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  1. Hi all, has anyone of you been able to resolve this problem with the Fiverr CS team? I have been having this problem for a week, before a week ago,(Sept 2019) everything was working fine, then out of a sudden Fiverr cannot process my payment with a credit card that was already saved in the system in anyway, same thing, here, my bank approves and Fiverr reverses, an agent (very kind and helpful) said he contacted the financial center and they told him they knew it was Fiverr and they would resolve it within 12 hours . but they did not the problem continues and now there is another lady trying to help me, but I think she did not even read my question and she misunderstood the nature of my problem, cuz she answered just by saying that my money will be refunded, but that is not what I was talking about… This is terrible, is there any other way to contact CS team members who can at least be kind to read our messages? Has anyone else been able to resolve this issue in some way, if so, please, be ind to post here or message me directly, here on Fiverr, thanks
  2. Hi were you ever able to resolve this problem? In June? I am a buyer and I am having the same problem, for several days now, nobody at Fiverr seems to be able to resolve it, so if you were able to resolve it, can you plz let me know what you did to resolve this problem> Thanks a lot
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