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  1. Thanks, yes but glad they resolved my problem. Now my bro made new account and ordered his personal payonner card .lol 😃
  2. Yes, he transferred the money successfully, very next day after the withdrawal-account became disabled. Actually, when he entered the withdrawal method to his account, same time he clicked fiverr revenue card and immediately make transaction from fiverr to payoneer.
  3. I’m working on a fiverr since 2015 and i withdraw my money through payoneer account, few months ago, my younger brother started work on it and earned some money and to withdraw them , he linked my payoneer account to his fiverr account. 1 day later, his account is disabled permanently and got the message ( you have more than one accounts on fiverr ,and all the accounts link to one withdrawal will also be disabled permanently.i’m afraid when brother told me. What should i do. ? i contacted to payoneer to remove all the funding source except mine. But feeling worry. Any suggestion what should i do ?
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