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  1. Can You Please send me tutorial link about Audio Advertising ” Thank you.
  2. OK. Can you Please check my gig and suggest me, which I need to improve or changes. Fiverr.com Atikur_rahman20: I will do 50 manual classified ads posting on top USA ad...For only $5, Atikur_rahman20 will do 50 manual classified ads posting on top USA ad sites. | Welcome to the USA Classified Ads Posting Gigclassified ad sites is a great place. where you can grow your product sales and business. I am | Fiverr
  3. Recently I got the gig promotion option. after starting the campaign I got 2 orders. suddenly Fiverr transfer my gig from one category to another and a few days later stopped my gig promotion. I contact Fiver support they said my gig is reviewing and that not saying what the issues with my gig. Please help to find out issues with my gig. Thank you.
  4. Do bullet points really work? When I look in “sent offers” it seems to remove all formatting from sent offers, like it’s all one paragraph - so I’m not sure (formatted) bullet points would show correctly, eg. each bullet point on a different line. Bullet not worked in buyer request. (y)
  5. yes, If they visit your account, they will be able to see it.
  6. If you delete the old gig, gig review will be remain in your account but it will Not showing with your new gig. you can prepare your gig proper SEO friendly it will be help to get more order.
  7. I have an Idea - If you can create a new gig you can get more reach and gain more click view and impression it will be help to get new order. Thank You.
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