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  1. Hi Guys,

    I see many people getting the same issue so I thought, I can break out some reasons why it’s happening.

    Fiverr always provide promoted gig options for the only qualified gig. You will get unqualified if you encounter some of the following issues

    1. Order Cancellation or bad rating that you have received on Promoted Gig.
    2. If the month ends and your personal balance is Zero and you have not added 2nd payment method via credit cards and your previous ad spending is not paid.
    3. Your Account’s current status does not meets (Promoted gig) criteria.
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  2. According to my experience as a Top Rated seller. Some buyers are in hurry and they have no time to review us. The point is they are satisfied and return after different internals.

    Moreover, You can share these types of words to your seller for recommendations:
    "Your satisfaction with our work is a top priority. If there are any issues or changes in the video, please contact me directly and I will address it ASAP.

    If you are satisfied, please consider providing us feedback on this order. Your recommendation for us in the community, help us continue providing quality work to buyers like you."


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  3. I didn’t ask for proof.

    I was being critical because your “advice” to stay on line 24/7 is complete baloney. So, YOU never sleep then? You just sit in front of a computer constantly?

    STOP giving BAD advice. Staying online or using some software to seem as though you are online is not how you get orders here.


    On serious note this is not a bad advice. I am stick with it. Just open you laptop lid login your account and go for a bid. When you wake up, refresh it, and then stick with your mobile.

    It’s simple.

    Take care, bye.

  4. Dude, stop with the 24 hours online baloney. Do YOU stay online or awake 24 hours a day? When do you sleep?

    I am sure some amazing You Tube or blog Guru told you to do this and you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams, but, it is just not so. I am only online here maybe 2 to 3 hours at most a day - if that and I get the majority of my messages or orders when I am not online.

    So, for the love of all that is good in the world, STOP with the bad advice. Newbies actually listen to this drivel. Also, installing a page refresher extension so you can fraudulently appear as though you are sitting there in front of the pc ready to talk/take orders etc, is against the TOS here and a good way to get your account banned or your Gig thrown off the search for good.

    Proof from this guy that staying online is bogus:

    Stay online always but no result so far


    I totally agree with your argument on refreshers extension. But strongly disagree with your criticism, I shared my personal experience and I am sure personal experience and circumstances vary from person to person.

    I am not liable to share any proof to you.



  5. Honestly I don’t see much room for improvement from my perspective? But I was only level 2 seller on highest. Would like to know what other TPS would say, they are rarely sharing anything on forum though.

    // You got 4 orders in queue tho, what’s the problem?

    These 4 order were from last year, probably those on revisions since 182 days ago.

  6. I am working on Fiverr since 2015. Completed near 1800+ projects and gain 5+ rating but not getting new orders even not getting enquires from the 6 months. I maintained this budget due to my previous client’s orders. Moreover, I did different techniques like paid marketing, share my gigs, and much more but no one work for me.

    I know Fiverr does not give a guarantee to any seller for orders.

    Now the question is: How to improve my profile at this level?

    Looking for your suggestions.


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  7. There have been a few longterm Fiverr sellers coming on the forum to report a drop in sales in recent months.

    It’s sad to see because I’ve always enjoyed working through Fiverr - but we can’t control where Fiverr places our gigs in search results.

    I think the problem is that since Covid so many people have set themselves up as freelancers - so the pool of ‘talent’ has expanded. Buyers have far more choice of who to work with.

    I am totally agree with you. This is the solid reason not getting inquires and decline in sales.

  8. Hi Mobi. I’ve been selling on Fiverr for a similar number of years. I have nearly always had a consistent flow of orders from new and existing buyers. However, this all changed a couple of months ago. I’ve had very little interest from new buyers throughout September and October - my earnings have more than halved these past two months.

    While online marketplaces like Fiverr do provide a platform for talented sellers to make some money - too much is outside of our control. I’ve only treated Fiverr as a part-time source of income for this very reason. For me, while it’s annoying that I’ve now got very few new orders - thankfully I have other freelance work to keep me going. It’s not just you who is noticing a drop in orders from new sellers.

    Thanks for your reply. I am doing full time job on Fiverr till now. So according to new policies of Fiverr we need to think about the more options other than the Fiverr.

  9. Hi.
    I am Mobi. I started my career in Fiverr in 2014 and successfully I completed thousands of orders with 5 rating stars. Moreover, I also worked with success managers of fiverr.

    Now, I am a bit worried about my carrier because Fiverr replaces my gig from 1st page to 10th page even it’s not showing in #tags and even not receiving any enquires. I am facing this issue for the last 3 months.

    I want expert opinions and suggestions.

    Would thankful for your positive suggestions.

    Profile (Mobegig)

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