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  1. Behance is third party and they also allow clients to contact you in your inbox ! so its almost freelancing website that connects buyers and sellers ! Why fiverr being freelancing platform would allow you sharing link of other freelancing platform in their inbox ? Isn’t the answer is simple ? Fiverr is business platform and they are offering us this service to gain profit for them self not for Adobe !
  2. Do you have order with him ? Did he shared his requirements with you ? There is nothing weird in that conversations as far as he don’t ask you for your personal information, like number address, email or anything… I usually have this kind of friendly conversation with most of my buyer and that makes you trust each other well… But if you think you dont want to answer any of his questions that is not directly connected to your gig you can just keep ignoring the other questions and stick to your gig related conversation !
  3. I actually didn’t get what you are trying to say… Do you mean delivered the order ? Whose questions and who did not answered ? So because some one’s questions were not answered by someone , fiverr disabled your payment withdrawal option ? :thinking: Delivered orders always marked auto complete when buyer does not take any action, how he came 2 months later ? I have a selling price for each of my gigs, what do you mean by no selling price ?
  4. Adding FAQ wont affect you gig rank at all and same FAQ for all gigs does not violate any fiverr policies !
  5. Yes it would ! Fiverr allows only one account per individual so operating 2 accounts breaks fiverr rules and fiverr blocks accounts that breaks rules !
  6. Here cleared means you have done the work of that amount and orders are marked as complete, You earned that amount ! It doesn’t mean cleared to withdraw to the bank !
  7. Hmm ! I am still not getting it on linked page, I may be missing something, can you copy and paste exact lines here please?
  8. Yes. Your voice is as per your sample. If it was fine 2 days ago it did not go that deep all of the sudden (except deliberately). Explain that as per Fiverr TOS that is what you did. Fiverr doesn’t work like that. No partial refunds. Yes it does! It doesn’t on the likeliness of the delivery. if you deliver quality but the client doesn’t like it, then he can not get cancelation. But if the seller delivers garbage, then yes refund is there and a cancelation. Even if the seller worked for weeks on that order. I am not going to pay someone’s “hard work” when he doesn’t know how to use Photoshop and takes him 10 days to figure out how to mask out object in template I sent (5 seconds job). I didn’t say bad quality ? I said Quality !!
  9. I am sure you won’t agree on refund and stand on your grounds ! DO NOT CANCEL THAT ORDER, Fiverr TOS does not allow buyers to cancel orders based on the quality !
  10. May be translator couldn’t translate your English into English !
  11. Go to Setting - > Billing information and scroll down ! You’ll see it there !
  12. Fiverr is asking to add PAN details under billing information, its not compulsory now but they would probably make it compulsory soon ! You should have added PAN and your friend has not !
  13. That was a bug I guess ! It wasn’t only me but happened to many sellers !
  14. Just to update you all, Seems like issue has been solved and one of my buyer was able to accept custom offer now even my vacation mode is still on ! @miiila !
  15. I understand ! Reviews is buyer’s privilege and they can use it as they want ! About blocked buyer request, I don’t know if fiverr blocks seller from sending request after getting 3 start !
  16. Why do you want to change someone’s honest reviews ? Its his call… Buyer can review as they want and as per their experience… If it works how you want, every one will only keep positive reviews and remove all negative or even below 5 stars…! So leave it behind and move one for many more 5s !
  17. It must be TAX DEDUCTION AT SOURCE ! Fiverr has started following Indian tax regulations from December as I know and they are deducting TDS from every order… Check out your earning tab and you will see " TDS under 194-O" and what they have deducted so far !
  18. You can use all words you want as far as they are following fiverr TOS !
  19. Why do you need to visit buyer’s page to deliver order? Why are you scared in delivering order? There’s nothing to be scared as far as you are following fiverr’s guildlines !
  20. Its available only for VIDs ! @corsogr Thanks ! Yes and for business buyers !
  21. Have you delivered your order to buyer through delivery button on order page ? If yes, buyer would have 3 days of time to review your delivery, wait for buyer to setback to you ! If buyer don’t check it in 3 days and do nothing, your order will automatically marked as completed !
  22. I think this looks good but personally I think its not good idea to proofread someone’s thesis ! Thesis are academic work for Ph.D students and fiverr prohibits working on some one’s academic work ! I am not so sure if proofreading and editing is just like working on some one’s academic works, But I would rather suggest you edit your gig and remove any service you are offering that is directly or indirectly connected to academic work !
  23. So am I right that it was working earlier and suddenly stop now?
  24. The whole idea of vacation mode is that buyers can’t place an order! Right ! But custom offer was always working… Its like buyer can’t directly place order from gig and your gigs would stop showing up in result , There’s still a checkbox that says Enable new buyers to contact me. !
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