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  1. 1. Check your gig image and compare it with your competitor 2. Check your price and competitor price 3. Check the gig description if there any grammatical error
  2. Your question is not clear. Do you want to make a personal portfolio or are you talking about the gig image?
  3. Thank you so much for this great post!!
  4. Congratulations on your success. Thank you for this detailed and well manage post. I highly appreciate your time to make this post.
  5. It will show when the buyer’s requests are available. Also, you need to post a gig on Fiverr to get the buyer’s request.
  6. You can find the buyer request option when you click on the “More” button
  7. Buyer request is the only way to make your first sale. But if your gig is unique and eye catching you can also get direct order from buyers. Good luck!!
  8. Highly interested in this program!! Send me an invitation, please. Thank you 🙂
  9. I agree with your every points specially the buyer request points. Thanks for your time to write this post. Much appreciated.
  10. Thanks for the logical info. Now I figured it out.
  11. Welcome to the Fiverr community. I have a few suggestions for you Develop your skillStay online as much you canSend buyer request regularly if you have
  12. I’m interested. Can you please send me an invitation to my profile. Thanks for creating this great innovation.
  13. Great thinking. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Appreciated it.
  14. It’s not works for all seller. Try to find something new tips
  15. Can’t wait for the new look of Fiverr forum
  16. Hope you will get new jobs soon. Best of luck and welcome to the fiverr community
  17. You should contact with CS for that issue
  18. Great idea. It would be great if you also recommend a free video recording software
  19. Ideally it takes 48 hours to show the gig on search list. You can see the gig status on gigs page. If there show view, impression, clicks are counting that mean your gig is live now.
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