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  1. hahaha! Thats amazing and polite! I’ll defiantly try this now with every delivery 🙂 Thanks you for your help.
  2. Absolutely! Reviews are the only thing that is strong enough to make your potential buyers ordering from you!!! they are happy with product but dont know whay they dont rate and review…! I asked some of them but they dont reply after oder complete and come with new order but dont review 😃 ahah any solution?
  3. I was facing same issue but now it almost gone and I am back to track with almost regular order! I heard fiverr team was experimenting with search algorithm and may be thats the reason ! check this Fiverr Forum Overcoming Competition & Expanding Your Market - UPYOURIf you are experiencing difficulties in getting orders or are struggling because of the amount of competition there is, then this post is for you. Below I will give some methods which will help you to expand your target market and so increase your... Reading time: 3 mins ? Likes: 22 ❤
  4. keep doing same and you will get order soon as fiverr has may be completed process and its back to track! Put some good images in portfolio and add maximum words that are related to you work! that will bring your gig on top in search result. Also keep visiting buyer’s request regularly and keep sending them request for low rate first…(to get started)
  5. This may be cause Fiverr Forum Overcoming Competition & Expanding Your Market - UPYOURIf you are experiencing difficulties in getting orders or are struggling because of the amount of competition there is, then this post is for you. Below I will give some methods which will help you to expand your target market and so increase your... Reading time: 3 mins ? Likes: 22 ❤
  6. I was facing same since last couple of months but now I think its back to track and I am gettin new inquiries regularly! that was may be fiverr’s experiment with search algorithm!
  7. I am on fiverr more than 1 year! I have provided high quality and low price work to all my clients and they are pretty happy with result! but what happen many time is they message me in personal that they loved work and appreciate it but do not rate and review on my profile. Even I ask them to rate and review they didnt…! Dont know what to do with this?? Does this effect my profile?
  8. I visited your profile and yes its quite impressive !! Keep working same way and try to add some services that not all sellers offers! Like one you did for visiting cards - unlimited revisions and delivery in 24 hours is very good! I suggest to promote your gig on social media as well like - linkedin, facebook and insta ? that will help!
  9. for beginner its good idea to keep sending request to buyers and asking for work and offering fast and cheap and high quality work…thats best way to get started! for response rate…when you get any inquiry message, you must reply it even if its spam…just reply with usual words like - I’ll be back soon or thank you…and never left any message unanswered…that will grow your response rate back.
  10. Keep sending request to buyers in buyers request is one of the best way for beginner to get started… don’t get disappoint if you don’t get order in few days! fiverr will surely help you and some sellers already found you interesting because you have clicks on your gig!
  11. A small changes to your gig can help you! Main thing here is brain storming for tags of your gig and adding most popular and simple tags to your gig (related to your service). Also write some descriptions and try to add all tags (as words) in your description as much as you can! add same tag more than once in different sentences…works…! add best images is addition.
  12. Looks like they (fiverr team ) are about to fix problem! I posted same issue before a couple week but after some times people start coming again for inquiries! not lot but not less even!
  13. it will take little long but keep trying to win trust from buyer using your words in buyers request… keep sending them regularly
  14. Community leadership means helping others here on the forum – being someone other users can look up to and respect. Is it helpful to be faster to the way of TOP RATED?
  15. @jonbaas what about community leadership then?
  16. keep sending request to relevant buyers! just visit buyers requests and search for your buyer… offer low price and high quality first to get some stars…!
  17. before few weeks a strange thing happened to me! my most popular and selling gig was automatically paused and images were lost! fiverr notified me to change gig…- they said surajrenuka you need to modify your gig! but before that gig was going well and I was pretty happy with result…when I modified they took it back! not sure but fiverr severer lost my images haha.
  18. @solutionshub_au @alinevieira Some time what I do is I search in search box for my gig related key word…and check if my gig shows on first page or not? one day I was on very last page and I changed my key words and added same key words more time in my gig description to check it it work or not, after that changes I searched same keywords again and I was in 3rd row of first page (Y)
  19. That’s not a kind of buyer I would have as “regular” though… Never, and I repeat never do that. Once you do it, they will come and keep asking always for it!!! Screen-shot your conversations and those threats. Open a ticket on Customer Support, because those kind of buyers should not be tolerated! Thanks for help! Do fiverr solve if they give bad reviews ?
  20. I always provide high quality work to my buyers! But some time they dont value work but their money… Many time that happened to me that people only order regular gig and at the end or order they start asking for source files for free…Way to earn fair on fiverr is Extras, but buyers usually threaten sellers to give bad reviews and less stars if we dont do what they want… I had to pass my source file for free many times…as they says if I dont pass it they’ll put bad reviews…!! Is this fair ?? I am not sure what to do… Did anyone face same?
  21. Same thing happened to me what happened to @alinevieira , I dont think that thing became same again…Its been more than 3 month since my last vacation and still I am not getting enough order…may be issue is not a vacation mode but some thing strange…
  22. I was also going on vacation mode many times! And I was wondered that thing happened because of that reason and I stop doing that! I think buyers only comes when they see orders in queue? Also I am not steady in search result since last few months!
  23. I started fiverr before 1 year and suddenly life changed from job to business. I got too busy with too many small and large order and it was really good experience to earn money with value of my work. peoples were happy and giving 5 stars with very awesome reviews. BUT suddenly dont know what happen and after year and being level2 seller work stop coming in stream and only old client are coming back to me for work… since last 2 months I am not getting any order from any new client unless I keep sending request and asking for work… I am not sure whats matter but I am disappointed and start searching work with other websites. Does anyone know whats matter? I am level2 seller and have almost 100 - 5 star reviews but only even single order coming this way??? this happened suddenly! HELP!!
  24. oh yeah! They said your image was not uploaded successfully, but I have uploaded them when I started fiverr and everything was fine…but may be because of their server issue they lost it and asked me to upload again! Thanks for your help @wpspecialist24
  25. I did some changes to one of my gig before a week, after few days fiverr asked me - surajrenuka you need to modify your gig. I dont know why they did this, this one is my one of popular gig and now its under review after my changes! I don’t wanna delete this gig as it has many reviews and star… does anyone know what and why? and how to save it?
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