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  1. I doubt it. You do not get to keep the money if you don’t or can’t deliver the finished order. if you get 5000$ project and final change remaining. Client isn’t responding you for some reasons. Extension will lead to cancel your order. Making it late will destroy your ranking. what would be your step? The same as i did. !!!
  2. You have received the answer to that: As for the ban, how often did you mark the order as delivered without delivering the final product? Because that seems to be the reason. I don’t do this 🙂 But yes sometime it is necessary thing when you’re working on a project cost more than 500$ and buyer isn’t responding you for further collaboration. If you make an extension to order so buyer will be back and continue the collaboration but at the same time Fiverr warns, if buyer din’t replied the extension dispute, the order will be cancelled. Howcome would you let the order cancel on which you’ve spent nights and days. In this situation, delivering the order is the best thing with a note that we’ll be continuing the order when you’ll be back.
  3. FIVERR’S REPLY TO ME ON “WHY DID YOU BAN THE POTENTIAL SELLER” Hi there, Your account has been permanently disabled due to buyer complaints of poor services and deliveries. We have received several complaints from your previous buyers regarding the performance of your services on Fiverr. After further review of your previous orders and account history, your account has been permanently disabled. All sellers are expected to deliver on time and to demonstrate the quality of services offered on Fiverr. Falsely marking an order as Delivered without completing the work promised in your Gig is not permitted on Fiverr. We cannot allow sellers on our marketplace who offer such poor experiences for buyers. If you have funds available in your Fiverr account, please contact us 90 days after the date on which you received notification your account was disabled, and we will gladly assist you. As far i remember, 1 buyer could do such type of thing / report about me to Fiverr (he was wrong, anyways profile has been disabled & i don’t have to do anything with him) but 480 satisfied customers VS 1 bad experience can suspend a 4.9 star profile with 10K$+ balance? Its a surprising thing. WOW Atleast i should deserve a warning. People say that fiverr do care about Buyers, i had more than 480 satisfied clients and more than 40 projects were in Queue (40 best clients) and i was currently working on that. Fiverr just took action for one client and leaving 40 clients behind? Lots of clients are stalking, sending me friend requests on Facebook / twitter and still want to work with me even outside of fiverr saying “Why did they ban you!!!” I din’t really want those clients to send me money via other sources even i personally took my native good clients on fiverr so i can make my portfolio better. At the end Fiverr disappointed. Still no worries!! Now i just have one question. Will fiverr pay me the money which was in pending clearance? or will that also be transferred to the buyers account. And what for those i’ve delivered the project & uploaded files to their own servers. Can anybody please guide me about this?
  4. I just got a mail that my fiverr account has been disabled, I’ve contacted customer support 4 hours ago but din’t get any reply. Condition of my fiverr account I had 40+ orders in queue worth of 6000$+ and 2000$+ pending clearance including 1900$ in account. I don’t know whats the reason. I had 4.9 ranking with highly ranked GIGs Fiverr really does such thing with their potential sellers? Any feedback or expert opinion about this? Thanks Abdul,
  5. okay, I was just googling last weekend and extracted out a list for Bookmarking websites. I submitted my gig there. Let me know if anyone needed that list. Might be useful for someone else.
  6. Okay there’re couple of best practices i use to do normally. Try making a research again, maybe trend is going to another tangent lineupdate your titles and descriptions, add bit more sugar in it.update your tags accordinglyshare your gigs on multiple platforms inluding make your own blog / youtube channel.hope it will help you alot.
  7. As far i know and per fiverr’s Policies, you won’t be appreciated alot rather you might put yourself in danger while making deals outta fiverr. But here’s the tip to search a better person for your job. Search on fiverr and apply filters. Try choosing ProS and Top rated sellers. Try conversing before placing the order and being an outsourcer, its my daily practice.
  8. maybe you should try turning off your proxy. hope it will work
  9. Like I said, do what you need to do to improve your gig. It is your gig. You’re not going to get anywhere if you don’t take risks to improve your business. The safe way does lead not to long-term success. No business in the history of the world ever became successful by being safe. They innovated, they improved, and they did what was best for their business. Thank you so much Jonbaas, your words motivated me. I’m going to do something good now 🙂
  10. Okay, isn’t kindaa violation? and having 2 gigs with similar titles and might be similar keywords wouldn’t also be a problem? Please suggest. Thanks.
  11. I had the time, but don’t have right now. Because i planned to deal in full-website-creation. so my intentions are to change bug-fixing gig to full-website-creation. Understand?
  12. Need pro suggestions. My niche is Wordpress related. I’ve a nice fiverr portfolio. I’ve seen top rated sellers have changed their gig title from bug fixing to complete wordpress website development to earn more. Is it good thing to change the title? I’m interested to change title because bug fixing is no more of my skills area due to lack of time. I’m quite ambivalent because i just want to change it from bug fixing to complete web development whereas i already offered complete web development in my other gig. this entire para might be difficult to understand. Please comment so i can grasp it for better. Should i change GIG title or not?
  13. I think you misunderstood couple of things. Please read the para again. hope you can understand this.
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