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  1. Just go ahead and click on WITHDRAW, if it withdraws then you are good 🙂 and if not wait to add up more funds… One of my friend had $9 in his balance and fiverr was asking for minimum balance of $20 to withdraw ! So it should be it !
  2. I don’t know about milestones because I haven’t used it in a after new inundation but in first case where you sent a request for extra payment for extra work, you order should be in late ( in the sense after you deliverr and buyer requested revision ) for more than 5 days and you should have later asked for extra 5 days which were already passed so it was still late…but I am sure that would not affect your Delivery on time rate !
  3. May be buyer requested revision ? If you already delivered and and buyer request revision , timer keeps going and stops at late!
  4. I saw your comic gig where you are offering 1-2 and unlimited revisions ! So if he has his revisions left to use, let him use them and give him what he wants ! I’ll have to be agree with @looseink , the easiest solution I see here is give him what he wants and complete the job.
  5. There is no easy and the best category ! If its easy and still best , one will create it on their own and won’t hire a designer ! First learn any style and then make gig for that style !
  6. If you just want to know for your knowledge, I would go with @uk1000 that logo design is the most selling but still with lots of competition ! But in case you are planning to create a gig in most selling category I will suggest to go with the skill you have and not with most selling or less competition category !
  7. I can’t say what was it exactly, but I kept doing my part and I was promoted ! What I always take care of is communication with buyer, to know what he exactly want and try best to provide final product as much near as possible to his expectation !
  8. Yes ! Top rated sellers are handpicked by fiverr team, So you won’t be autometically promoted to top rated after you fulfill all requirements but fiverr team will decide whether they want you to be top rated or not… I was nominated almost 6-7 times for toprated but not got promoted and suddenly when I was wasnt even expecting I got email from fiverr that I am top rated ! So Yes there’s still hope and you can be promoted any time !
  9. OMG !! I am late !! Many congratulations for the achievement 🙂 I am glad and not surprised that you are now Top rated seller !
  10. You do, doesn’t mean its allowed ! Its not allowed and you should stop doing this too !
  11. Being a seller, there is not much we can do ! May be show him video of working software ? Try to solve out mutually. If he is asking too many changes, tell him that extra revision are not free and he has to pay for it, and share him request for extras in original order ! I would also suggest you another thing, If order is not of big amount, Just ask him to cancel and leave it here, Because its your first order and he may rate you lower even after more struggle ! Last thing you can do is to go to fiverr cs, I am afraid they wont help you much in this but you can try… They usually reply that they cant force buyer to accept delivery and you have to solve it mutually !
  12. Check SPAM, you may have few messages there that you never noticed and unanswered !
  13. I am sorry that happened ! This is actually serious !! No ! Buyers are not allowed either, he will pay price in his own way when you will report him with proof ! fiverr is a place where we make our career, so obviously it affects more to us when we get warning or get suspended while buyers are one who have not grown this tree as we have done, so not much affected…they will create new account and simply start buying ! On the other hand we have to start with that long journey again ! Even if he is already punished or warned, you never know ! He did ! but two wrongs don’t make it right !
  14. I wonder what did he replied when you said that its not possible ? I understand frustration when buyer demands something that is not in scope or never discussed , but you have to be straight forward and tell them its not possible and out of scope of order… Just explain thing in exact similar manner you wrote here…tell him when there is nothing visible on half of the face how can I bring details back ? Its not possible ! PS : May be you can crop visible face and flip it to put on shadowed side ?
  15. I recently had similar kind of experience! Where your 2 cancelled orders shows you 4 charge back I am in different situation where I am getting more money !! 😃 ( Not without work of course but more orders…) I recently shared custom offer to one of my old client and he accepted offer and filled up requirements…I was never notified for the order after he accepted… Later next day saw I got order and he did not submitted requirements so I went to order page and choose option that says I have everything to start the order ( because we already discussed everything previous day ), Now after accepting order I immediately saw 2 orders from him on my dashboard…one that has requirements and one that I accepted 😃 I messaged him about this and asked to check if he was charged twice, and He was ! So ultimately he accepted my custom offer twice 😃 that is technically not possible but still happened !
  16. I’m always keeping active. I walk at least 10000 steps a day and doing sport, why I still don’t get orders even if I’m so active? I don’t do that but I still get orders 😕
  17. My last experience was 3 months ago…it was smooth and they responded me in just 4 hours ! human reply ! But I guess its depends on the what level you are…!
  18. Your delivery on time % are calculated over the course of 60 days, it calculates average of all the orders you delivered in last 60 days ! Now as days passes your old orders are getting out 60 days, and new order you are completing are less then them, So number of orders you have completed in last 60 days are now less then they were earlier…and late delivery is still in this, thats what cause your rating fall down ! And this is normal !
  19. I have faced it too…many time ! This gets normal after some time but you know struggle is real,errors keeps showing couple of times and it get normal again ! This should not happen !
  20. Why do you want to ask for a tip ? You are already getting paid for the work you do and you are the one who set the reasonable price for your work and you ! You should not ask for the TIP… ! Buyer would leave tip if they want to !
  21. There is no way to keep your gig always on front page, I have seen many TRS on 10th page… Search results are vary according to what you search and gig positions always keep changing… One of my best selling gig was on 14 page last week and I saw its back to 1st yesterday… I heard fiverr gives boost to new comer, may be thats why your gig was on first page and later it has been moved to where is supposed to be. One more advice if you want to take, I have seen many people from different regions, they don’t like to be called Brother, sister, bro, mate, sir , ma’am so try to avoid using them…especially on forum and with clients, I personally have no issue with it but I wanted you to be aware of it !
  22. Please don’t spam forum with similar multiple posts ! I saw you posted similar topic twice
  23. Impressions depends on your gig search tags and SEO title… Add relevant tags and seo title and your gigi will start getting in search result more often !
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