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  1. Fiverr just announced that they are making some big changes to the voice over category. Just starting to look through it all now, but in addition to pushing pricing, it appears that they will be requiring that we sell content licenses for specific usages. That appears to be enforced by revisions to TOS. Just sorting it out now. Thoughts? http://blog.fiverr.com/voice-over-gets-a-makeover-introducing-our-new-vo-pricing-structure/
  2. Wow, thank you. I sincerely appreciate the nice words. I seems that fiverr just reinvented the VO category and I’m just starting to digest how we are going to have to change things. Looks as if they are going to enforce through TOS additional costs to buyer for differing content licenses. Much to sort through.
  3. I’m a little frustrated by reading posts by people who can choose to price their gigs any way they wish, but instead come to the forum to mock those who try to sell at higher prices. I can go to my local WalMart and buy a cardboard tube of processed ground cellulose and a little cheese for less than a dollar. It is labeled “parmesan” and some people actually like it on their pizza. At the same Wal-Mart, I can buy a wedge of cheese also labeled Parmesan. It isn’t high quality, but it tastes a bit better and it costs around $5 a wedge. I don’t fault anyone who likes it. Personally, I love good Italian food so I go to a local market that has imported cheese labeled Parmesano-Reggiano and is cut from a cheese wheel and tastes like heaven. I feel lucky to be able to afford it once in awhile since it’s about $20 for a very tiny wedge. If I were Rachael Ray, perhaps I’d just have some perfect aged Parmesano-Reggiano delivered to me by jet and I might pay some price that sounds insane to others. I can’t do that, and honestly I wouldn’t, but who am I to fault a restaurant chef who might fly to Italy and buy the best for a high-end restaurant? It’s about quality up to a point but it’s also about perception. Sometimes high prices are justified and sometimes they aren’t, but that is between any buyer and seller anywhere. Just keep that in mind instead of stirring pots that could be put to better use making good food with good cheese. 😉 I am right there with you. I will splurge for a $20 chunk whenever I can. Good taste!
  4. Figure out what you do well and start making a gig to reflect that.
  5. Ah, I though you were being clever, considering a toilet plays a prominent role in the spot. Apparently not.
  6. Actually, that’s not what I meant. I was referring to people who would rather cheat than study hard 😉 I’ve seen some people on other forums engage in shady activities to get to higher levels, like buying/exchanging reviews or other things to meet the known criteria for a level quicker and unfairly, defaming other sellers who already have the desired badges; it’s quite scary to see and read all those things, especially when you’re one of the targeted sellers on those other forums 😦 Not knowing the criteria will leave the shady users guessing… Anyway, I feel like I’m going offtopic. I do understand what you are saying, but if you drive it off of sales, then it’s not possible to cheat on a large enough scale to matter. I have often referred to the way professionally organized companies approach this. Here for example are just a few of the ReMax requirements. All professional sales organizations are designed with this transparency. Nowhere is there a “Top level is reserved for those we decide to reward behind closed doors anonymously.” Career Awards One of the three different types of awards within RE/MAX’s extensive awards program. Career Awards are given to individual Associates to acknowledge outstanding professional achievements. There are three different career awards: The Hall of Fame, Lifetime Achievement and Circle of Legends Awards. These are awarded by RE/MAX International and it is the responsibility of the Associate to complete and submit applications for these awards. Circle of Legends First awarded in 1987 with current requirements of achieving $10 million in gross commission after being with RE/MAX at least 10 years. Associates must also have already received the Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement awards. Hall of Fame Established to recognize and salute the exclusive group of top producers who have achieved more than $1 million in gross commission earnings during their career with RE/MAX. There is no years of service requirement. Lifetime Achievement Introduced in 1992 with requirements of 7 years of service and $7 million gross commission. Associates must have previously achieved the Hall of Fame award.
  7. That’s like saying if everyone knew the requirements to pass the bar exam, then they would study hard to do so. If you want people to excel then you should post the guidelines that are required to meet the expectations. I think that many would work hard to do so, if anyone tried to cheat or circumvent, that would be obvious.
  8. The process of picking TRS has been mysterious since day 1 of Fiverr, it’s been like this for 7 years and, curiously enough, it didn’t prevent Fiverr from becoming a huge marketplace and platform for sellers. Actually, I don’t even think that it’s a matter of it “helping” or “not helping” Fiverr… it’s just a process among so many other processes. Let me guess, you already have your TRS.You are really making the point that cause something has been unfair for a long time that it is justified and cannot be improved?
  9. Would be a nightmare. However, fiverr should pay Level 1/2 in the same 7 days as they pay TRS and presumably PRO. I can’t see any reason why fiverr deserves to hold (and collect interest on) my funds an extra week.
  10. I don’t disagree with your point about defining the levels and providing clear and measurable goals to reach them. It does not help fiverr to have mysterious criteria decided by unknown persons for the higher levels of TRS and PRO. They can create as many levels of excellence as they like for all I care, but don’t hide the process to achieve them.
  11. Can assure you that isn’t the case. At least half if not more of my monthly sales are from people getting $50-$150 gigs. I’m sorry but that is not true. I don’t offer a single thing for $5, and I am busy all the time. I am considering raising my prices again in the wake of the pro gigs. You have to have the quality in your gig to justify the price and not be afraid to lose the $5 buyers in order to get the more serious buyers. @uncarved, meant to reply to @cgi_guy, not you.sorry.
  12. Your main gig only shows one price! Sure you have extras available but your gig description says you will offer your service for $5. Why would anyone pay more? Introduce packages with different options if you want to sell higher ticket options. Justifiably increasing your base price is also a good idea as there definitely is a certain type of Buyer who seeks out $5 offers and nothing else. Putting some of my base prices (minimum order amount) was the best thing I did as it eliminated those buyers from contacting me and also made each order actually mean something. An average order gets 3-5 messages or more and to have that + the actual work in the gig for $5 was a waste of time for me. You can’t really complain that people won’t pay more if you don’t show that you charge more! As soon as I read the OP, this very thought popped into my head. The far bigger problem I see is sellers who have many great reviews, yet keep at the beginner price point. My experience with raising prices was the same as yours, all positive. My category would be so much stronger if the people who have proven their ability with thousands of great reviews would stop selling at the Wal-Mart rock bottom level and help raise the apparent value of the category by charging more. Only a noob trying to get to level 2 should remain at $5 for a ton of work with 24 hour delivery. Far from worrying about “PRO”, I wonder how we ever create the image of quality work when seasoned vets in the category are in a race to the bottom as far as pricing?
  13. A "What is your favorite book?’ thread would be interesting. What you say? Nudge nudge, wink wink.
  14. I have to admit I knew you would like that one. Have you seen the meme about the millennial in a Che Guevara T-shirt, blogging about how capitalism sucks on their MacBook Pro from a Starbucks?
  15. @eoinfinnegan Normally I would apologize for taking this thread even more OT, but I think that ship has sailed. I sort of find it funny that among all the sales pitches that Madison Avenue has, only one has become a virtue signaling “religion.” The “green or eco” pitch is actually amazing in that it allows someone in a Chevy volt (basically a golf cart) to look down their nose at someone in a BMW 7 series because they care more. My neighbor has the Nissan version of the Volt and in huge letters across the side doors it says “Zero Emissions”. On several occasions when he has decided to tell me all about how environmentally friendly his car is (* see note) I have mischievously delighted in asking him “where the hell do you think the electricity to charge that thing comes from?” After the wheels spin in his head for a few seconds, I remind him that it comes from a coal fired power plant. Yes, your “zero emissions” 15 horsepower golf cart is fueled by COAL. Man you should see the wisps of smoke come out of his ears. Was just in the news that the Tesla batteries are so bad because of the mining they have to do to extract the various materials, plus the fact that they also run on electricity mostly generated from fossil fuels, are not as good for the environment as most think, or as their marketing claims. I’m all for buying whatever you like, but I wish the “socialist marketing” as referenced above was at least honest. Instead of saying “Save the planet, or Fair Trade Coffee” it really should say, “Make sure everyone knows you care more than them.” **Note. I mentioned that every time my neighbor decides to once again tell me how awesome he is because of his golf cart, you notice that he brings it up himself. That’s part of the virtue signaling I mentioned. It’s like if you buy a “Fair Trade” coffee st Starbucks, but no one is there to hear you order it, then whats’ the point? I have another friend who after many years as an omnivore has decided to become a vegetarian. Even so, one of his best jokes about the virtue signaling in that community goes as follows. How can you tell someone’s a vegetarian? Don’t worry they’ll FU**ING tell you!
  16. LOL, work for free to document poverty. Brain donors.
  17. Totally aimed at the person picking on your gig. Guy walks into a BMW dealer and says, man these cars are over priced.🙂 i figure if you can attract big spenders, maybe I can sell one of em a $1,000 voice over. More power to you.
  18. Yes, grab any deal you can from buyer requests now to get L1, then you can be a bit more picky as you head to L2. you are almost there, good luck.
  19. Don’t make the mistake of giving up. It will happen but it takes a while, then there is a gradual build. Good luck. We all started right where you are now. 🙂
  20. Very correct. As soon as you get to level 2, double that rate from $5 to $10 and not only will you make more, the idiots you are describing will almost completely vanish. The $5 price is a magnet for them.
  21. Actually agree. Even for non “pro sellers” the rising tide floats all boats argument applies. If there are only $5 sellers in your category, $10 looks like a lot, but when there are $300 gigs in the category, $25 looks like a bargain. Ultimately, the market will dictate, and both pros and non pros (i still have a small problem with the terminology more than the concept) will all be able to more effectively tweak their prices against the others in their category.
  22. At BMW dealer, Man these cars are overpriced.
  23. Thats what I would do. Load up a bunch of $5 orders on my PRO gig to appear in demand. But hey that’s just me. (was that out loud?)
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