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  1. It could sound little better if had thread on  how you can ask for reviews than GOOD reviews..

    You dont ask for good reviews..and you should not even ask for reviews as fiverr already sends reminder to buyers about adding their review to your service !

    You should understand that buyer gives reviews on their experience and service you provide, its not that you ask for particular stars and some good sentence in comment after complete order..

    You should not ask or discuss reviews with buyer..this topic is still in controversy and you may trigger a warning for your self !

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  2. 7 minutes ago, digitalavinash said:

    But buyer told me he given review.

    Why did he tell you he left you a reviews ? Did you ask him ?

    You know discussing reviews may trigger a warning sometime ?

    Why are you so worrying about reviews? Just let it be..you have your money and extra Tip..dont care much about reviews now !

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  3. 3 hours ago, sabinespoems said:

    I suggest watching movies in English using your own language as subtitles

    English movies and series will surely improve your English but In ENGLISH subtitles ! Not in regional language subtitles !

    3 hours ago, sabinespoems said:

    Time on the forum won't really help your reading skills

    Reading and interacting with people on forum is another great way to have better improvement to English language !

    When you don't know the meaning of particular word or sentence read them couple of time and seas for the meaning and try to understand the whole sentence together !


    You have to be around the people or in environment where this language is being used all the time and you will start getting it more,

    Its not you must know everything about it, I even dont know many words in my own language but I know how to talk or to make someone understand what I want to convey ! This is how it works..


    Take it as medium to communicate and never try to speak or treat English as native speakers !

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  4. 15 minutes ago, eiartt said:

    please message me before placing order

    Buyer are not oblige to message you even if you wrote that in your gig !

    This is how fiverr gigs suppose to work, But o can ask him to cancel order if package he ordered does not cover his requirements !


    May be you can ask him to add extras amount in same order by explaining your side !


    15 minutes ago, eiartt said:

    seller can't do this job

    I don't think reason matters, May be It is just to satisfy both parties and to know opposite party to know why to cancel order ! ( Still not so sure though )

    And yes no matter how you cancel the order it will harm your Analytics and your gig ranking , But its alright to have a cancellations rather than exploitation !


    3 minutes ago, cmadushans said:

    my analytics went down drastically..

    It depends, Out of how many orders you cancelled how many !

    It wont go drastically down if you cancels 1 order out of 60 but it will if you will cancel 1 out of 2 !

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  5. Couple of years ago when I didnt have any orders for like a week I found few amazing buyers from buyers request and that turned out well for me..

    Not sure how it's now as I haven't visited it after that !

    But Yes I would say It worth a shot when you have nothing to do !


    Thank for the information BRO ! Very helpful 🙈

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  6. It depends what service you are offering..

    But personally I prefer images without text or very little text !

    When you search any gig it shows very small thumbnails and you can't even read all of the texts in that image unless they are bigger,

    So better to go with only Images with less texts, Fiverr asks for image and they gave whole separate section for texts ( description ) so use it as it suppose to be used !

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  7. 6 minutes ago, miiila said:

    Now stop it already, we know that your other profile pic is one with a glitter suit that even Ziggy Stardust and Gary Glitter would be envious of, and you only wear the solemn business-like one on the forum to lead the unknowing astray. 😉




    Thanks for sharing !

    Very Helpful 🙈

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  8. On 7/15/2021 at 4:56 PM, corsogr said:

    If activity in the forums does not affect any rankings, listings or gigs on Fiverr.com, then this and any order coming from there, is useless:

    Can you elaborate this please?

    So you mean Activities on forum Ranks the gig ? Even though Mjensen said no ?

    So getting order from forum is result of being here on forum I accept, But ranking gig is result of getting Order..you know what I mean ?

    you can have Order from anywhere, Facebook , Instagram, Linked anywhere doesn't mean Activities on that platform affects fiverr GIG ranking !

    I hope that makes it little clear !

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  9. Are you getting Clicks on your gig ?

    There must be something with your Portfolio images, package description or prices and services you are providing !

    Now its simple, Your gig is being appeared in the search result - May be people are clicking on it but after checking your gig they are not ordering..

    The reason should be one of the above or may be multiple !!

  10. 22 hours ago, tantashir said:

     I have 3.7 star rating on my first order.. And thats why my gig is not ranking at al

    How did you come to this conclusion ? Or you made up this on your own ?

    I know not all buyers choose to go with low rated gig but it's just your first order try get more buyers from buyers request by offering a little discount and make your rating higher in average !

    I am afraid you may need to take a permission from fiverr CS about deleting old account and creating new one !

    Even though there is no guarantee that your first review on your new account would be 5 star ? or better then in your current one ?

    Stick to one you have and find your self some buyers from buyer's request and get kick started !

  11. 15 minutes ago, samiaislam26 said:

    but I have to finish this matter.

    There is no matter for you to finish ! In fact its totally new matter that you don't want to dive in !

    Just denied as I said earlier and ask him to add a fund and order the new task !

    Don't let your self exploited by someone !

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