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  1. You have paid through fiverr so you don’t need to worry about your money and time any more…its safe! Keep all conversation and transactions though fiverr only to keep your self safe… Fiverr takes care of their sellers and buyers when they are honest and transact though their platform !
  2. Indian government has already imposed section 192-O that covers all freelancing platforms under tax, Fiverr gave us time to add information and I guess its over…so they started deducting tax from their side… Now if you have not added PAN number you may not be able to reclaim TDS untill you add that., Better you add PAN to your fiverr account so they can credit taxed amount there !
  3. There is no way to create an order that has no time limit ! Did he actually placed order ? Did you receive notification from fiverr that you got order from that buyer ? or it was just conversation in your inbox ?
  4. Your order was to play a guitar and you did it, Now you played piano as a nice gesture and that was not a part of original order and he don’t like piano part so you are at no fault ! You may ask for an extra for more revision if you already provided promised revisions ! If he is asking for a revision that is not too much of work, better you deliver it and mutually solve this, but in case you are not comfortable with revision because it was never in original order scope, Explain thing to him and be ready with to reach to fiverr CS with all evidences like order Id and conversation screens shots if it does not reach to mutual agreement ! If order is not of big amount and you have no recent cancelled order you can simply cancel it and focus on future order !
  5. If you have recently edited it, I suggest you wait for a week to see exact impressions…
  6. Did you recently edited your gig ? Has this happened after ? If yes, then may be your gig is in reviews, and if not try edit your gig back with other relevant keywords and it may bring your gig more impressions !
  7. When you read post you should read it’s replies too… She already said that problem has been solved after updating mobile os and clearing cache !
  8. You never mentioned your problem in your post, what is that ? May be forum members can help !
  9. You can open friverr in your mobile’s browser as well… Where there is something to download just got to your browser and see web view and you will be good ! Is it Android or IOS ? May be uninstall - clear cache and re installation would help too !
  10. Thats a bug ! When buyer drop a last message and directly completes order that notification of Buyer waiting remain there for the rest of the time…( not always though ) When a few days ago I was going though my completed orders I saw a few orders with red texts that they are waiting for the updates from me and days where almost 180 -220 and more… But that never created any issue to me ! Here is one of them
  11. What happens when you try to download those files? Did you try Different browsers ?
  12. Unfortunately that’s not true !
  13. So experts answered your question ! Now, you did this Never talk about reviews with buyer…that may bring you a trouble ! its against fiverr TOS to ask for reviews or sometime you may get warning just for mentioning reviews !
  14. I have already ticket with fiverr a week ago…It must have something to do with analytics, My dashboard earning and Analytics earning are different for month of april and may !
  15. So did all of the buyer said that to you that they filter online sellers and dont care about their work quality and rating - levels and all ? You said this ! Don’t we eat - sleep - bath ? just stay online ?
  16. A question you are asking should be decided buyer ! Whether he want to use his unlimited revisions or want a refund…, You are in the situation where you can not decide what to do but it’s buyer !
  17. I didn’t get what you are saying, but I guess you are saying You are creating email address for buyer ending with .edu and its not working ? I don’t think anybody here would know why is your email its not working, there must be some technical issue with your email provider and you should check with them!
  18. Unlimited revisions has always been interpreted differently by different sellers and buyer on forum, Everything has an expiry date so the revisions, When buyer marked order as completed and accept that the service has been provided as promised they close the whole contract - A gig and both releases each other from all the obligations ! ( unless seller did not provided promised service ) I am sure anybody or fiverr does not support exploitation in anyway and if unlimited revisions are interpreted as REVISING DELIVERY Life long that is exploitation ! Fiverr FAQ states “If you choose to set unlimited revisions, it’s your responsibility to revise the Gig until the buyer is satisfied.” - It says REVISE THE GIG but at the same time it says, " Keep in mind that revisions must be requested within three days of the delivery or the order will be automatically marked as Completed." So when there is no contract - there is no liabilities ! ( As I said when services was provided as promised) Otherwise buyer would keep coming at different time with same order and will keep asking for the revisions as his need changes.
  19. You can ask him to place another order and tell him that you already provided what was promised, His time to request revision has already been over and now he has to buy new gig to create any new design ! Also tell him that you don’t have a control over refund, in case he keep sending you messages and keep disturbing you block him or report him to to fiverr !
  20. Some time when you edit gig fiverr throws your gig out of its search index ( that should be system error ) and they need to re index it back to make it visible in search result, So go and inform them and it will get you back on the track ! I experienced this few month ago, I updated my best selling gig images and i lost my gig from search result , fiverr CS restored it back later ! PS : One more scenario is that your gig may be in review after inundation and you will get back in couple of days… So I will say wait for couple of days and check back and if you don’t get it back ask them for re indexing !
  21. If buyer is saying he ordered by mistake, you can’t force him to keep the order alive… I understand that cancellation would affect your gig listing in search result so best solution is to let the fiverr CS handle this, Ask them to cancel the order the way it don’t affect your cancellation rate… Mean while tell the buyer to wait until fiverr CS solve this for you and decline any cancellation request from buyer !
  22. Does it has anything to do with fiverr ? I am sorry if I am missing something but posting flicker login issue on fiverr forum looks irrelevant to me, That should be on flicker forum I guess ??
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