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  1. Does it has anything to do with fiverr ? I am sorry if I am missing something but posting flicker login issue on fiverr forum looks irrelevant to me, That should be on flicker forum I guess ??
  2. I personally don’t think its cool ! Being freelancer I choose my time frame and price, I am boss of my own so why would I allow someone else to choose price for my work ? They are already giving levels to seller from few criteria and manually choose Top rated sellers and I think that enough for buyers to choose right seller ! Also I don’t think its possible for fiverr team to check each of the gigs and give them price tag, It doesn’t sound so practice, Thousands of new gigs are being added regularly and fiverr don’t have that much manpower !
  3. You or many of us do not like that option but fiverr is a business and they are here for the same reason that you have ! MONEY ! So you may not like it but they do !
  4. They have removed few of delivery time period, Try 4 or 6 days and it should work… I had to change my gig delivery time few months ago for the same reason !
  5. Fiverr FAQ answers this with the list of allowed links in gig description Here they are The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description: ammyy.comblogspot.comdafont.comdailymotion.comflickr.commixcloud.comreverbnation.comsoundcloud.comteamviewer.comtumblr.comvimeo.comwetransfer.comwikipedia.orgwordcounter.netyoutube.comSo they should be allowed in response to buyer’s request !
  6. All I can say is ," Just Wait". One more thing you can try is to search buyer’s request and find a good requests that you think you can do best and send them offers for their needs !
  7. Gig ranking keep changing , but if your gig is on good position I would say don’t touch it and let it be where it is !
  8. If you are getting 0 impression in your best selling gig, I would suggest you to reach out to CS again and ask them to re index your gig… Some time when you edit gig fiverr throws your gig out of its search index ( that should be system error ) and they need to re index it back to make it visible in search result, So go and inform them and it will get you back on the track !
  9. If buyers are reaching to you through your inbox and later you can’t convert them into a sale then there should be issue with your communication or with the things you are describing them after… If they are reaching out to you, it means your gigs are good and they are getting impressed and it lead them to come to your inbox !
  10. I think this is happening to different sellers on differ time, Mine is already solved or may be it’s back again but I am not vacation mode any more ! Its annoying when you don’t want more orders and you still get one ! May be try to schedule your exact time with buyer and ask him to accept your custom offer in a second and close it again !
  11. Even if you are from bangladesh, your government must be collecting Tax, Did you check your earning tab ? and pending clearance ? You will see your whole Taxed amount there…
  12. May be you didn’t notice that you are replying to 10 month old thread! They already selected moderators for now !
  13. Last seen is not accurate and runs with bugs, I am seller and my online buyer’s last seen is month ago !
  14. You already made a mistake by not asking your buyer to pay extra. You should have asked her to pay extra and explained that her requirements are not covered in basic package and she need to pay extra $20 for her work…, You can easily do that from RESOLUTION CENTER without cancelling your order with her ! Now you have accepted $5 order and delivered her things, You offered 1-2 revisions for both of Package mock up gig so you have to provide her revisions…Once she run out of revisions, Ask her to pay extra for each revision after that ! One of your gig does not offer source file, So if this is about that gig and buyer asked for source you can recover some of amount with source file too ! Do not be a victim of exploitation of buyers who are in search of cheap service with lots of works, Tell them on face about your price, time and conditions !
  15. Why did you made Empty delivery ? You could report his messages or could reach out to CS immediately after you came to know it was fraud !! Now you made Empty delivery and placed your self in trouble…never deliver Empty files just to stop timer or to make future promises , If Buyer will report empty delivery to CS, they may give you a warning for that… Just avoid it in future and instantly take help of CS when you think you lost the control over situation and let them handle it ! Add Mandatory requirements in your gig so any one who order have to add their requirements to start order !
  16. Your work looks good , prices are fair but I personally feel that delivery time for Premium one is too long ! If I were you, I set it 3-5-7 ! May be add more detail to gig description or FAQ ? What size the art would be and if its printable or not ? What would be the source file ? how can buyer get source ? PS : I personally like the 2nd image where you showed up real image and your illustration ! If I were buyer I would prefer to see more images like that
  17. Thats TDS ! Are you from India ? If yes, Fiverr has started following Indian tax regulations from December so other than 20% is your TDS, that is tax deduction at source…you can reclaim it back after 3 months if you are paying tax. Check your earnings Tab, you will see your TDS details on top raw !
  18. Yes that is fiverr error ! They show me My online buyer’s last seen 1 month ago… An advice if you want to take…milestone system have lots of bugs and issue so avoid using that… You may not see your 1st milestone earning in your total earning of month ( It would be still there in clearance thought ) and may see milestone 1 in process while you are actually working on milestone two… and many more… I recently used it once and later I asked my buyer to do 2 separate orders one by one !
  19. There are a few responsibilities on shoulder of sellers and buyers both ! And both should take care of their part, So here fiverr gave 3 days and buyer failed to do his part ! If amount is huge then care should be taken, but seems like buyer failed and now he/she should be ready to face consequences ! Seller have all the rights not to take new order… In this case a simplest solution is to buy a source file from seller and move on with another seller !
  20. No !! Sellers and buyers both get 10 days to review each other, But seller can reply to buyer’s review and explain his side as a response to the comment !
  21. Search for buyer request related question in forum search bar and you will see lots of results and that may solve your issue ! Check this out !
  22. Fiverr gives 3 days to buyers to review delivery and if buyer fail to take any action that order get completed automatically. Even if seller offered 20 revisions it doesn’t mean you have to use all of them…some time sellers get things right on 1st shots and buyers marked it complete without using any other revisions ! Since the order is already completed I would be agree with @j6nyc6 that buyer should offer to pay extra to get revised video !
  23. If there is a trick to rank your gig to first page in short time, Every one on the fiverr would be on page 1 and there would be only one page ! That will be PAGE 1 ! Fiverr follows some kind of algorithm to show search result and it vary every time you search, it shows different result even if you search same keyword twice ! So forgot about it ans just focus on searching some good client from buyer request and buildup your fiverr profile , You will automatically ranked up in search !
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