. Then again, it doesn’t really specify anything about excessive cancellations either, so I wanted to know if someone else has any experience with this kind of stuff. Obviously I want to keep my account safe like everyone here…
  19. It’s down for a little bit I guess. I see that too.
  20. Yes, of course you can create an archive. That’s the idea way to share them.
  21. Well the buyer is already paying when he initiates the order, so Fiverr won’t be able to refund the money. As a result, this will never be a thing.
  22. I am pretty sure it will not be a mandatory thing. I never took a test myself because I don’t believe they help me. I know what I am good at, my customers know it, and if they are interested in my skills I have samples ready for them. I don’t need to take a skill test to show general knowledge in something, when I have specialized samples catering to a variety of topics and requests. So yes, pretty sure that won’t be the case. As for this thread, clearly most people are against it. I understand where the OP is coming from, he wants ideas, but as I said, you can easily get them from browsing the website. It takes less than a minute…
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