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  1. I do nto understand what you mean by bonus with each other. No I do not post links back to my profile like see my gigs etc
  2. Go through Fiverr academy. You do not have any gigs. Make some gigs
  3. Totally agreed. Some buyer makes a trend out of it so they give bad reviews so the seller will cancel that way they get the money and the job was done. Because less than 4 stars you lose your badge. I do the same my work is of great quality. if there needs changes I am happy to do the revisions. But a bad review for something I do not deserve I do not tolerate. In this aspect Fiverr should do something to protect the sellers. I always feel that they support more for buyers and that is very bias.
  4. One reason why you will not get too far is the way you think. If you think like you do. There will only be one illustartor seller being top rated here but. there are many selleres. I have searched simmilar gigs like mine I see there are over 100. Which I love because there is some competition. Knowing that I will find ways to offer something they do not. That is what it mean by "having what it takes’. This is a business platfoarm if you do not have competition then it is nnot a business. Take the biggest multibillionair companies fro example. Those who are top ranked and sucessfull look at competition with positivity not how you look at it. So even with what you say you do you can do something that other cannot. Becaue there is only one you even though there are millions of same gigs.
  5. When you select deposit to bank option it sends you an email with instruction where you sign up Payoneer. If you signed up and it is connected give it 3 days to verify it. Once it is verified yo will get an email. Then you can withdraw money. If you are outside U.S you need minimum 50$ Fiverr revenue to deposit.
  6. I plan all my earnings. like I said I do not do full-time work here with my studies and clinical. When I said 1000$ a month that is my net earning in average. So in other words it is what my fiverr revenue page will say minus their fee. Apart from that I have a separate track of records manually. Also Fiverr stats are not wrong really I cross check
  7. Hi And welcome. Before buying you can see the sellers rating that ill give you a clue. Also you can read some posts on fiverr tips for buyers. I agree with you lot of people spam this nice community and spoil it accepting things they cannot do. Choose wisely my friend. IF the delivery is bad your ratings will actually have a big impact. 🙂
  8. Hi This is the thing. You have to think like a buyer when creatung a gig. Example no one would really search fro online tutoring exet a language. They would really be looking for biology assignmnet help or chemistry lab help things like that. So if I made the gig online tutor the title wot be in the search SEO. Then i have to add taglines having those names. YEt it will not be much effective. When I search tutor my gig comes at the top. Yet only few buyers will search that. Instead if you created I will help your biology chemistry etc etc. That is something they search so you will get more orders so with time you wil have many reviews for each gig anf thr total nuber of reviews will increase. Hence you will have more orders than one gig doing it all.
  9. My level 2 got taken off because of some arrogant buyers. I achieved level 2 in 2 months after completing 50 orders. Some buyers order my gigs without reading the description properly. They expect me to do miracles for 5$ when I have specified the price on gig description. One bad side of fiverr is that they do not let me put more than 5$ for gigs where they have not set packages. So I have to put gig extras. Some buyers order without reading the description and leads to cancellations because I cannot do the impossible. So I am starting again but very soon I will have my badges back. 🙂 Nothing can hold me back. Like I said I have what it takes to go that extra mile. So every time I fall down I get back up again. That is my secret behind my success.
  10. you have to try hard to get the ratings up. Or wait it out. I am sorry O never had this experience of having a low rating at that level. maybe someone else here might be able to or contact customer support they will advice.
  11. In my experience there is no such thing as luck. It is all hard work from the word go. That is what brought me this far in life as well as on fiverr. 🙂
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