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  1. Hello Nissim I’m from Venezuela and I have a existing Payoneer card, I already connect my Payoneer account with Fiverr (today) but I need to know: Is any differences of loading fee in Fiverr Card and normal Payoneer Card? Fiverr Support told me: Please note that in order to send you a fiverr branded card, we kindly ask you to follow the merge procedure and link the fiverr account to your existing card. Once you do so and you receive payments from fiverr, we will be able to change your account’s program to fiverr and send you a branded card for a replacement fee. I have this other question: Ok, so in that case. I have to pay $30 per year with the Fiverr Program? or is another fee to pay with Fiverr Program? How many is the cost or fees for the card replacement? I don’t have Fiverr Card I have a Payoneer Card I ask you because the Fiverr Support told me: Please be advised your fees are the same fees as with your original account. The exact fees depend on Payoneer’s agreement with the partner in question, and on card usage. You can view the full list of the fees associated with your card by clicking the “Pricing and Fees” link, located under the “General Info” menu, on your “Payoneer Account”. Please explain me because I write to the Fiverr support and they confuse me more.
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