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  1. my IP ?!? maybe you mean the IP of the person searching on Fiverr, right? but I don’t really care from which IP they search from, I just look into analytics and see how much traffic was there … and there really were month with zero traffic … so … no one touched fiverr during that time? I am telling you, the gigs are periodically “parked” in a no-man’s land, no matter how great your previous results were. And from time to time they “pick you back up” and throw you in the shuffle Wheel. Than you start seeing some traffic again
  2. even if they were using different IPs (which btw is a very “basic” solution, could eventually be used to “patch” a system and surely not to upgrade it in any way) this would definitely NOT help increase relevancy, visibility and surely not the quality … And also NOT the finances 🙂 And honestly, judging by the traffic I see, even if used, such a “trick” does not bring much. There were month when despite good level and past good deals and all, I saw NO traffic AT all … So the gigs were simply not showing anywhere … Additionally, most new-comers especially from Asia, “bite” onto the 5$ gigs, in the hope this will “help” them build some sort of traffic here (or maybe they are really happy with such prices 😕), without realizing that once they get closer, they’ll land into fivver’s loterry wheel, so that all that was for nothing 🤨 as there will always be new-comers
  3. Very much doubt that 😦 The more sellers register on this platform the more it becomes a question of pure luck to appear on the front page or even show in search results. Much like in lottery You need to realize that this is not google, fivv uses a basic algorithm they came up in the very beginning and never actually changed; might have been ok for a smaller amount of gigs, but as numbers increase the math rules that need to apply need to change too; and on fivv they simply don’t … Also, in case you did not notice yet, there is a limited number of pages showing a very limited number of gigs in each category … so you need to wonder … where’s the rest? (that “rest” might count thousands or even tens of thousands)
  4. seems these fiverr guys are managing to kill the system step by step … nothing seems to work anymore, they come up with the worse ideas possible; I am also not seeing not even one buyer request anymore, the gigs are only shown in search results when fiverr feels like - so slowly slowly, the system is on the track of becoming useless :frowning_face: PS: for those commenting bellow: well, those BRs used to appear for EVERYONE and there were tons of them all day long; what I meant is that this new “idea” of fiverr’ guys to kill that feature is sadly just an other needle in their coffin 😦 Yeah, I managed to see 2 of them couple of weeks ago, but they were 100% IRRELEVANT! Just some BR’s posted in the wrong category by someone; so, if you think it’s worthwhile waiting and checking all day long for something like that, you either have nothing to do all day or your situation is really desperate.
  5. promoting your gigs outside of fiverr means only one thing: free advertising for fiverr …
  6. Thanks for that, but I really don’t think I should have to look into "Jobs " !!! or even worse, on Wikipedia to find that out. Now seriously, this type of information should be found in at least one of the following sections: contact, “about company”, terms of service or the like. And there’s nothing there, no matter how much you look after it …
  7. So… You’re going to hire a lawyer (if there’s any who would want to work on such a case), file a lawsuit against a company headquartered in Israel, spend tons of money because the whole thing involves international law, all in hopes of getting what? A level that doesn’t guarantee anything? A badge on your profile? Interesting of you to mention that! I was all the time convinced that this is an american company … Maybe also because there was no way to find any (!) place on the site where they say who they actually are (if this were an EU company such information would simply be compulsory).
  8. What you say is not really true … sure impressions and orders count, but what actually happens is that fivv at a certain point simply knocks your gigs completly off, meaning they will NOT appear anywhere, not even on the last page in the category. fiver is NOT google search, so their alghoritms are nowhere comparable; it seems they have like a maximum number of alocated slots in each cathegory and on the homepage, and with soooooooo many people uploading gigs here it surely is not possible to show them ALL at ALL time. So they filter some out and than they rotate the gigs so when your turn comes again, you stand your chance to show again in the listings 🙂 Keep smiling 😁
  9. Being able to see the IP address of a person using a website is not illegal. Putting cookies in browsers without telling people? Yes, this is illegal. - Possibly you have your wires crossed? As I said in my original response, I am not 100% happy about the mobile phone verification business and it could actually cause me a problem when I next travel. I do however think the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to verifying sellers identities. I’ve got no “wires crossed”, I can assure you of that. And there is a huge difference between saving my IP without (!!!) my approval and you agreeing to accept some cookies IF you want to access content of a specific site …
  10. I am sorry but this is NOT an argument. And yep, these practice is VERY fishy. What if I have double citizenship, and I change my location every now and than? Changing countried within the EU has almost become the rule and not the exception, so what than? As if it was not enough that most of these sites do fetch your IP as well (which in the EU by the way is ILLEGAL!) now they also want you phone number … What you do not know or maybe you just do not want to admit, is that once your phone number is out, you have NO control whatsoever on what happens to it and what they do with it, who gets their hands on it etc. That’s the sad reality of our times, so the more people get to understand that, the better.
  11. the REAL question here is WHY is fiverr suddenly so keen about getting access to your phone number … When this happens, ALWAYS (but ALWAYS!) there are some foggy, dubious intentions hidden behind it
  12. Thanks for the tip! Will try that!
  13. we are blessed with one of the fastest internet connections in the world, so it’s definitely NOT that it’s a BUG and it must be solved!
  14. Sorry?!?!? What an update of a fiverr gig has to do with my internet router !??!? I have also clicked f5 multiple times, to no avail!
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