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  1. I guess it would…I’ll try now… But it should work while vacation mode is on as well, shouldn’t it ? PS : I still need to be on vacation for few more days 😕
  2. It may sound a weird but I recently experienced this twice ! I am on vacation mode but my old buyer wants me to work on his project and I got space for him… Now I am sending him custom offer and he said continue button is disable ! I already shared many custom offers to buyers while I am on vacation and they could accept it but don’t know why it’s happening now… It’s second time a buyer complaining about disable continue buttons, Is it happening after any update?
  3. Now you are spamming forum
  4. Yes you can ! But I personally like my own face on my profile picture !
  5. But did you purchase from that seller after seeing their ad in My Fiverr Gigs? Because that’s what the OP is asking about. And another question: if you feel that advertising your gigs in My Fiverr Gigs can be worth it, are you doing it yourself, and why aren’t you? I didn’t actually go to him from ad but I did from forum… I saw him on forum and it could be ad as well ! No I don’t do it because I am in no need, It should be for the new comer or people who are struggling to get their first order ! Some time we buy things that we never wanted to buy but we suddenly see it and buy it ! Thats how the whole world of ads works !
  6. Rules are rules, They mean to be follow !..There is nothing to do with goodwill of mankind ! Its simple, People break rules and pay* for that !
  7. it depends how he wants his money back ! By mutual cancellation or charge back ! Mutual cancellation is not possible after 14 days of order completions, But buyer can get his money back by charge back within 120 days ( as per what I know its 90-120 days ), Even if you have withdrawn the money they can initiate charge back… unfortunately there is no way to save sellers from charge back and only solution is to visit CS !
  8. Its just a reminder from fiverr to review the requirements, its nothing serious… When buyer places order and you miss to check order page and requirement section, system consider that you haven;t seen what buyer wants and sends you reminder about it… It usually happens in custom orders because seller discussed things with buyer and knows what he wants and don’t bother to look into requirement section !
  9. That’s a serious issue ! If your order was showing you multiple amounts like the on in op’s screen shot, you could have asked fiverr to compensate and there are chances you may get paid the original amount !
  10. Didn’t fiverr compensate you for the amount you lost ?
  11. Go to your Order page On right hand side you will see a button - > Visit the resolution center At bottom you will see a link of CUSTOMER SUPPORT, click there and open a ticket… or you can directly email them at support@fiverr.com Add your order ID , the one that start with # on order page…and share them screen shots
  12. You better reach out to Fiverr CS with all the screen shots asap !
  13. 🤨 Check your expected earnings…how much that shows ? PS : Never show buyer’s name in screen shots !
  14. How is that possible ? Can you share a screen shot of offer you shared and screen shot of order page after buyer accepted ?
  15. Why would anyone give you order? Do you think its as simple as just posting text here, " Give some orders ?" I don’t think you will get any order this way !
  16. You don’t need to be online to get response ( inquiries / orders ), Just keep visiting site is enough ! I get all my orders and inquiries while I am away or sleeping 🙂
  17. Why do you want to stay online all the time ?
  18. Let’s be real - that section only exists to reduce the amount of “please look my gig” posts in the other sections. If you’re able to get orders from here - great. If you come across people you want to buy from here - that’s also great. But to most, it’s nothing but a waste of time. Yes, you can “market your gig” here, but chances are you’re just going to get barraged with people telling you to “keep going!” and congratulating you on becoming a seller. You would be better off reading a book. Tell me that’s not true ! :roll_eyes: I am talking about remaining chances , No of the most ! Not all ads turns in to sales ! Once again I am not encouraging anyone to come up and start posting their gig’s ads here…Its about whether posting is wrong or right !
  19. I understand what you are saying and yes you are right that one should rather invest his time in improving gigs and skill! I am not saying every one and all should start posting their gig in forum, but who are posting are not doing anything wrong… We all found ads annoying and I use ad blocker in my browser doesn’t mean ad companies should stop advertising ? because people finds it boring ? I always SKIP youtube ads, doesn’t mean you tube should stop advertising ? At one point we all need advertising in different forms and some people finding their way with forum, and its alright!
  20. I saw you are offering excel sheets so no clue what you can do with your free time, But being designer , I always spend my free time preparing and improving my portfolio and learning new art style and observing other similar works !
  21. Why don’t you simply offer extension and wait for her to review it ? and start working on other projects ? I have had a buyers who asked me to extend orders and I did and waited until they reviewed it and it was happy ending !
  22. And zero who advertised and got more than 10. That may be the result, Doesn’t mean you don’t try hearing some one sayomg, " You won’t get order from forum". When fiverr it self offers category to advertise your gig on forum why not use it ? Do we see pole result and don’t even give it try ? So here is a story ! I recently saw a post from some buyer and I went to reply and after reading his post I check his profile and even I was impressed and wanted him to do my old work and asked him if I can place order ! So defiantly its a place where you can get orders, I am not saying lots of orders and more often but what I am saying is we can get and it worth trying ! Untitled-1750×546 76.2 KB
  23. Why ignore them, if they explain why? Nobody said it was wrong. It’s not wrong, just pointless most of the time. There’s a small chance that someone will see the ad and buy, but a huge number of somewhat regular forum users have “My Fiverr Gigs” muted because they’re not on the forum to look at ads. Even if they explain why, Platform allows and offers facility so better go with functionality you are getting rather then the explanation that is against the the actually function you are getting ! So it worth doing it ! 🙂
  24. I do work on upw**k as well and its running ok, Other then that I have invested little portion of my income to stock market too ! I tried my hand in shutter stock and Line creator studio but they are not helping…I am thinking of releasing android game on play store for kids but not sure when it would happen 😃 Other than that I am pursuing Law and hope it will bring little more to my income 😃
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