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  1. I can’t see the different between buyers and sellers in the buyer requests nowadays, so I send the offers and hope get the real buyers, but I think there’re too many sellers in the buyer requests 😂
  2. I just got answer from CS : " Thank you for contacting us. This was a test feature which is legitimate and there is nothing to worry about. The notification you received is an error and we’re working on a change. In 3 hours, you will be able to proceed to reset the password via the new notification. Thank you for your understanding. "
  3. I agree with you, even if the sellers do their best to reassure the buyers in buyer request, It rarely gets successful, but always do your best and never give up.
  4. its more look like/s video tutorials and yes its a drawing lesson, and i will absorb your drawing skills 🙂 , nah i’m just kidding, i can’t absorb your drawing skills . . can i ?
  5. Zeus777, I love your drawing, is that possible if if I buy your drawing tutorials for $5 in 2017 ? $5 for 10 tutorials, is that possible . . ? please . . Thank you 🙂
  6. no . . no . . not magic snake, lucky tools is more like/s “Neko Cat” that will bring you a lot of buyers. I would like to buy 1 “Super Neko Cat” . . yep that’s it.
  7. I will buy lucky tools in 2017, so I can increase more monthly income . . anyone have any recommendations on the store where should I go ?
  8. you can try to check and click send offer on “Buyer Requests”.
  9. I still can not upload the pdf file, but thanks for your suggestion.
  10. Hello 🙂 I would like to know why I can not upload a PDF file into my own gallery, I did contact the customer support and said I have to wait, they will solve this problem and will give me notification if they get any progress.
  11. to un-pause your gigs, try go to selling = My Gigs = Paused = then click on Activate. Hope this helps. Note : Do not click Logout.
  12. -drink coffee -listen to chill music -refresh the page, checking on buyer requests -playing online game ( its a trend now on ) -feed my cat -etc 🙂
  13. I would like to suggest, how if the offers left today change from 10 become 20, so seller can get more chance to send more offers to buyer in buyer requests. Thank you. Best Regards, De_mocca
  14. Hi, I’d the same problem yesterday and what I did is just re-login my account or refreshing the browser by closing the page and open the page again by web browser history. Hope this can help, or maybe anyone have another tips.
  15. Thank you, Your articles are always valuable.
  16. I love the way you said " Don’t let one review get you down; there’s always that one person " 🙂
  17. same experienced that happen on me as a seller, now I can not do offer " you must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offers! ", what should I eat now if I can not do the offer. I got 1.4 in ratings from 3 perfect projects in 1 order. Buyers need to “grow-up” and not playing the sellers.
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