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  1. I tried to test that and the name of image you upload changes to the title of your gig. So, I’m not sure that works…
  2. I’m interested… I really want to see what $29 can get you.
  3. Well, the additions seems great, but I also noticed something. The box where you could insert the word count is now missing. Why was that feature removed? It seems like a really bad idea. Now clients will buy a 3 minutes video and they will pay just for 30-60-90 sec, or whatever length you offer and that would end up in multiple canceled orders, which of course the seller will be penalized. TBH seems like a dumb move.
  4. Well, you clearly have a problem delivering on time and canceling orders. To make sure you don’t get cancelation request make sure you include every information possible in your FAQ, gig description and you can also upload a PDF to write even more stuff about your service, also increase your delivery time.
  5. If you are active on the forum it won’t generate any extra sales. The only activity you can have on Fiverr is to be online and try to respond as soon to your messages. If you don’t have a major following it won’t work. This could work, but most buyer requests are just looking for free stuff or a lot of work for $5. Doing this could get you marked as a spammer. Most likely if your client enjoyed working with you in the past and will need the same service again, it will contact you again.
  6. You’ve most likely been a victim of a ‘chargeback’. Contact the CS ASAP.
  7. No, that’s just how the app works. It’s really frustrating.
  8. I really dislike the new font, is very sharp and makes everything to appear more crowded.
  9. I don’t see the new feature in my dashboard.
  10. yeah, I cannot see the new feature either. Not sure why would they go public on social media with this if isn’t rolled-out for every user.
  11. A VPN also encrypts all your traffic so that your connection is more secure. I have to use a VPN for all work I do with a client in the UK for this reason. It is actually a bit of a pain to be honest, having to remember to disable it when I’m using Fiverr. As it stands, most businesses that have started allowing employees to work from home during Covid-19, require them to use a VPN (provided by the company like mine is) in the interest of preventing cyber attacks and data breaches. Use a different browser just for Fiverr. Makes everything much easier. Try Brave.
  12. Check if you have this option “BYOD”. It will allow you to send them an offer and receive the 20% that fiverr takes back. Screenshot_61147×124 14.7 KB
  13. You will still be penalized. The only way cancellations will not affect your ratings is if a buyers place an order without reading the gig description and requests something that you don’t offer. When that happens you can request help from CS. I always have buyers that just place orders without paying attention to the gig description or FAQ section.
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